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Aug 14, 2021
This is a sequel of sorts to my earlier (and first-ever) fic:
Julia Chang - Trap

Please note that Asuka’s name in Kanji, 飛鳥, literally translates to “flying bird”.
Make yourselves comfy, it’s a long one.

Asuka Kazama – Revenge


Marduk was standing at the same kerb whereby the helpful taxi driver had dropped both him and the unconscious Julia Chang off earlier. He was in a quiet residential neighbourhood in one of Tokyo’s 23 wards, and his smartphone’s GPS route planning app was telling him that he was a long way off from his intended destination – Kabuki-cho.

He tapped his usual ride-hailing app, then cursed quietly when he remembered that ride-hailing was not at all used in Japan. It was now close to 2am, and in this quiet Tokyo neighbourhood, there were no taxis in sight.

He half contemplated turning around and heading back into the apartment block to check if that unlicensed doctor could help him call a taxi. He definitely wouldn’t mind sneaking a peek at the unconscious Julia Chang again – who was always easy on the eyes, even more so when she was beaten, and wearing that spectacular orange mini-dress.

As he was deliberating on his options, a black and heavily-tinted Toyota Century – a domestic luxury car used by Japanese CEOs and Yakuza bosses alike – pulled up right in front of him.

The rear passenger door opened automatically, and a man in a black suit sat against the door on the opposite side.

“I don’t suppose this is a taxi heading for Kabuki-cho?” Marduk growled.

The well-dressed man sighed, reached into his suit and pulled out a pistol.

“Get in,” he commanded.

“I eat bullets for breakfast,” Marduk snorted. He reached for the Century’s door, but before he could slam the door shut, the black-suited man threw a tablet at him. It ricocheted off Marduk’s chest and dropped to the floor, with its screen landing upwards.

On the tablet’s screen, a video was already playing. It showed Marduk mounted on top of Julia in her tight orange mini-dress, using his clasped hands to pummel her well-proportioned chest. The video was being played in extreme slow-motion – whoever had edited the video had definitely taken extreme efforts to highlight the pained and desperate expression on Julia’s face, on top of the gyrating movements of her exquisite bosom. The tablet’s audio was muted, but Marduk could still clearly hear in his vivid mind the sounds of Julia gasping, moaning and crying, as the video slowly displayed his brutal beatdown on the native American’s substantial chest.

Before his loins started to stir, the cogs in Marduk’s sleep-deprived brain suddenly clicked. With his massive boot, he stomped heavily on the tablet on the ground, shattering it.

“I represent the Ōnishi-gumi based in Osaka,” the man in the black suit identified himself. “We naturally have multiple backups of the numerous videos from your unsanctioned match this evening, and will not hesitate to send an anonymous tip to the police if required.”

Great, Marduk thought annoyingly, I’m now involved with the Yakuza. I should’ve just had my way with Julia earlier.

“However, our boss has a business proposition for you,” the man in the car continued. “It starts by first making you very, very rich.”

Marduk paused and evaluated his options. He looked once at the pistol, then at the smashed tablet on the ground, and sighed. Climbing into the car, he growled, “I’m listening.”

The sedan silently drove off into the night, bringing Marduk to his new destination.


<< 3 hours earlier >>

Asuka Gala.jpg

Asuka Kazama hastily made her way to the hotel’s exit. She’d never liked the pomp and ceremony of The King of Iron Fist Tournament Gala; hip cafés and dessert shops were more her jam, as befitting final-year high-school girls of her age.

The evening had turned out fairly badly. Lili had consistently taunted her, demanded her attention, and kept asking to hold an immediate re-match, before the Tournament had even started! Losing to Asuka in an official Tekken bout previously had definitely bothered the young heiress from Monaco.

She looked down at her idiotic and flashy outfit. Asuka’s classmates from back home in Osaka had insisted that she wore a “Little Black Dress” to the Gala, and had pooled their limited schoolgirl resources to buy her this slinky black number.

“Go show Tokyo what us Kansai girls can look like,” they’d commanded. “Stop looking like a country bumpkin on TV!”

The dress had a low-cut, V-shaped neckline, which plunged daringly downwards and showed off her young, tight and ample bosom. The dress was uncomfortably tight from the waist upwards in order to accentuate her exemplary physique. However, in a nod to her school-going age, her friends had managed to find a dress that ended comfortably – and sexily – in pleats.

The dress’s pleated hemline also ended up high up her thighs, since Asuka usually wore her school uniform’s skirts at the same height anyway. The mini-dress’s short length barely covered the schoolgirl’s upper thighs, but provided the teenager a much wider range of motion, especially since she had a penchant for getting into fights at any time.

Her typical stride was also much longer than most girls her age, which matched her confident, tomboyish character. Regardless of how she’d dressed or walked, the boys in her high-school would never dare to send dirty glances her way – the bruises on their bodies would sorely remind them of that.

As Asuka stepped out of the hotel lobby into Shibuya’s warm summer night, she quickly noticed two things:

Firstly, Julia Chang was breaking off the heels from her fancy footwear, then sprinting off.
Secondly, a wailing OL was crying for help nearby, having been a recent victim of petty theft.

Asuka smiled excitedly. She had a reputation for cleaning up crime back home in Osaka, and was happy to aid Julia to do so here in Tokyo, even though she wasn’t exactly familiar with the American researcher-cum-streamer.

As Asuka lifted her right foot to break her own pair of heels, a slim and heavily-manicured hand landed gently on her almost-bare left shoulder.

She turned around, preparing to ask Lili to leave her alone again, and was instead shocked to see the seductive figure of Anna Williams standing behind her.

“You’ve had way too much to drink tonight, didn’t you, little birdie?” Anna asked, with a smile on her lips.

“Don’t call me that! And I’m not 20 yet, grandma,” Asuka retorted. “I was only allowed to drink mocktails. Now buzz off, I’ve got work to…. Uuuhhhh…”

Asuka had felt a sudden sharp sting of pain on the left side of her neck, and her vision immediately started to fade, together with the energy powering her slender, long legs.

“Oh dear,” Anna laughed theatrically as she saw the sedative that she’d administered via Asuka’s neck take effect. “You really had too much to drink, little birdie. Looks like I’ll need to call you a taxi.”


The Toyota Century dropped Marduk off at the entrance of the now-familiar alleyway in a section of Shibuya’s less-bustling residential area. The boss of the Ōnishi-gumi had already transferred two of the yakuza group’s assets in Tokyo to Marduk during the drive – a nightclub in Kabuki-cho, and a penthouse in Roppongi Hills. Bonuses for the evening would be delivered in cash for completion of specific tasks, and the details would be spelled out in real-time to him directly from the boss through the earpiece now embedded in Marduk’s right ear.

The Ōnishi-gumi’s boss was probably even more twisted than Julia’s fans. The boss’s henchman – the black-suited gentleman in the car– had provided Marduk a harness for him to wear. That harness was now strapped on Marduk’s head, with a camera affixed to the side, live-streaming directly to the crime lord an extra first-person view from Marduk’s perspective.

As Marduk stalked through the alleyway and into the makeshift arena, the boss relayed to him that the group’s initial plan was to take the target back to Osaka to exact their revenge. But when the Ōnishi-gumi had got wind of Marduk’s excellent live-streamed beatdown of Julia Chang, they’d made a last-minute decision to utilise him and his arena in Shibuya instead.

As Marduk re-entered the pentagonal arena, he reached into his pocket for his smartphone. For the second time this evening (or rather, morning now, as it was almost 3am), the metallic gates crashed downwards behind him, blocking off the only exit from the area.

He activated the arena’s live-streaming cameras, restarting the live video feed – this time streamed only to the Ōnishi-gumi’s boss. Finally, he activated the floodlights, and paused to stare incredulously.

Sitting unconscious on a cheap plastic chair, facing Marduk in the middle of his makeshift arena, was Asuka Kazama.

He already knew who to expect – the yakuza boss speaking to Marduk through his earpiece had already informed him of the target. What he hadn’t expected was his target’s outfit for the event.

At the Gala earlier, Marduk’s full attention was on Julia as he had to coordinate his trap to ensnare her. He hadn’t given much attention to the rest of the attendees, and with his character and demeanour, none of his fellow Tekken fighters had wanted to interact with him either.

Now though, Marduk was silently regretting not paying attention to the other female fighters. He wondered if the Tournament ladies were all dressed to kill. If anything, the high-school girl from Osaka wore an outfit even more daring than Julia’s.

The black outfit contrasted perfectly – and accentuated – the teenager’s fair and unblemished skin, and she was certainly showing off a lot of it. Her mini-dress’s plunging neckline revealed even more cleavage than the native American. And, could it be possible – that an 18-year-old Japanese schoolgirl had a bosom that surpassed Julia’s?

As he was staring, a very light breeze blew through from the alleyway. The pleated ends of Asuka’s dress lifted lightly, offering Marduk a gentle tease of Asuka’s black undergarments.

Marduk’s loins stirred again. But the voice in his earpiece reminded him of his tasks – and rules – for the night. The reminder from the gang boss was not quite necessary however. Despite his reputation, Marduk had usually drawn the line when it came to school-going girls, even those as old as Asuka.

Maybe… its time I made an exception, thought Marduk, as he stared intently again at Asuka’s youthful and firm chest, pressing tightly against her slinky black dress, rising and falling in a slow rhythm as she slept from the sedative administered to her by the Ōnishi-gumi’s goons earlier.

He walked up close to the sleeping fighter from Osaka, her eyes still shut but the expression on her pretty face was at peace. To provide the yakuza boss a closer look from the first-person camera Marduk was wearing, he placed his finger under Asuka’s chin and tilted her face upwards.

Asuka was ready for this. She’d already recovered from the effects of the sedative, and had been awake for at least 30 minutes. The schoolgirl was highly annoyed with whoever was behind this for making her wait. Nonetheless, she was raring to go, and eager to take down the masterminds who’d hired Anna to drug and kidnap her. Worse, Anna had left her completely untied and free to move. Either the masterminds were filled with an abundance of confidence, or they were just a bunch of complete idiots.

As her head was forcibly tilted upwards, Asuka’s eyes snapped open. In a split-second, she saw Marduk’s eyes widened as he realized she was actually conscious. Before he could react, using the chair under her as leverage, Asuka somersaulted backwards, shooting her two powerful and long legs upwards as she vaulted and slammed her snazzy heels into Marduk’s chin in sequence – left foot, then right foot – the strength of which lifted the large brute momentarily off his feet.

The various cameras live-streaming this unsanctioned match provided multiple angles of the grace and beauty of Asuka’s acrobatic attack – after she completed her backwards somersault behind the plastic chair, she used the same momentum to bring the plastic chair upwards to smash the chin – again – of the still-airborne Marduk.

Marduk crashed to the ground, with Asuka tut-tutting his aerial performance. She placed her left hand against her hip whilst her other hand held onto the plastic chair.

“This was a really pathetic setup, Marduk,” Asuka taunted. “It was so silly of you not to have tied me down. As revenge for drugging and kidnapping me, I’ll have to drag your stupid arse down to the police station, after beating the crap out of you of course.”

Marduk got up on one knee, massaged his chin slowly, and smiled upwards at Asuka.

“Thank you,” Marduk began.

“Did my kicks destroy the few brain cells you have left?” Asuka asked incredulously. “Why are you thanking me for hauling your idiotic arse to jail?”

“For providing a bird’s eye view of what you’re wearing under that sexy little dress, birdie,” Marduk replied. He grinned evilly and tapped slowly at the camera strapped to side of his head.

“You pervert!” Asuka shrieked angrily. And with all her strength, she swung the plastic chair sideways to smash Marduk’s face.

To Asuka’s shock and dismay, the chair encountered absolutely no resistance and whipped noiselessly through the air. Unfortunately, the momentum of her anger-fuelled reckless swing caused her entire torso to turn sideways before she could recover her stance.

Marduk had dropped back to the ground and leaned backwards as the chair swung in front of his face, missing his nose by millimetres. As Asuka stumbled to the side off-balance, he kicked out at her ankles and she fell backwards onto him, losing her grip on the chair she was holding onto, which fell noisily to the ground. Before Asuka could realise the danger she was in, Marduk had wrapped his large and muscular arms around her neck and pulled.

“Gyuuuh…,” she gasped. Struggling against his grip, Asuka reached up with her hands and tried to scratch his arms, which had zero effect. She then reached out blindly behind her, trying to find eyeballs to dig out, but to no avail.

Marduk, sitting on the ground with Asuka on top of him, was rather enjoying himself as the schoolgirl from Osaka tried to struggle free from his iron hold around her neck. He was able to feel her large, gyrating and vibrating chest under his massive arms, which were tightly wrapped around Asuka’s neck as she worked in futile to break his chokehold on her.

As before with Julia, he was also quite upset with himself that Asuka had landed hits on him due to his lack of attention. His chin stung a fair bit from the three consecutive blows inflicted by the schoolgirl, but he was more annoyed than anything else.

The voice in his ear was now also audibly upset with Marduk too. On top of allowing Asuka to draw first blood, the criminal boss was now unable to see the cocky schoolgirl properly from Marduk’s first person camera – the brute’s head was tilted backwards and looking upwards to avoid Asuka’s flailing arms – and had to rely on the many cameras around the makeshift arena instead.

“Let me soften her up a little,” Marduk appeased the voice in his ear. “You’ll get your monies’ worth – I promise.”

Asuka could hear what Marduk was saying, but couldn’t make any sense of it. She felt her body start to weaken as Marduk’s tight grip around her throat blocked her ability to draw fresh oxygen into her lungs. Her mouth stayed opened as the teenager tried desperately to gasp for air, but her efforts were not the least bit effective in replenishing her lungs in the slightest.

Eventually, her struggles against the brute began to lose their intensity. Slowly, Asuka’s flailing arms lost their energy, and fell limply off Marduk’s face. As the high-school girl’s vision started to black out at the edges, Marduk finally let her go. She gasped heavily as her body struggled immediately to replenish its lost oxygen supply, and Marduk pushed her off his chest. She rolled off and landed face-down, but as Marduk got to his feet, he used his boot to roll her body such that she was facing upwards.

Again, Marduk marvelled at the young beauty lying at his feet. Her well-endowed bosom pushing heavily and frantically against the tight neckline of her little black dress as she fought for breath. After Marduk had rolled the schoolgirl onto her back, the pleated hemline of Asuka’s extremely short dress had folded sideways and up, providing him (and his first-person camera) a lovely view of the underwear she’d chosen for the evening. Instead of the trademark gym bloomers she usually wore, the high-school girl was wearing a black and silky little number, likely to better match the outfit she’d worn for the Gala.

Damn annoying rules, Marduk thought. In any case, his job was only just beginning. He grabbed the plastic chair which had fallen off Asuka’s hands earlier and folded it until the chair resembled a 2D rectangle.

On the cold hard ground, as Asuka tried her best to regain her breath and composure to re-join the fight, she felt her right foot being moved further to her right, and then felt her left foot being shifted to the left.

Worried about what the brute could be up to, Asuka forced her eyelids opened as she continued to gasp for air, only to regret doing so as her vision provided her the horrible sight of Marduk driving one corner of the folded plastic chair in between her outspread legs and into her unprotected crotch.

“Yaaaaahhh…!!” Asuka screamed into the night. Her upper body jerked upright on its own, and her hands belatedly moved to uselessly cover her groin.

“Use a chair against someone else,” Marduk said menacingly, “and you should be prepared for the same chair to be used against you, little birdie.”

“Gyuurgh…,” Asuka gasped. As her upper body flopped back down onto the ground, she continued to moan and pant uncontrollably in reaction to the low-blow.

The pain was excruciating, and seemed to radiate from Asuka’s groin to all parts of her body. Whilst trying to subdue the pain she was experiencing, Asuka brought her knees up to her chest and rolled to her side. Doing so provided Marduk and his lone livestream viewer a bird’s eye view of Asuka’s well-formed posterior wrapped tightly by her chosen silky undergarments for the evening.

Sweat started to pour down Asuka’s young and lovely face, and she continued to moan from the underhanded move used against her. Her breaths came short and fast, pressing her ample chest against the limited confines of her dress’s tight neckline. Her confidence in dragging the big muscular brute to a police station also started to wane.

Marduk waited and watched through her suffering, and from his earpiece, it sounded like the crime lord was finally happy. Marduk also took the opportunity to throw the plastic chair aside. He had never liked using weapons, preferring instead to hurt his opponents directly with his bare hands. He did however, make an exception for Asuka as the schoolgirl had used the chair against him first.

As Asuka’s gasps and moans started to slow in their intensity, Marduk grabbed the thin spaghetti-straps of her mini-dress and hauled her to her feet. His actions caused Asuka’s voluminous bosom to bunch tightly together and heave upwards against the tight constraints of her dress’s V-shaped neckline. The pleated hemlines of her short dress, which had fallen back down with gravity as Asuka was made to stand, rode upwards in tandem with Marduk forcefully yanking her mini-dress upwards, and offered the cameras around his makeshift arena teases of Asuka’s undergarments yet again.

Marduk paused for a moment as he glared, astonished at the 18-year old’s shapely figure and proportions. The voice in his ear laughed menacingly as well. Shaking his head to clear his lustful thoughts, and moving quickly before Asuka could recover from his low blow, he shoved the teenage fighter backwards whilst still holding onto her mini-dress’s straps, and roughly pushed her against the concrete wall of one of the buildings.

The high-schooler from Osaka knew that she was in an extremely dangerous position now, with her back up against a wall and the massive brute towering over her. Despite the pain radiating from Asuka’s nether regions, and the lack of breath as she recovered from Marduk’s chokehold earlier, she furiously forced her body to react as she felt Marduk’s fingers release her dress’s straps to prepare for a strike of his own. With energy fuelled by urgency and rage, she immediately pushed off the wall behind her, and shoved Marduk’s massive form backwards with her shoulder.

Somehow, the large bulk of Marduk was forcibly moved backwards, and with the increase in spatial clearance between her and the brute, Asuka – gritting her teeth through the immense pain emanating from her groin – swept her right leg backwards, then upwards and across towards Marduk’s face in a high roundhouse kick, aiming for the camera strapped to the side of his head.

Marduk was somewhat surprised at the tenacity and strength Asuka still exhibited, in spite of her recent injuries. As he was forced to step backwards from the beautiful schoolgirl’s shove, Marduk saw her prepare for a roundhouse – her typically fast actions slowed by the obvious pain inflicted earlier on her crotch.

As he ducked easily under her weakened kick, he was rewarded with the sight of the pleats of Asuka’s mini-dress lifting spectacularly as she desperately fought to make her roundhouse connect. The enticing but unfortunately short view of her long and exposed legs also revealed his target: Marduk straightened his right hand, and jabbed upwards quickly – brutally and mercilessly drilling his large fingers into Asuka’s exposed silky underwear as her right leg swept uselessly over his head.

“Kyaaaah!!” Asuka shrieked. Her entire body lifted upwards from the low blow. Embarrassment and pain mixed into Asuka’s thoughts at having missed an attacking opportunity, and allowing Marduk to launch a successful counter-attack at a vulnerable and private area.

In all 18 years of her life, Asuka had never been subjected to underhanded attacks such as Marduk’s. To receive low blows twice in such short succession was equal parts humiliating and excruciating. In addition to the pain enveloping her entire body, her face also flushed furiously in embarrassment.

As the schoolgirl’s body landed from the blow, her knees folded immediately and she quickly fell to her ankles. The quick downwards movement as she fell to the ground once again lifted the ends of her pleated skirt, offering not just Marduk, but the solo viewer who had access to all of the arena’s many cameras, yet another short but spectacular view of Asuka’s exposed legs and silky black number under her dress.

Marduk’s breaths came a little quicker at the spectacular display from Asuka’s reaction to his low-blow. He watched as the teenager grabbed her groin whilst on her knees in reaction to the extreme pain, and continued moaning into the otherwise quiet arena, heaving her voluminous chest as she breathed and panted heavily. From his vantage point, Marduk had an amazing view of Asuka’s excellent bosom and cleavage due to her black dress’s daring neckline, rising and falling quickly with her laboured breathing. The Ōnishi-gumi’s boss was also laughing rather evilly in Marduk’s ear, pleased with the punishment the cocky high-school girl was receiving.

Asuka, despite the extreme anguish and pain she was feeling from the blows inflicted on her, still had enough mental energy to feel extremely furious with how the night’s battle was proceeding and Marduk’s continued rough manhandling of her. She gathered her strength through her agonized pants to look upwards and shot Marduk an angry and dirty look.

“You bast…,” before she could finish her insult, Marduk had quickly reached down and grabbed her dress’s straps again.

Yanking Asuka up forcefully, the pleated hemline of her dress riding upwards spectacularly again, Marduk shoved the girl from Osaka back into the concrete wall of the building behind her. As Asuka’s back hit the wall, she gasped in pain. Marduk quickly released her dress’s straps, and slammed his right first brutally into her abdomen.

“Kyuurgh…!” Asuka choked out, as the vicious belly punch added another layer of pain overwhelming her body. The punch had so much power behind it that she almost retched. Some bits of concrete were also showering down on both her and Marduk, as his powerful blow against her trim body shook old pieces of wall loose from the building behind her back.

Somehow however, the brash and confident fighter from Osaka still believed she had a chance of winning the night’s events. Asuka believed that she just needed some time to recover, to counter-attack, in order to turn the tide of the battle.

Unfortunately, her legs were still not listening to her mental commands, and as Marduk withdrew his fist away from Asuka’s abdomen, she started to slide down against the wall behind her.

As she slid a few centimetres, Marduk grinned manically, and stuck his left index finger between the high-school girl’s voluptuous chest, and down her plunging neckline. As with Julia earlier in the evening, he used his finger to hook against her dress’s V-shaped neckline to prevent Asuka from falling further.

The sight of Asuka’s massive chest as she breathed desperately through the pain, heaving and thrusting upwards against his finger holding onto her dress’s plunging neckline; the schoolgirl’s short brown hair thrown backward together with her head – a pained expression etched on her face – as she leaned against the building for support; her slender legs trembling and folded a little at the knees as they fought to withhold the teenage fighter’s weight, all worked in conjunction to stir up Marduk’s loins. He’d been successful with his self-restraint against Julia earlier, but wondered if he could exhibit the same for his second victim.

The evil laughter in his ear cleared his urges once again, and Marduk was goaded by the crime boss to continue with his attacks. As he raised his right fist to pummel Asuka’s face whilst holding onto her dress’s neckline with his left finger, the voice in his ear rebuked Marduk sharply, and gave him a new set of instructions to follow.

Guess I have to preserve Asuka’s face as well, Marduk sighed, as a similar situation had played out earlier with Julia. Still, I’m going to enjoy this.

Relaxing his fist, and flattening his right hand, he waited until Asuka’s laboured and painful gasps of air slowly lost their intensity.

As Asuka slowly regained her strength, she readied herself to exact revenge on Marduk for violating her youthful teenage body. She was massively incensed at the way he’d roughly stuck his finger down between her chest, and was prepared to deliver swift revenge to his groin.

As she slowly opened her eyes through the pain, she brought her head forwards from against the wall behind her. But before she could carry out her strike, she saw Marduk bring his right hand swiftly down in a simple karate chop.

Across her chest.

“Uuuhhhhh… aaahhhhh….,” Asuka moaned and gasped involuntarily. The pain and humiliation of Marduk’s blow causing her cheeks to flush madly again.

Marduk smiled evilly as the yakuza boss laughed loudly in his ear at the girl’s predicament. Asuka’s ample bosom had reacted magnificently to his underhanded blow to her chest, jiggling and bouncing against her tight black dress, which was already stretched to its limits by the way Marduk was holding up her neckline with his left finger.

In this same manner, Marduk continued his slow rhythm of karate chops using his right hand, smiling viciously as each of his blows caused Asuka’s left bosom to gyrate, followed closely in tandem with Asuka’s loud gasps of pain and shame.

After 10 chops, paced slowly apart, with Asuka’s eyes closed tight against the pain and violation, Marduk slowly replaced his left finger’s grasp on her dress’s neckline with his right index finger.

And Marduk resumed his attacks, now using his left hand to chop viciously again the right side of Asuka’s voluminous chest. This time, in addition to the gasps and moans of pain from the once-cocky high-school girl, tears of anger and embarrassment started to stream down her sweaty face.

The voice in Marduk’s ear continued to laugh evilly, revelling in Asuka’s despair and the exquisite vision of Asuka’s firm and significant chest being brutally attacked by Marduk. The brute smiled as well – he was rather enjoying himself, especially since he was still rather upset at Asuka’s initial strikes against him.

After another 10 chops, Marduk paused to admire his handiwork, slowly looking up and down his victim’s body. The gasping and heaving bosom of Asuka under his index figure, her pained expressions and moans, together with her extremely sexy black dress, pleated hemline riding upwards due to his finger’s hook down her neckline, threatened to overwhelm Marduk’s self-restraint.

As he sub-consciously reached under the pleated hemline of Asuka’s mini-dress with his left hand, a sharp rebuke from his ear woke him from his lustful stupor. He tried to remind himself that even if Asuka was a registered Tournament fighter with an incredibly stunning body, she was nonetheless still a final-year high-school student.

Staring down at the perfect image of a battered yet beautiful Asuka desperately trying to regain her energy under his finger, Marduk felt his annoyance snap at all the strict rules imposed on his battles throughout the night, and his inability to satiate his lust.

Stopping his left hand’s move under Asuka’s pleated skirt, his right index finger instead jerked Asuka’s exquisite chest closer to him. As her head fell forwards, his left hand balled into a fist and she gave the schoolgirl a vicious uppercut.

“Gyaaah…!” the girl gasped as Marduk’s fist connected with her chin. Asuka’s entire body lifted upwards and back from the brutal force of Marduk’s blow.

Her back hit the concrete wall of the building behind her after suffering Marduk’s uppercut, and the schoolgirl rebounded forwards. Asuka was however, still mentally trying to hang in the fight, and as she fell towards Marduk, she tried to struggle to stand. However, her legs continued to give out under her, and the sexily-dressed schoolgirl instead slid down the entire height of Marduk’s chest, hands limply grabbing for purchase on his clothes, and fell to her knees.

From Marduk’s perspective, the sight of Asuka falling forwards onto him, her well-endowed chest first landing on him, followed by her pained face, almost overwhelmed his urges, and his hands itched to yank out his earpiece and have his way with Asuka.

Worse, the schoolgirl continued to pant and gasp as she slid down against the entire length of his chest. In doing so, Asuka’s quick and fast breaths caused her magnificent bosom to heave and gyrate against Marduk’s body as she slid limply downwards against him. Her hands also tried to reach up to grip his vest, but lacked any energy to hold her body up.

When she finally landed on her knees, Asuka’s cheek ended up resting against the very same crotch guard that Julia had uselessly kicked hours ago.

He stared downwards – the pained grimace etched on Asuka’s face as she leaned against his groin; her voluptuous chest pressed tightly against her mini-dress and also against his legs, sent Marduk’s thoughts downwards into a dizzying and lustful spin.

As if telepathically connected, the voice in his ear reminded him strongly of the assets already transferred to him, and if Marduk broke his self-restraint, the Ōnishi-gumi could easily destroy them if necessary.

Marduk sighed loudly, trying to steel his resolve and banish his annoyance. He continued to stare downwards at Asuka, giving the crime lord sufficient time to relish at Asuka’s body kneeling painfully at his feet from the first-person camera.

Surprisingly, the crime boss had not scolded Marduk for his un-commanded uppercut. I guess that’s somehow allowed, thought Marduk, mentally giving himself a shrug. Its nice not to feel like some character in a video game.

Incredibly, the brash schoolgirl from Osaka still harboured some hope that she could win this fight. Asuka had fought in many battles previously, and desperately just wanted some time to recover before she could hand Marduk’s evil arse back to him. If only her body would respond to her desperate commands to get up…

For the second time that evening, she felt her chin being lifted up by the brute’s nasty and large fingers. This time however, she lacked any energy to open her eyes, and continued to wince and gasp in agony at the pain inflicted all over her body.

“Still awake, little birdie?” Marduk asked, as he gently pushed aside some of her short brown hair, which had become stuck to her face because of her sweat and tears.

Incensed by the ridiculous nickname, Asuka eked out an angry squint from under her eyelids.

“You…,” she began.

As soon as her mouth uttered that first word, Marduk was heaving her up again using the straps of her little black dress. Asuka’s cheeks flushed terribly as she felt the dress push her ample bosom upwards against her will. Her inner thighs also felt colder for the umpteenth time that night as her mini-dress’s short, pleated hemline rode upwards once more by Marduk’s rough upward pull of her dress, exposing more of her legs to the night-time air.

As she was roughly brought to a standing position, Marduk relinquished his grasp on her dress’s straps. Mentally willing her legs to withstand her weight, Asuka groaned internally as her legs failed to respond to her commands again, and she once again flopped limply forward onto Marduk’s chest…

Only to arch her entire upper body backwards as the brute’s massive arms wrapped around the small of her back. And squeezed. Brutally.

“Yaaaaahhhh!!!” Asuka screamed painfully into the night, her eyes popping open involuntarily at the bearhug. The pain from her back shot upwards and down her spine as Marduk crunched hard, folding her back backwards at an angle that most regular human beings could never voluntarily reach.

All Marduk could see, as he looked downwards whilst pulverising Asuka’s back, was her voluminous and heaving chest, point and thrusting upwards against her black dress’s V-shaped neckline, as she shrieked and struggled against his grip.

The voice in his ear was strangely quiet – perhaps the crime lord was also enjoying the spectacular scene from the first-person camera. As Marduk steadily maintained his vice-like grip around the schoolgirl’s back, Asuka’s screams and moans continued to echo around the arena, which brought a smile to his face.

Eventually, as Asuka’s screams reduced to pained gurgles, Marduk relented. He shifted his arm upwards, and helped bring Asuka’s back into a more vertical position.

The beautiful fighter was still trying to arch backwards despite him relinquishing his grip on her lower back, but he eventually managed to prop Asuka’s upper body towards him, and the schoolgirl’s pretty but devastated face flopped forwards, with her cheek landing abruptly and resting on Marduk’s chest, the top of her head resting under his chin. The way he held her bare upper back now, silently stroking it, was almost like a lover’s embrace especially when viewed from the arena’s cameras. His earpiece erupted again with dire warnings, which Marduk ignored.

He felt Asuka’s heaving and panting chest stroking against his own, and almost gave in to his desires. However, he whispered downwards quietly into Asuka’s ear as he gently caressed her bare back:

“Do you give up?”

His earpiece suddenly fell silent, and the crime lord waited together with Marduk for the 18-year old’s reply.

It took two long minutes, which Marduk thoroughly enjoyed as the schoolgirl from Osaka continued to shiver, writhe, moan, cry and pant uncontrollably into his gentle embrace. But eventually, the young high-schooler from Osaka found her voice.

“N… no…,” Asuka whispered.

Her reply was barely louder than a pin-drop, but in the silence of this makeshift arena, both Marduk and the solo livestream viewer heard her voice clearly. The two of them also felt their jaws drop open at the schoolgirl’s absurd show of resilience and defiance. It wasn’t long before the voice in his earpiece snarled, and started filling his ear with commands yet again.

Marduk smiled, inwardly pleased that the beautiful schoolgirl embraced in his arms still had some mental fight left in her. This battle was already proving more enjoyable than his beatdown on Julia earlier.

Following the orders spoken maliciously into his ear, Marduk brought his arms lower again, and squeezed Asuka’s lower back once more, and put all his massive strength behind the bearhug this time.

“Nyyaaaaaaahhhh!!!” screamed Asuka’s – her loudest wail of the evening yet, as her spine bent backwards at an angle that made even the Ōnishi-gumi’s boss wince whilst watching the stream.

The excruciating pain shot up and down Asuka’s entire back, spreading out to all of her limbs and digits, and overwhelmed her control on any part of her body. As she yelled and jerked, her long and slender legs kicked up behind her on their own volition, and her arms fell limply towards the ground.

And to Marduk’s and the Ōnishi-gumi’s boss’s pleasure, Asuka’s youthful yet ample bosom which were pushed tightly within the constraints of her black dress’s plunging neckline, continued to heave and bounce magnificently upwards into the night time sky, illuminated spectacularly and clearly by the makeshift arena’s bright floodlights. The schoolgirl’s continued defiance had led to a devastating punishment that brought immense satisfaction to both her attacker and the lone viewer of this unsanctioned, live-streamed match.

Asuka continued to wail loudly into the night. Despite her earlier words of defiance, a semblance of panic and doubt had now seeped into the corners of her mind. It felt like Marduk might snap her spine, and that potential outcome caused her to cry even louder in despair and pain at her predicament. She now deeply regretted waiting for her kidnappers’ masterminds to appear, and belatedly realised that she should have gone to the local police for help immediately upon waking up from her sedated stupor.

As she thought the pain in her body was about to overwhelm her, Marduk suddenly let her go, and she fell backwards onto the cold, hard ground. Asuka’s body arched uncontrollably against her will, with her hands subconsciously trying to massage her badly abused back.

Marduk looked downwards at his writhing victim, and felt the familiar stirring in his loins. Her movements were almost like a replay of his earlier beatdown of Julia. Like the native American before, Asuka was now arching her back upwards whilst on the floor, pushing her magnificently-formed chest against her tight dress’s neckline up to the night skies. Marduk walked around his prey and stood at the schoolgirl’s head, which was almost looking completely backwards as she continued to thrust her body upwards in reaction to pain caused by bearhug.

Asuka’s hands had reached uselessly under her, but that had not caught Marduk’s attention. Rather, and similarly to Julia earlier, the sight of Asuka’s massively well-endowed chest and her cleavage, in full view due to her dress’s daring neckline, heaved and gyrated fabulously as he watched her stretch and writhe. The voice in his ear was also laughing slowly at the obvious pain being exuded by the once-cocky do-gooder from Osaka.

Marduk stood at that position for a long while, not only to give the crime lord a good long look at the broken victim on the ground, but also for Marduk to appreciate the stellar body twitching beneath his feet.

Eventually, the voice in his ear gave a command to Marduk. As he circled back to Asuka’s legs, Marduk caught his breath. In the minutes that went by whilst Marduk was staring down at Asuka’s chest, he had not noticed that a gust of wind had blown through the alleyway. Because of this, the ends of Asuka’s sexily-pleated dress had been blown upwards, exposing her slender, long legs in their entirety and length, in addition to the amazing black silky number she was wearing underneath.

On top of this, the high-schooler was still arching her back somewhat as she continued to fight the extreme pain from Marduk’s two bearhugs. The twitching movement of Asuka’s fully-exposed legs, made to appear even longer with the high heels she’s chosen to wear, almost made Marduk abandon all efforts at ignoring his lust.

The Ōnishi-gumi’s crime lord noticed this obviously, and gave Marduk another verbal warning, whilst urging the brute to carry on with the beatdown. With another vexed sigh, Marduk knelt down and mounted Asuka. As he lowered himself onto her waist, his crotch guard actually sat on the upward-blown pleats of her black mini-dress, and he tried his best yet again to curb back his urges.

Stupid! Ridiculous! Rules! Marduk spat inwardly. The body between his knees was still jerking and pushing upwards towards him against the schoolgirl’s will, threatening to overwhelm Marduk with desire. The voice in his ear however, continued to egg Marduk on to continue with the punishment.

This next part would be familiar. It was obvious that the Ōnishi-gumi’s boss had rather enjoyed a particular moment during Marduk’s earlier beatdown on Julia. And truth be told, Marduk had found it pleasurable as well, and was happy to repeat the moves once again. This time however, the solo livestream viewer would be treated to a much better angle, courtesy of the first-person camera.

Marduk waited – the beautiful teenage schoolgirl from Osaka was certainly still conscious, but hadn’t opened her eyes at all since she suffered Marduk’s second bearhug. The voice in his ear was also growing impatient, but Marduk was quite happy savouring the moans of pain and despair from the high-school girl.

Eventually, after a few minutes, Asuka finally regained a semblance of control and mental energy. Her body had stopped twitching and jerking unconsciously, and the pained grimace which Asuka had almost-permanently worn on her face started to smoothen out. With immense effort, the schoolgirl forced her eyelids to flutter open.

Unfortunately, Asuka’s vision however, provided her with another horrifying sight – Marduk was mounted over her, his legs tightly bounding her waist, whilst his knees rested on her arms, completely immobilising her…

And his hands, clasped together, were held high above his head.

With Marduk clearly knowing that Asuka could see what was coming forth, he brought his heavy ball of muscle, flesh and bone downwards, and struck brutally on the female fighter’s voluptuous chest.

“Nyyaaahhh… gyuuuh…,” Asuka gurgled. The feeling of pain and violation once again spreading from her chest up to her face as she blushed furiously from Marduk’s attack at a very private portion of the schoolgirl’s body.

Marduk grinned evilly, egged on by the laughter also ringing through his earpiece. As with Julia, he continued to beat down on Asuka with his clasped hands at a slow rhythm.



The besieged girl from Osaka continue to moan, the sounds being unwillingly released from Asuka’s mouth with each one of Marduk’s brutal blows to her chest, her eyes closed tightly as she winced, grimaced and gasped in pain from each painful strike.

From Marduk’s perspective, together with the first-person camera, Asuka’s ample round bosom were bouncing, jiggling and gyrating spectacularly whilst in the tight confines of the schoolgirl’s mini-dress’s plunging neckline, as he brutally and rhythmically brought his powerful hands downwards. Indeed, both Marduk and the Ōnishi-gumi’s boss derived extreme pleasure from this continued attack on poor Asuka’s well-proportioned chest.

Eventually, after a long and drawn-out pulverisation of Asuka’s voluminous bosom, Marduk was told to stop. He got up onto his feet, once again catching an amazing view of Asuka’s long legs and her black undergarments, which had been fully exposed by the blown-up pleats of her little black dress.

As he continued to stare downwards at the lovely view of the panting and moaning Asuka laying at his feet, he once again considered whether a lust-filled night spent with the teenage schoolgirl was worth losing his newfound riches.

To his astonishment however, the cocky fighter’s eyes suddenly opened. Rage and humiliation from the brutal battering of her chest by Marduk had lent her the energy to form the following words:

“You… piece… of…,” the rest of Asuka’s whisper-quiet but enraged insult was drowned out by the angry words yelled into the earpiece Marduk was wearing:

“Are you really going to let this little birdie insult you like this?!? Do you hit like a girl?!? Why is she still so conscious?!?”

The temper which Marduk had successfully squashed the whole night finally snapped in him. With an enraged yell – fuelled by his unsatiated lust, the fury and defiance somehow still emanating from Asuka’s eyes, and the mocking taunts from the Ōnishi-gumi’s boss – he lifted his booted right foot high and stomped down hard on Asuka’s body.

“Yaaaargh!! Guuhhh…,” the poor schoolgirl screamed and gurgled, her eyes bulging at the force of the impact, her body convulsing at the suddenness and furiousness of the blow.

There was a sharp crack as something in the schoolgirl gave way – most likely her ribcage. However, Marduk was beyond reason right now. He lifted the schoolgirl from under her fair and smooth armpits, ignoring Asuka’s screams of pain as he roughly manhandled her in spite of her new injuries. With a huge show of strength, he grunted as he threw the broken schoolgirl into the air.

As Asuka flew upwards briefly, Marduk yelled insanely: “Stupid! Flying! Birdie!”

And as gravity brought Asuka’s limp body downwards, Marduk brutally, swiftly and painfully brought his two fists up in a continuous string of furious uppercuts. Each aimed squarely at Asuka’s soft belly just below her magnificent chest.


Each strike elicited shrieks, gasps and moans of pain from the teenage fighter. Her body unable to react even if she had the energy to, and her pitiful frame was now subjected to the laws of gravity and Marduk’s brutal rage. Each uppercut from Marduk against the schoolgirl’s abdomen was actually lifting Asuka higher and higher. When viewed from certain camera angles littered across the makeshift arena, the sole viewer of this livestream could see that Asuka was actually gaining altitude – such was the speed, ferocity and power of Marduk’s many uppercuts.

In the midst of this rage-driven show of strength and speed from the crazed Marduk, the mind of Asuka Kazama finally slipped into unconsciousness from all the pain and injuries she’d endured that evening. Her shrieks and gurgles of pain slowly subsided, and her body became nothing more than a silent airborne punching bag made of flesh and bone, mercilessly and cruelly battered on by Marduk’s manic and massive fists.

Finally, with his rage and energy starting to wane, Marduk let gravity bring Asuka’s battered body a little lower towards the ground, then he dug deep and sent a furious final uppercut into Asuka’s chin.

This final blow sent the high-school girl from Osaka into her second backwards somersault of the night – this time however, completely beyond her will. Asuka’s slender legs rose and swung limply in conjunction with her backwards flight, throwing the pleats of her mini-dress upwards, and once again exposing her long and toned legs for both attacker and viewer to see, as she spun unconsciously backwards and towards the ground.

She landed heavily on the cold, hard ground. After the spectacular aerial flight Asuka had exhibited – aided by the fury of Marduk – the schoolgirl had somehow managed to land on the ground facing upwards.

The force of her somersault had flipped her dress’s pleated hemline completely upwards as she landed. The little black dress was still fitted snugly onto Asuka’s voluptuous upper body, tight from the waist up and plunging neckline barely containing Asuka’s full chest. But from the waist down, her entire lower body was exposed for all to see, with the exception of Asuka’s black silky undergarments, and the high heels still strapped to her feet.

Marduk started to breathe heavily to contain his anger. He also began to feel a small tinge of guilt – he knew that he had brutally pulverised Asuka, and the injuries he’d inflicted on her would likely take months for the teenage girl to recover.

The voice in his ear was laughing evilly however, as the first-person camera mounted beside Marduk’s head continued to show the unconscious yet sexy form of Asuka lying broken on the ground.

“She’s out of it,” Marduk said. “You’ve had your revenge. Shall we call it…”

“Not quite,” interrupted the voice in his ear. “Don’t you have a defibrillator?”

“What?” Marduk asked, a little perplexed. “No, I do not have a…”

He paused as he belatedly understood what the crime lord was asking.

“Get to work,” the voice in his ear commanded. Marduk wasn’t sure about the full extent of the enmity between Asuka and the Ōnishi-gumi’s boss, but he was pretty sure the teenage girl lying at his feet would definitely regret her involvement.

Once again, mainly to satisfy himself, Marduk lifted Asuka – unconscious this time – using the thin straps of her little black dress. Even though the pleats of her dress fell back downwards with gravity, the pull of Asuka’s dress as Marduk dragged her upwards made her hemline ride upwards yet again, teasing him with glimpses of her exposed legs and undergarments. Her tight and fit chest also squashed upwards magnificently with his handling of her outfit, and he felt a little drool form in his mouth.

Nevertheless, he did as the Ōnishi-gumi’s boss had instructed. He dragged Asuka over to the metal fence and smashed her heavily against it. Reaching behind one of the fence’s many floodlights, unseen due to the bright glare of LEDs, he reached for ropes which he’d stashed many hours ago. He’d initially planned to use these for Julia, but had managed to find suitable replacements during his one-sided match against her. Now, these ropes would be used for the poor schoolgirl at the crime lord’s – and Marduk’s – mercy.

Holding up both of the Asuka’s arms high above her head, he tied her wrists together and bounded them to the fence behind the teenager. Next, in a flash of inspiration and perverseness, he reached for more rope stashed behind another floodlight. He then tied both of Asuka’s ankles individually to the fence, spreading her long and toned legs outwards, such that the pleats of her mini-dress rose upwards and stretched outwards, providing a teasing glimpse of her silky black undergarments.

With his handiwork done, he reached into his pocket for his remote device, lowered the voltage, and tapped the button.

Both Marduk and the Ōnishi-gumi crime lord were rewarded with Asuka’s unconscious body jerking and thrusting forwards as electrical current surged through the poor schoolgirl’s body. Her pleated skirt also lifted playfully as her legs twitched uncontrollably. Her eyes remained closed in a painful wince however, and she made no sound apart from her body’s unconscious efforts at laboured breathing.

Adjusting the voltage upwards, Marduk activated his electrical fence again. This time, through the spasms of Asuka’s body, her eyelids also started to twitch. And seconds into it, the high-schooler’s mouth slowly opened:

“Unnn… uuhhh… nnnyyyyaaaaaahhh!!!” Asuka shrieked as the current ran through her body.

She jerked and convulsed uncontrollably, her magnificent chest jiggling and bouncing against the V-shaped neckline of her mini-dress, the pleats of her dress were also flying even higher, providing both Marduk and the solo livestream viewer a clearer view of Asuka’s sexy black underwear.

As Asuka was forcibly awakened back to semi-consciousness, the look she gave Marduk was entirely different now. All defiance, cockiness and confidence had evaporated from the broken schoolgirl. The combined torment of the brute’s brutal foot stomp, his crazed aerial assault on her, and the electrical fence had finally destroyed the mental resilience from the once-confident schoolgirl.

Her eyes now exuded a pleading look at Marduk, begging him for the night’s torment to end. Asuka now knew she had no way of beating Marduk, and yearned only of escape from this nightmarish arena.

She was unable to communicate verbally – a silent testament to Marduk’s brutal rampage on her body that evening, in addition to the agonizing pain caused by the fence’s electrocution.

The only sounds released from her mouth – unwillingly – were soft moans and groans as her body continued to twitch and jiggle with the after-effect of the electrical shock. The 18-year old had never experienced such pain and agony in her entire life, and the training she had received under her father’s tutelage at the dojo never prepared her for such suffering and torment.

Through the pain wracking her whole body, Asuka begged painfully with her eyes at Marduk, pleading at him to end the night and his brutal assault and torture on her.

Please stop! The schoolgirl silently screamed at him through her thoughts, hoping her words would somehow telepathically transmit to the brute. I give up!

Marduk’s expression was impassive however, and she saw the awful brute cock his head to the side, as if hearing someone else. “Again?” he asked. He shrugged his massve shoulders visibly, and closed the gap between him and the defeated teenager bound to the fence.

Her eyelids fluttered further open as Marduk crouched very low. Asuka’s mouth dropped opened to form a silent scream of terror as she realised what Marduk was going to do next. Before the schoolgirl closed her eyes in pain for the final time that night, Asuka’s fledging vision provided her with the terrible and awful sight of Marduk sending his large, balled fist upwards into an uppercut – under the stretched pleats of her little black dress – and between her legs which were already spread and held forcibly apart by ropes.


Marduk carried the once-cocky, badly-beaten and broken schoolgirl in his arms as he walked through the alley. The early-morning breeze as he exited the alleyway folded Asuka’s pleated hemline over yet again, and he had another close-up view of the slinky black number she’d chosen to wear under her mini-dress for the Gala.

With a sigh, and an inner curse at all the idiotic and specific restrictions meant to contain him, he gently laid Asuka onto the longitudinal seat of the black stretch limousine that had appeared on cue, its rearmost door opening automatically as he approached the kerb.

In a rare moment of guilt and gentlemanliness, Marduk pulled Asuka’s hemline down to provide her some semblance of dignity, and pushed himself out of the limo. He took one last long look at the badly-defeated schoolgirl from Osaka, her exquisite chest still heaving rapidly within the tight confines of her black mini-dress’s V-shaped neckline, her slender long legs stretched out on the limo’s longitudinal bench-seat, her facial expression still wearing a grimace as the night’s torment and pain continued to attack her even though she was unconscious.

Tapping the roof of the expensive car with his fist, the limo’s rear door closed automatically, and the automobile smoothly drove off through the quiet early-morning streets of Shibuya.

It had been a long but rewarding night, and Marduk was now richer beyond his wildest dreams. He could not wait to collect his bonuses and celebrate his winnings, and once again walked back to the makeshift arena. Through his smartphone, he made sure that all the cameras had stopped streaming except for the final camera strapped to the side of his head.

Pulling off the harness, Marduk turned it around and spoke directly towards the camera lens, knowing the Ōnishi-gumi boss was still watching and listening.

“I’m done,” Marduk growled. “I hope you enjoyed your revenge, Lili. Do not forget my bonuses.”

The arrogant brat from Monaco gave him another one of her long, annoying and artificial laughs, then Marduk could hear her abruptly disconnect audibly from his earpiece.

“Your bonus is in here, neanderthal,” a familiar yet mocking voice suddenly called out from behind him.

Marduk stiffened, and turned around, facing the only door in this whole area. Hours ago, the “thief” whom Julia was chasing had disappeared into this very door.

However, instead of Marduk’s hired bag-snatcher, leaning against the door and holding a large metallic suitcase, was the figure of Anna Williams looking seductive as ever. She was wearing the same light-red halter gown at the Gala hours before, with a plunging neckline infinitely more daring than Asuka’s.

Unlike Asuka or even Julia, Anna was certainly a woman who knew how to accentuate her ample assets, and was not afraid of flaunting them openly. However, in contrast to the two young ladies he’d defeated that night, her gown ended at the ankles instead. But the dress also included a long slit down Anna’s right leg, which began very high above her thigh, teasing Marduk of hidden pleasures from within.

“I’ve heard that you’re the new owner of a penthouse at Roppongi Hills,” Anna continued slowly. Her sensual and flirtatious voice sending ripples of pleasure down Marduk’s back, as she held out the suitcase containing Lili’s cash bonuses to him. “How about a private re-match as a housewarming party? I promise I’ll lose again, just like our battle a couple of Tournaments back.”

Marduk smiled. He wouldn’t need to visit his new business at Kabuki-cho. Not immediately, at least.


Some notes regarding this fic:

- OL stands for “office lady”, basically the female version of “salaryman”.

- Ōnishi is written as 大西. It’s a somewhat-common surname, but also literally translates to “Big West”, which I felt was a fitting name for a criminal gang bought up by Lili. It also helps that Osaka is located hundreds of kilometres west from Tokyo, on Japan’s main island of Honshu.

- The stretch limo at the epilogue is not the same car which appeared in the prologue. The limo ferrying the unconscious and beaten Asuka belonged to the Rochefort family, and was driven by Sebastien.

This fic is inspired by all the amazing writers who have spent their time, energy and creativity to write the many excellent tales on this forum. I’d also like to thank AKR especially – the premise of my first fic (and this one!) was based off one of AKR’s multi-part Asuka stories written a few years ago.

If this fic read somewhat monotonously/similarly to my first fic, I do apologise. This is honestly my second-ever fic, and it was really difficult to formulate the words to describe a proper beatdown.

I hope to write a proper sequel in future – basically to follow what happens to Julia. I’ve just not been able to think of a fitting story moving forward.

Regardless, thanks for reading!

Asuka Kazama Ryona

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Mar 25, 2018
I really really enjoyed this!! Asuka is one of my absolute favorites and this ryona fic about her did not disappoint at all. While there were descriptions that repeated quite a bunch in the story. (especially the things about her dress), I recognize that some of these things might be personal preferences, like with how I really like doing belly punches over and over again. Also, these descriptions were nice! I’m definitely going to be rereading this fic to get inspiration from your descriptions of scenes. (I think that’s also how you can help yourself find more words to describe things! Reading stories in and out of this genre to see other people’s styles is something I find to be helpful.)


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Dec 10, 2021
Please write another Ryona story this time is Asuka Kazama against Bryan Fury. It has to be both violent and sexual.

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