CWF Easter’s Tag Team Match - The Digital Angels Vs The Succubus Aensland Sister


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Oct 19, 2015
The arena of CWF was slowly being filled with wrestling fans all over America, Every spot taken. Once the last spectator entered the arena, the doors closed and the lights above the audience dimmed. The arena walls were plastered with stickers of Easter eggs, rainbows and rabbits. The only light left were the spot-lights above the ring, shining down on a ring. Inside the ring was a referee wearing black and white stripes bikini with rabbit ears on her head. Soon Kasumi Asakura’s voice boomed through the arena.


Kari and Aelita skipped out of the backstage, both of them wearing nothing but pink wrestling boots and gloves. Their pink nipples were hard and hairy vaginas exposed, Kari’s was brunette while Aelita’s was pink. Behind them was Nikki, wearing blue Choi-sum and brown combat boots.

Kari and Aelita smiled as they waved at their cheering fans, walking to the ring with Nikki. When the reached the ring, Kari helped Aelita up onto the ring’s apron before Aelita grabbed hold of Kari’s hand and pulled her up onto the apron. The two of them ducked under the ropes and stood up straight, walking towards the centre of the ring. They stopped and began posing for their fans, the crowd going wild. When the cheering died down, Aelita and Kari retreated to their corner; Nikki standing behind them outside of the ring. Asakura’s voice boomed through the arena again.


Morrigan and Lilith slowly descended just at the entrance, wearing nothing but their wrestling boots and gloves. Morrigan wore pink and black wrestling boots and gloves while Lilith’s were crimson red. Their hairy vaginas were exposed, Morrigan’s was green while Lilith’s was pink. Both sisters had white toned body with biceps and six-packs although Lilith was slimmer than her older sister. They smiled and waved as they slowly hovered towards the ring, their wings behind their backs flapping gently.

They flew over the ropes and landed gently in the centre of the ring, smiling as they began posing sexually. Morrigan winked and threw air kisses while Lilith stretched her slim but toned body, making their fans cheer loudly for them. When the cheering died down, Morrigan remained in the ring as Kari approached her; Lilith and Aelita leaving the ring.

‘Are you sure you want to face me little thing?’ Morrigan mocked as Kari approached her. ‘I am a thousand years older than you.’

‘Nothing to brag about.’ Kari smirked. ‘It just shows that I’m fighting an old hag!’

Morrigan screamed with rage at the insult at the same time the bell rang. With unbelievable speed, Morrigan was in front of Kari; slamming her palm into her face before kicking her in the stomach. Kari gasped from the two attacks but managed to latch herself onto Morrigan’s leg, slamming an elbow onto her knee. The succubus gasped and grabbed Kari’s hair, slamming her face into the mat.

With Kari facing the mat, Morrigan grabbed both of Kari’s legs and sat on her back; bending the younger girl’s back in a double Boston crab hold. Kari screamed as she felt her spine on fire, grunting as she slowly made her way back to her corner. Before Morrigan could realise where they were in the ring, Kari desperately reached out and managed to tag with Aelita.

Aelita wasted no time to climb on top of the turnbuckle and leaping off it, hooking her arm on the back of Morrigan’s head and slamming her face-first into the mat in a bulldog. Morrigan screamed in surprise as she hold her face in pain while Kari groaned and crawled out of the ring. Morrigan let out a few gasps as Aelita stomped on her back before pulling her up onto her feet.

Aelita kneed the succubus in the stomach before hip-tossing her onto her back, making Morrigan screamed in pain. Aelita then dropped herself onto her back as she held Morrigan’s wrists, slamming her boots onto the succubus’ shoulders. She screamed as she yanked Morrigan’s arms towards her, stretching them hard. Morrigan screamed as her arms were being stretched and Aelita’s boots digging into her shoulder blades.

Aelita was so focussed on making Morrigan submit and the referee was busy checking whether Morrigan was all right the both of them failed to notice Lilith climbing on top of the turnbuckle, except for Kari. By the time time Kari shouted a warning to her friend, Lilith had already leapt off the turnbuckle and drop-kicked Aelita in the back of her head.

The pink-haired girl screamed and hold her head, releasing Morrigan and holding her head in pain. While the referee pushed Lilith out of the ring, Morrigan took this opportunity to pull Aelita up onto her feet. Ignoring the profanities coming out from Kari and Nikki’s mouths, Morrigan lifted Aelita up into the air and fell backwards, slamming Aelita onto her back.

As Aelita cried out and arched her back in pain, Morrigan got onto her feet and pushed the referee aside, tagging Lilith. Morrigan left the ring as Lilith climbed on top of the turnbuckle again, leaping off it and falling towards Aelita in a moon-sault. Only for Aelita to roll away at the last second and allowing Lilith to slam herself into the mat.

As the younger succubus howled in pain, Aelita got onto her knees and grabbed Lilith by the hair and pulled her on top of her. Aelita wrapped her arms around Lilith’s throat and wrapped her legs around her waist, crushing her in a sleeper hold and body scissor combo. Lilith’s eyes widened and she flailed her arms wildly as she was losing air, Aelita tightening her hold on the young succubus.

Before Lilith could tapped out and even though Morrigan just tagged with her younger sister, it did not stopped the older succubus from entering the ring and slide kicked the top of Aelita’s head. Aelita screamed and let go of Lilith, holding her head in pain and rolling away. Before Morrigan could continue her attack or before the referee could push the succubus out of the ring, Kari rushed into the ring and screaming in rage; drop-kicked Morrigan in the chest.

Morrigan screamed as she fell on her back, allowing Kari to get on top of her and began pummelling her face and breasts with her fists. Before the referee could pull Kari off Morrigan, Aelita and Lilith got onto their knees and began grappling each other; trying to push one of them down onto the mat. The hapless referee gave a look of resignation and made the signals that the match was now a tornado tag.

Kari pulled Morrigan up onto her feet and kneed her twice in the stomach before Morrigan grabbed hold of Kari’s hair, head-butting her in the face. Kari gasped and stumbled backwards, falling onto her bottoms. Lilith managed to push Aelita onto her back and began slamming her knee into her crotch, making Aelita screamed in both pain and arousal. At a sharp gasp, Aelita orgasmed all over Lilith’s knee and onto the mat. Morrigan meanwhile kicked Kari in the face, sending her into the mat.

Both sisters pulled their opponents up onto their feet and pushed them into the middle fo the ring, slamming their backs into each other. Morrigan and Lilith took a step back and at a nod, unleashed their signature tag team move. Using their super-natural speed, they slammed their fists into their opponents’, sending them stumbling in any directions but hitting them again before they could even fall onto the mat. After a few more punches and when Kari and Aelita were swaying groggily, Lilith and Morrigan delivered a high kick into their jaws while shouting their signature move.


Both Kari and Aelita simple yelped as they fell onto their back, eyes closed and lying in a eagle-spread position. Lilith and Morrigan smiled at each other before lying on top of their respective opponents, pink nipples pressed against one another. The two succubus locked lips with their opponents as they pinned them down, the referee beginning the count.

‘1…. 2…’

Aelita and Kari had their eyes opened and with a roar, they pushed both Lilith and Morrigan off them; breaking the pins and the kisses. Growling with rage, Morrigan slapped Kari’s face while Lilith pushed Aelita in the guts before pulling them up onto their feet. In unison, both sisters grabbed their opponents’ wrists and Irish whipped them towards each other; only for Kari and Aelita to reverse the move.

The two succubus screamed in surprise as it was them who collided into each other, their breasts and lips smashing into each other. Before the two sisters could break away from each other, Kari and Aelita grabbed the sisters by the heads and began slamming them into each other. Morrigan and Lilith screamed every time they heads smashed into each other and leaned onto each other as Aelita and Kari walked backwards into the ropes.

They rebounded from the ropes at the same time and ran back to their opponents, leaping into the air and slamming their boots into their backs while shouting out their Tag Team Signature move.


Sweat flew everywhere as Morrigan and Lilith’s bodies smashed into each other, forcing themselves into a kiss. Their eyes rolled back into their lids but before they could fall onto the mat, Kari and Aelita had pushed their hands in between their legs the moment they hit the mat. Placing their palms on their hard bellies, they rolled away from each other, lifted the succubus sisters into the air before slamming them into the mat. Both Morrigan and Lilith gasped in shock as the Digital Angels rolled their legs up, pinning them down. The referee began the count.

‘1… 2… 3!’

The bell rang as Aelita and Kari allowed Morrigan and Lilith’s legs to fall onto the mat, getting up onto their feet. They smiled at each other and pumped their fists into the air, embracing the cheering and name-chanting from the crowd. Asakura announced their names loudly.


Both Aelita and Kari gasped when somebody grabbed each other their wrists. They laughed when it was only Nikki who had rolled into the ring and joined in the celebrations, raising their hands high into the air as the crowd continuing cheering at them. When the cheering died down slowly, Nikki lowered Kari and Aelita’s hands; turning her attention to the two defeated succubus.

With a naughty grin, Nikki goes down onto her knees and slowly slid her fingers into Morrigan and Lilith’s vaginas. The succubus sisters moaned and gasped as Nikki’s fingers ventured deeper into their wet vaginas, the vampire grinning as she fingered both of them harder and faster.

‘Come on bitches.’ She taunted. ‘Admit that vampires are better than succubus.’

‘Not… Fair…’ Lilith moaned, drooling from her mouth. ‘You didn’t even fight…’

Nikki chuckled and shoved her fingers deeper into their vaginas, earning a sharp yelp from each of them. ‘What was that?’

Morrigan and Lilith both moaned louder as they felt Nikki’s fingers poking their sensitive spots, trying to control their climax. Unable to do so, both succubus yelped as they organised all over Nikki’s fingers and onto the mat while whimpering.

‘Vampires are better than succubus…’

Nikki smiled as she slowly pulled her fingers out from their vaginas, licking the cum off her fingers. She winked at Aelita and Kari. ‘Sorry if I stole your spoils of war but I could’t help myself. To make up for it, I will let you two do whatever you want with me all night.’

Kari smiled as Aelita helped Nikki up. ‘Sounds good. Come on, let’s head back.’

With all three holding hands, Kari, Aelita and Nikki left the ring and disappeared into the backstage. When all three of them were gone, CWF aides rushed into the ring and helped Morrigan and Lilith to the infirmary.
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