Assassin's Creed Liberation HD


Ryonani Teamster
Jan 7, 2012
Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

Game info:

Publisher : Ubisoft
Release date : 15 January 2014
Genre : Action Adventure
Platforms : PS3 , Xbox 360 , PC

Female Characters

  • Aveline de Grandpré : The main protagonist of the game and the first female protagonist in the series , she is the daughter of a French man and an African woman , Her stepmother has taken care of her after her original mother disappeared

  • Madeleine de l'Isle : Aveline's stepmother , Aveline will fight her at the end of the game


  • Aveline has three personalities in the game which are the Assassin , the slave and the lady and she is dressed nicely in all of them , like any other AC game you can purchase additional costumes for each persona but all of them are nearly a re-color of the costumes


  • The attacks and animation is exactly like what you expect from an Assassin creed game and this game is nearly identical to ACIII in terms of attacks and animation , So far those below are the discovered unique ryona
Soldiers Grabs

Soldiers can grab you from behind if there is a shooter in the battle circle around you , As soon as the shooter draw his gun then a soldier near you may grab and trap Aveline using his weapon , So far I saw 3 types of that grab , one from the soldiers who hold a long rifle and the other is from a certain story character who holds a sword and he uses it to grab her from the neck and threaten her neck with the sword.

I made an album for other photos for those grabs here

AC Liberation Grabs - Imgur
The Alligators

Alligators can be found in the swamp and is encountered as a part of the main story , If Aveline failed in the QTE then the alligator would grab her by its mouth , trapping her between its teeth and then slams her to the ground , even though the attack itself doesn't have variations but there is variations in camera angles and it occurs randomly and as Assassin creed uses ragdoll engine then there is no constant outcome for the camera and sometimes no constant outcome for the way it attack Aveline so by using the ragdoll engine then the outcome everytime is different and it is either a good one with good animation and good closeups and camera angles or bad ones , I tried to put the great ones

I made an album for other photos for the alligator attacks here

AC Liberation Alligator - Imgur
The Bears

Ubisoft decided to make extra exclusives missions for the HD version and those missions are persona-specific meaning that there is 5 missions for each of Aveline persona and luckily one of them had Aveline go against a bear and more luckily she was in her lady costume in that mission , A group of men kidnaps her and she used the hidden blade to untie herself , then when she escape for their hideout she was welcomed with a surpirse which is a bear attacking her , If she failed in the QTE then the bear keeps punching/clawing her until she ran out of health and in that moment the bear begins to bite her fallen body and as I said in the previous alligator ryona , the ragdoll engine and the random variation of camera angles produces either good ones with good animation and good close ups or bad ones , so sometimes you will see the bear bites her neck , sometimes her chest/breasts , sometimes her belly , sometimes her waist and sometimes her legs , Here is some good pics that i got

I made an album for other photos for the bear attacks here

AC Liberation Bear - Imgur
The Ocelots

One of the additions of the HD version is the additions of new animals at the swamp other the alligator and they added the bear in the extra missions , So sometimes you will encounter an Ocelot that will run to attack Aveline as soon as it sees her , It will jump on her back tightly and starts biting her neck aggressively and when she runs out of health it will start to bite on her fallen body

Here is some pictures I grabbed for this ryona attack

While walking in the streets with the lady costume , sometimes you will encounter some men who you can call street thugs , if you had a conflict with them then they will circle you , one of their attacks had one of them grab Aveline tightly from behind in a reverse bearhug

  • When fighting Madeleine you can do any move to her like you are facing a normal enemy , one of Aveline special attacks that isn't present in other games is that she uses her whip to grab the enemy by the neck and pull him/her to Aveline
  • Sometimes when walking the streets wearing the lady costume , some street bad guys may grab Aveline's shoulder in order to rob her
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