Black Desert Naked Mod In Suzu

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Black Shadow

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Thank you Suzu, for your exorbitant contribution, your work has been done simply divinely, especially such a beautiful model of the body reproduced in the smallest details, it is a pity that you completed your further activities, I wish you good luck in all your affairs.:wink:


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Thanks Suzu! For all your work, dedication and patience. Your work made me enjoy more BDO, more in understanding how the game works than the visual part (which is also highly appreciated). All the good the luck!


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As a result of transferring to Pearl Abys and logging in
The JP mods are over
This completes my black desert model modification
Goodbye :smile:

Based on this I am locking the topic. If his situation changes, suzu can contact me via private conversation and I will reopen the topic.
Very respectfully,
fleetp (global moderator)
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