Borderlands 2 - Four sexy skins for Maya


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Apr 26, 2012
Nope, just use tex mod. Remember if you are using Steam, you want to rename tex mod to Borderland2.exe and make up another name for the original Borderland2.exe for example, BL2.exe

That way, when you launch the game in Steam, it will default to tex mod. Then choose the target application BL2.exe choose your mod and launch the game.


i like your mod :) it works just as advertized.

it works perfectly as described in the tutorial videos for texmod.
1. go to your steam/steamapps/common/borderlands2/binaries/ folder and rename your borderlands2.exe -> actualborderlands2.exe
2. copy texmod.exe into the binaries folder and rename textmod.exe -> borderlands2.exe
3. start the game via steam -> texmodd opens
4. select the actualborderlands2.exe through texmod
5. select and arrange the texmods you want and hit "run"
6. borderlands 2 launches with texturemods.
7. ???
8. Profit!
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Aug 9, 2012
I know this is long dead but any chance of an update to include Maya's new Blight of the Valkyrie head and the new Pre-Sequal head?

is LukaszR even still active? I can't find anything else by him but this, and some nude Moxxi skin that I can't find the mod for just pictures. Disfraces

If any1 could upload or link the nude moxxi skin that would be great!


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May 11, 2020
Yo I'm posting this for a friend this thread may be dead to the extreme as the last post on here was 19 and BL3 was released.

Any who I am able to run texmod with a maya model and moxxi model perfectly fine however my friend is doing everything right in the same way but his texmod model is overlapping the old maya model.


Screenshot as reference

Does anyone know why this would be occurring?

thanks in advance if anyone knows and reads this lol.
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