Asuka Kazama: Ryona Slave PART 3 UPDATED


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Mar 25, 2018
Asuka vs. Lili

“uunngh… “

Asuka slowly rose from her drug-induced slumber. She got to her feet and looked around. She was in a large, rectangular brick room, with cameras on the ceiling as usual. Even more cameras were concealed within the walls, which Asuka didn't see. On the other side of the room was a dark curtain. A hand appeared from behind it to pull it back, and out came Lili Rochefort.

“Lili?! How- why are you here? Did these guys get you too?”

“Hmmm? Oh, nothing of that sort. I’m here because I asked and I paid to be your next opponent. When I caught wind of this little program, I simply couldn't let this opportunity go to waste!” The blonde girl laughed at Asuka’s betrayed expression.

“What the hell?! I know that we both don't like each other, but you would stoop this low?” Lili only smiled in response. She started walking closer to Asuka, putting one foot in front of the other and stepping slowly and lightly like a cat about to pounce. Asuka could sense that something was off about this… Lili looked unnaturally vicious this time, and this whole thing actually seemed quite out of character for her. Even though Lili disliked Asuka, she wasn't a person who would enjoy something as sick as the Ryona Stream. Asuka prepared to go into her fighting stance when all of a sudden, a small purple flash came from Lili’s eye. She disappeared from Asuka’s sight, and then-


Asuka fell forward after getting hit in the gut by a powerful knee strike from Lili, who was suddenly right in front of her. She was on her knees with her upper body bent over forward and supported by one arm while the other one held her stomach.

How… Lili was still a few feet away from me… how did she cover that distance that quickly? Asuka’s thoughts were interrupted by a strong kick to her face. She was knocked over backwards, causing her to fall on her ass.

“Get up, Asuka!” Once again, Lili moved at an impossible speed, appearing beside Asuka and yanking her up by the collar of her vest. She sunk a fist deep into Asuka’s stomach.

“Ungh!” Asuka was turned around to face Lili, who headbutted her hard between her eyes.

“Ahh!” Asuka felt herself get turned around again roughly, and then she felt a solid left hook to her face.


Lili landed another punch to the opposite cheek of Asuka's face that staggered the poor girl.




Asuka could do nothing but continue crying out in pain as Lili hit her several times with punches to her face and body, turning her into her own personal training dummy. Asuka Kazama was ragdolled around by all of those hits. She was then doubled over by another gut punch, then Lili grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled Asuka close, and then started kneeing her viciously.

“Augh! Gah! Aghhkkk- cough-”

Lili cackled as Asuka cried out and gagged as her now-delicate midsection was being pulverized.


“haaaahhh… “

Asuka was reduced to letting out mere coughs and empty gasps for air. Lili finally relented, standing her rival up. Asuka was on shaky legs, only being supported by Lili holding her up. The blonde observed her beaten foe; her eyes were rolling in her head and half-shut, her mouth was agape, trying desperately to replace the oxygen that had been beaten out of her. She smiled, and then slapped Asuka in the face with unnatural force.



Asuka was spun in place and knocked down on the ground, falling forwards with no resistance. She lay on her stomach, but Lili wasn't gonna give her any chance to test. Asuka was pulled back up painfully by her hair, and then Lili swung her over to a wall. She pinned Asuka against the wall with just one finger on her chest.

“You may be wondering why I'm so strong now, Asuka. Since you're never getting out of this place, I might as well tell you.” With her other hand, Lili forced Asuka to look her straight in the eyes. A flash of purple energy came from Lili’s left eye.

“I've come across this Feng Shui Engine, and it's been modified to have even stronger abilities… I don't know yet what all those are, but luckily I have you to test them on!” As she ended her sentence, Lili planted her palm on Asuka’s bare midriff. And suddenly, Psycho Power surged from her hand and hit Asuka’s tummy point-blank.


Asuka arched in pain as Psycho Power was forced upon her as a pain-causing weapon. The feeling she had this time was somehow worse than all of the belly punishment she had received thus far, combined. Delighted by this result, Lili surged even more Psycho Power and pressed her hand harder into Asuka.


Lili’s cackling was drowned out by Asuka’s visceral screams of pain. She didn't stop until she saw Asuka’s eyes roll up in her head and heard her screams die down slowly. Lili released Asuka, letting the tortured girl practically melt onto the floor, where she ended up leaning limply against the wall. Asuka’s legs were spread-eagled and her arms were limp on her sides. Her head was nodded off to her side. She had fainted from the sheer pain of the Psycho Power torture.

Lili looked at her hand and smiled. “So this is what this can do… “ She looked back at the beaten Asuka slumped against the wall. She put both her hands on both of Asuka’s boobs, and once again, Psycho Power surged through her hands and this time hit Asuka in her breasts point-blank.


Asuka was woken forcefully from the pain. The pain would only grow worse as Lili cruelly lifted her up by her breasts, still pumping Psycho Power through her hands. Lili held Asuka up off the ground, only holding her by her boobs.


Asuka was too limp and out of energy to do anything but keep screaming. Finally, Lili stopped and threw her unceremoniously to the side like a piece of trash. Asuka hit the floor, bounced a little, and wound up on her back. She was completely destroyed by the Psycho Power, and totally out cold. Lili stalked her beaten prey; Asuka getting KOed meant that she wasn't crying out in agony or begging for mercy, but Lili was starting to appreciate this stage in the process of breaking Asuka. She loved seeing Asuka with her lights out after being thoroughly destroyed, and it gave Lili time to think about what next to do with Asuka.

“Hmmmm… I suppose it's time to finally let the others have their fun. Come out now, guys!” Lili called out. King IV came out from the black curtain. This time, he was wearing a tight black mask that fit his face, but was too dark to make him recognizable. He approached Asuka and lifted her limp body up by her hair. He knelt down on one knee and bent Asuka over the other knee. This let him access Asuka’s pert ass easily; he groped at it, savoring the touch of her buttocks, before he started spanking it. Asuka was too KOed to even respond to King IV spanking her in that humiliating position.




The sound of King’s hand impacting Asuka’s rump echoed through the room. With each hit, her ass jiggled a tiny bit. After the last hit, King IV’s hand stayed on Asuka’s butt and he took the opportunity to grope her once more.

He let Asuka roll off his knee and onto the floor, but only to pick her up once again and force her upright against a wall. She was still unconscious, letting King IV cup her face in one of his hands. He brought her face close to his, admiring her beautiful features close-up as she remained KOed. He then stepped aside, as Lili approached the two with an iron pole. Lili positioned the pole in front of Asuka’s abdomen and pressed the pole hard against it. The buildup of pain and the driving out of air from Asuka’s lungs yet again woke her up.

“...aughhh… haaaak…”

Her moans upon waking up turned into desperate gasps of air. Her eyes had barely even opened, and now they were rolling back up in her head. She was swiftly coming back to dreamland, and drool ran down the side of her mouth.

“Aw, pathetic and disgusting… Asuka, you're just too much of all the bad things…” Lili let go, but only so that King could catch Asuka before she fell to the ground and lock her in a sleeperhold with one arm wrapped around her neck and another on her forehead pulling her head back. Lili produced a silk handkerchief from her pocket and stuffed it in Asuka Kazama’s agape mouth.

“There… that should stop you from drooling all over the place.” It was yet another scene to behold for Lili and whoever was watching the stream. Asuka Kazama was the picture of defeat and humiliation, limp and helpless in the arms of King IV gagged and with her eyes rolled up in her head.

The wrestling heel transitioned his hold, releasing Asuka from the sleeper but now holding her arms behind her back. Lili popped off a cap from the iron rod, showing that it was a cattle prod all along. She then placed it on one of Asuka’s tits, and then pressed its button.


The girl in blue was woken up while muffled screaming almost immediately as electricity coursed through her breast then through her body. She writhed in pain, still in King IV’s hold. Her eyes were shut tight as she did the best she could to bear the pain.


Asuka’s pleas for mercy were translated to even more muffled screaming. Finally, the electroshock torture stopped, and Asuka’s head dropped to her chest, breathing heavily. Lili took out the gag so that she could hear and savor Asuka’s moans of pain. Wishing to cement her dominance even further, Lili forced a kiss on Asuka’s lips. The beaten fighter blushed, embarrassed and ashamed at her own helplessness. She stepped back, slapping Asuka hard. King chose that moment to let go, so Asuka was dropped like a sack. Lili kicked her in the abdomen while she was down, eliciting a sharp exhale from Asuka. She stalked the downed fighter, who was trying to get up. Somehow, even after the electrocution, Asuka still had enough strength to push herself off the floor. The girl was fueled by nothing else but her desperation to get away from this all. When Asuka was on her hands and knees, she stomped hard on the back of Asuka’s head.


The stomp also caused Asuka’s head to be introduced harshly to the floor. Her foot remained planted on Asuka’s head, forcing her into a humiliating position with her ass in the air while her upper body was forced to be bent over. After a few moments in that position, Lili forced Asuka up by dragging her by her hair. Asuka’s hands went above her head in reaction to the pain from Lili’s move. This left her side open to Lili’s assault.



Asuka cried out after Lili used her free hand to punch her in the face.



Another punch found its way between Asuka’s eyes. This one made her dizzy yet again. Asuka’s eyes were half-open, and the world was spinning for her. Not wanting her toy to lose consciousness again, Lili gutpunched Asuka causing her to double over. The beaten-down martial artist was forced to an upright position yet again, and then her eyes went wide and her mouth opened as she suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her gut.

“Agh… what…”

Lili had just jabbed her opponent’s fighter with a mere finger. The beat down Asuka received to her belly made it so much more sensitive to pain… only a slight attack on Asuka’s midriff would be enough to hurt her.


Another finger jab reached Asuka, this time in her navel. She couldn't move aside from doubling over and writhing in pain, and she couldn't break free of Lili’s hold. Lili continued jabbing at Asuka’s abused tummy with only her fingers.



Finally, when it looked like Asuka was about to be done for, Lili placed her fist on Asuka’s stomach. She let go of her hair so Asuka’s weight was only on the part of her stomach that rested on Lili’s closed fist. She would not stay there for long, however, as Lili shot out a blast of Psycho Power forcefully from that fist.


The Psycho Power sent Asuka flying across the dark room. She landed harshly on the concrete floor and lay on her side, unmoving. She was in unimaginable pain, and she had nothing left to fight back with. Asuka was completely done for.

Not that Lili cared. She strode up to the defeated girl and raised her limp body up by her head. She brought Asuka up to meet her eyes; Asuka’s pretty face was in a mix of exhaustion and pain.

“My, my, Asuka… I just love how pathetic you look. It's been fun, but it's time to end you,” Lili purred. Psycho Power coursed through the hand that was holding Asuka up.

“No no no please… Lili, this isn't you, please stop…”

“Beg me to stop even more.... Say that you're my bitch, Asuka and that I own you.”

Quivering with fear, Asuka complied immediately.

“I lose… I'm your bitch and you own me… I'm yours… just please don't do this…”

Lili’s grin grew even wider. “Alright, I'm satisfied.”

Asuka sighed in relief.

“Not really.” In an instant, the Psycho Power concentrated in Lili’s hand burst point-blank in Asuka’s face.


Asuka screamed in terrible agony as the dark energy invaded her being. It felt like all the cells in her body were burning; her body convulsed as Psycho Power forcefully coursed through it, torturing Asuka to an insane level.


Asuka Kazama kept screaming and her mind had gone completely blank from the pain. Slowly and painfully, her vision started to darken and her screams died down as the cruel torture finally ended. She was completely knocked out from it all. Lili let go of her, and her limp body fell to her knees and then onto the ground. Lili kicked her over.

Asuka was completely destroyed. The poor girl was completely overwhelmed by the Psycho Power and Lili’s enhanced blows. She lay on her back with her arms slightly spread on her sides and her legs spread-eagled. Anyone could tell that she was utterly finished and done for just by looking at her face; Asuka’s eyes were rolled up in her head showing the whites, and her mouth hung agape with a small stream of blood trickling down its side. There was no movement from Asuka except for the steady rise and fall of her breasts. Lili looked down to admire her handiwork - the sight of Asuka Kazama helpless and destroyed at her feet was a work of art.

“Hmmm… as fun as this has been, I think there's still more to be done,” A smile spread on Lili’s face as she crouched down to bring her near Asuka’s level. Asuka’s boots and gloves were the first ones to come off. Her belt came undone next, allowing Lili to roll Asuka over on her stomach and peel her vest off of her leaving Asuka in just her blue halter top and shorts. She rolled Asuka’s unconscious body on its back once more, and then straddled her waist. Her hands slid under the bottom of her halter and she began to take it off, revealing the edge of Asuka’s bra. A hand then gripped Lili’s forearm, stopping her from stripping the KOed Asuka even further. Lili looked up to see Fury there with King IV standing next to him.

“Not yet. Patience… we'll do this all in due time, and that is very, very soon.” Lili stood up, and the three villains walked away dragging with them the partially stripped and defeated Asuka Kazama on the floor.


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Mar 25, 2018
kained kained thank you! Also, part 1 is simply the first long Ryona post on this thread, about Fury mostly belly punching Asuka. Part 2 was the wrestling post, and now Part 3 is Asuka vs. Lili.

K Kargan3033 thank you as well! Unfortunately, the most level of brutality I like is only until the Ryona content you see in these posts. I'm not really a big fan of bloody, gory, brutal stuff.


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Mar 3, 2012
another great chapter i see. Make me wonder what will happen to Asuka at the end.


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May 6, 2017
Great story so far! Loved the wrestling segment on the prior chapter. Any chance we might see Asuka subjected to more power moves? :D

Anyhow, this is truly great, hope you keep it up.


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Mar 25, 2018
I'm planning to have the next chapter as a finale of sorts, and it'll be a 3-on-1 with the villains finishing off the lovely Asuka. I may continue this story later on, but likely with a new setting. The next chapter might take a while.


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May 6, 2017
I'm planning to have the next chapter as a finale of sorts, and it'll be a 3-on-1 with the villains finishing off the lovely Asuka. I may continue this story later on, but likely with a new setting. The next chapter might take a while.
Really excited to see what's coming. Are you gonna use other characters after your "finale" with Asuka?
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