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An afternoon chat with Hotpants Raider

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Kiri-Ryona, Jul 28, 2013.

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    [We bring you the first quarter 2013 interview with Hotpants Raider, professional adventuress and explorer, as printed in the April edition of Galleria XXX adult entertainment magazine, and conducted by the distinguished Andrea Winters.]


    Andrea Winters reporting to you from Galleria XXX Studios, where we conducted an interview with Hotpants Raider, a British professional archealogist, one of Millennium City's newer superheroines, best known for her crime-fighting escapades clad in little more than a pair of hot pants. We recently caught up with her for a detailed tell-all, and asked all the questions you wanted us to ask, but boy did we get our money's worth! We present the interview with the real Hotpants Raider; the side you were all hoping for, so wait no more...



    Galleria: Welcome Hotpants Raider to Galleria XXX Studios, finest purveyors of adult entertainment here in Millennium City. It's good to meet you.

    HR: Thank you and likewise, Andrea. Good to be here.

    Galleria: Our readers count among them a good number of your fans, and they’re full of questions. So if you’re good with it, we’d like to get right to them, Hotpants- you don’t mind if I call you Hotpants, do you?

    HR: Not at all, the name is what I’m all about these days, obviously.

    Galleria: I sure can't argue that. Alright. First of all, the stories say you’re not from this world?

    HR: Correct, in basic terms. To be more detailed, I’m from another version of Earth.

    Galleria: Another version of Earth?

    HR: Well, it’s what science fiction has been covering for years now, that there are other realities where events went differently. The timeline of history is different somehow. For example, in another alternate Earth, your President Kennedy was never assassinated.

    Galleria: Kennedy is alive on your Earth?

    HR: Um, no- I was just using that as an example. Unfortunately he’s deceased on my Earth as well, but so the theory goes, there may be other Earths where he never died.

    Galleria: Other Earths? How many more?

    HR: An infinite number, each a bit different than the last, according to cutting edge science.

    Galleria: An infinite number? Mind-blowing.

    HR: Exactly. While no one knows if there’s really an infinite number, several are known. Now, in my world- my Earth- the Kroft family…my father, myself, and my sisters are all professional archaeologists and explorers.

    Galleria: So how did you get here?

    HR: Long story, but it was one of the artifacts I recovered that sent me to another Earth- not this one, which they call Primal Earth.

    Galleria: So what’s different about that Earth? It’s not one of those zombie or dinosaur-infested places, like in the movies is it? I mean, going by the name.

    HR: Well no (laughs), there’s a few parts of it where that’s true. But one of the biggest differences is old Detroit was never destroyed there, hence no Millennium City. Instead, there’s a huge metropolis called Paragon City, right about where Providence, Rhode Island normally is. That's the big city of heroes there, that’s where they base themselves, like in Millennium.

    Galleria: Wow.

    HR: Yeah. So anyway, in Paragon there’s a company called Portal Corp. that has opened portals to many worlds, and it’s how I got to this Earth.

    Galleria: I see. So what’s going on back on this Primal Earth right now?

    HR: No idea. Primal Earth is unreachable right now through the portals they experiment with in this city.

    Galleria: Unreachable? You mean you can’t go back there?

    HR: Correct. Not right now.

    Galleria: Any idea why not?

    HR: No idea.

    Galleria: So including anything else, you're fighting crime here in the city?

    HR: Yes. Mostly down in Westside, taking down some of the gangs and street thugs.

    Galleria: Seems like an abrupt change from archeology and recovering lost artifacts.

    HR: True, but my years doing what I've done, I'm fought my share of thugs and competitors, so I've got the skills in hand-to-hand and firearm training that I need to handle them here. Plus, a lot of people said I've pretty much worn a superheroine outfit anyway.

    Galleria:Some of the veteran heroines here have commented you're just taking on the 'newbie' parts of the city- not handling the real super-powered villains.

    HR: I never said I was fantastic at it, all I'm doing is lending my skills to keep sharp between my expeditions.

    Galleria: Okay. So by now you’ve been here in our city long enough that our readers know what you do and how you do it. But Hotpants, in this interview we’d really like to cover the biggest nagging question that your public, at least certainly our readers, has about you.


    HR: Which is?

    Galleria: Bluntly put, why the career change? These days, it’s not just the short shorts, it’s lots of naked tits with every adventure, and there’s a lot more failure as well.

    HR: Correct.

    Galleria: Not to mention some pretty violent injuries.

    HR: Yes.

    Galleria: Not to mention a good amount of crotch hits-

    HR: Yes, the cunt busts. That's pretty much my signature move now.

    Galleria: We understand that made the tabloids after a few run-ins with the crooks in Westside.

    HR: Right. Several of them got the jump on me about a month ago. I caught a baseball bat in the crotch.

    Galleria: Ouch.

    HR: No kidding. I'm still a little swollen and throbbing from that.

    Galleria: It seems like you're sort of...higher than average on that now.

    HR: True, but after the first couple of times it happened, I've generally got them aiming for my crotch now. But then I understand you've got some female crime-fighters here that get that pretty much every week.

    Galleria: Kiri.

    HR: Yeah, the slave girl that runs around in metal restraints and her knickers. Uses a sword.

    Galleria: Yes, we're well familiar with her. If the city's got a cunt-bust queen it's definitely her. Alright, so regarding that- I'd like to ask a personal question on that, if I can.

    HR: How personal?

    Galleria: Well, very personal.

    HR: Alright, I think I know where this is going, but go ahead.

    Galleria: Alright. [starts a clip on a wall monitor, showing Hotpants Raider missing a jump in a dimly-lit corridor, her fingers barely grab the edge of a pit as the floor collapses beneath her. After falling, she comes to a landing among some rusted and needle-sharp spikes, one of which has punctured the crotch of her short shorts with a forceful spurt of blood. Pinned atop the spike, her body jerks in spasm, the camera zooming in on her gruesome injury, then panning up to show her face. With her lips parted in wide 'O' her expression is difficult to tell if it's pain or pleasure. The video comes to a freeze frame on the image.]

    Right there- Most of our readers that responded on a poll on the website said that was an orgasm.

    HR: (pauses and bites her lip, looking at the floor before taking a slow breath). They're right. I got off on it.

    Galleria: The spike punctured your genitals, and you still got off on it?

    HR: Yes...

    Galleria: So, all the tomb raiding has become a sexual thing for you now?

    HR: Mostly, yes.

    Galleria: Then, there's a major transition here, in the past few years.

    HR: I think that's quite fair to say. Yes.

    Galleria: You've gone from very professional dungeon-crawling to- well....a whole lot of smut. Don't get me wrong here, we at Galleria XXX are all about smut.

    HR: Of course. I've paged through enough of your magazines to know you pretty much put the filth in smut.

    Galleria: Well, thanks. I guess we can call that a compliment.

    HR: Oh, it was. Galleria XXX doesn't limit itself. That's why I said yes to this interview.

    Galleria: Thanks again, so now about this career transition.

    HR: Alright, I won’t make excuses here. I’ve been doing this sort of thing publicly since 1996- in my world, even longer if you count my earlier work before I started making the papers. I’m well past forty now, and even though all the tabloids seem to agree my figure is still good, even the gossips know the truth is that my body is giving out. I’m not as fast as I was a few years ago, I can’t leap as far, or any of that. A lot of the stunts I pulled in the late 90’s would probably get me killed now. I work out all the time, but my muscle tone just isn’t what it was, and I just can’t fight that good anymore.

    Galleria: Stop there- you do realize all your enemies will probably be reading this article as well?

    HR: Yes, I’m aware of that. What about it?

    Galleria: Well, this sure sounds like a public admission of your weakness. Certainly your enemies would be glad to learn this. Are you sure you consent to this interview? Your contract still specifies room to back out.


    HR: Yes, I consent to it- the interview I mean. And yes…I, Hotpants Raider am absolutely and publicly admitting my weakness, to all my enemies, even at the risk of my enemies using it against me.

    Galleria: Mind if we ask why?

    HR: Look, I’ve had a lot of success over the years, and I’ve known for a while that eventually I’d reach the point where I need to retire from the big, public stuff, or take a serious risk at defeat. And I’m just not ready to retire yet.

    Galleria: So you’re still willing to take the risks?

    HR: Well as everyone knows, back in 1996 it was my initial meeting with Jacqueline Natla that got me started in that whole business down in the ruins of Vilcabamba in Peru. And the moment I met Natla I said to myself, watch it Lara because here’s a woman that’s going to be the ruin of you, if you’re not careful. After several more run-ins, I knew for a fact that eventually she was going to defeat me. Jacqueline is smarter and more resourceful that I am, she's stronger than I am...especially now. And frankly, she’s just better than I am.

    Galleria: Go on.

    HR: The point is, as I’ve said I know it’s coming and I know it’s inevitable. So what I’m really trying to say is that at this point, I’m ready for it. I’m ready to be defeated, and when Jacqueline’s final plans for me come into play, I’ll accept whatever I’ve got coming.

    Galleria: Even death? We've heard Natla wants to kill you.

    HR: Yes, even death, because honestly she’s been my greatest nemesis for years, and it would be an honor to accept a final defeat at her hands. I’ve always wanted vengeance for the death of my father, but now I know I’ll never beat her. I can set her back good, ruin her plans, but she always comes back. I can only wait for her to beat me, but the truth is she’s told me more than once that death is too good for me- she….she’s got something much worse planned for me. And that’s been a tantalizing morsel.

    Galleria: What’s been tantalizing?

    HR: The fact that she’s got something big planned for me. A crushing and humiliating defeat, as she put it.

    Galleria: Any idea what it is?

    HR: No, but it’s going to be terrible, and as I said whatever it is I’ll accept it.

    Galleria: So, what's desirable about that exactly?

    HR: The fact that my defeat is going to be crushing and humiliating. I really, truly want to suffer that at Jacqueline's hands.

    Galleria: So, if it really is inevitable and you want it that badly, isn't it better to just get it over with?

    HR: Honestly, I've considered that. It would be an easy thing to just hand myself over to Natla, and it would be nice and public, and the humiliation is going to be extreme. And that's good- the humiliation I mean, because my final defeat should rightly be complete. But we've been at this cat and mouse for seventeen years now, and whatever final story there is left there, it needs to play out.

    Galleria: So, with the newer and skimpier costume, you’re really making a big target out of yourself, aren’t you?

    HR: Yes, that’s part of it.

    Galleria: What’s the other part?

    HR: Look, ever since the first papers covered me, everyone’s praised my wins. The Atlantean Scion. The Spear of Destiny. The Obscura Paintings. But the thing is, after the articles fade on my latest find, they’re always left waiting for the next big act. The only thing that stays consistent is the very personal questions. What is she wearing? Did you see her latest costume? Just how short and tight are her shorts- and let’s not forget the biggest one of all, look how big her boobs are.

    Galleria: And that's bothered you?

    HR: Well of course it bothered me. Wouldn’t it bloody well bother you?

    Galleria: Point, but what about now? That costume you’re wearing right now leaves very little to the imagination.

    HR: Yes, not very much at all. Agreed. What do you think of it? (uncrosses her legs and slides forward in the chair, lifting her hips a bit off the seat cushion, giving the studio a very good view of her personal assets)

    Galleria: It’s great. Very sexy.

    HR: Thank you. Think it's sexy enough to make for good, scandalous defeat on my next mission?

    Galleria: You really do want this bad, don't you?

    HR: Oh yes.

    Galleria: Now you told us what the personal questions are- how everyone wants to see how tight and short your shorts are, and just how big your boobs are.

    HR: Yes, that’s right.

    Galleria: So, for the sake of our readers, you’re wearing a pair of shorts that really couldn’t get any tighter or shorter. Very retro, looks like 80’s styling. They’re red, looks like they’re satin-


    HR. High-gloss nylon running shorts. Late 1970's vintage- very girly, and very impractical for what I do. And no, they’re not really going to get much shorter, or tighter. I made sure of that.

    Galleria: So, not so much with the little khaki bun-huggers that you made famous in your earliest adventures and video games?

    HR: Right, I've mostly retired those. I kept a few, but I think your Smithsonian has the original pair I wore in Peru. I've got sizable stock in these tight, slippery little things; they're a lot thinner, so I get some extreme panty lines from that. Different colors too, but I've grown a preference for the cherry red ones.

    Galleria: So, you're try to produce more panty lines in your outfit?

    HR: For the ratings, yes.

    Galleria: Any other colors you prefer?

    HR: Well, the white ones are good too. White, or even silver, with either some gold or black striping. What the producers like is they show up bloodstains a lot more. When one of my expeditions is rated as extreme-risk for injury, I usually pull a pair out.

    Galleria: (glancing down at Hotpant's legs) And high, black patent leather boots-

    HR: With stiletto heels.

    Galleria: Right. Don't really seem to be the most practical footwear for an ancient Inca city or tomb.

    HR: Absolutely not, but the important thing is they keep my arse firmly up in the air and out, the nylon shorts gleaming on it- for the viewing pleasure of my audience of course.

    Galleria: Of course, but probably puts you in an even more vulnerable position.

    HR: Yes, and how good that is for me.

    Galleria: Hmm, perhaps you might just want to put a bulls-eye right on the seat of those shorts.

    HR: That's actually not a bad idea-

    Galleria: And right now, above those shorts, you’re wearing-

    HR: Nothing.

    Galleria: So right now you’re bare-breasted.

    HR: Correct.

    Galleria: Those boobs are pretty darned big, and they’re just hanging out.

    HR: Last I checked.

    Galleria: Should we describe them for our reader base?

    HR: Oh, I think everyone knows what they look like at this point.

    Galleria: Agreed. And even if someone out there hasn’t seen them, you’ve got an upcoming centerfold and possible exposé in the works?

    HR: I’m not at liberty to say right now.

    Galleria: We’ve noticed you’re wearing lipstick, and more makeup in general on your expeditions now.

    HR: Yes, I’ve found it to advantage for my PR if I 'doll up' more often. My public likes to see me look good when I take a good beating.

    Galleria: We checked with the Millennium City heroes’ database. You’re officially registered as Hotpants Raider now.

    HR: That right, I am. These shorts that you pointed out; they’re a permanent fixture on my arse now, so the name is pretty apt I’d say.

    Galleria: We agree. Rumor has it the media gave you that name.

    HR: No, actually it was my idea. Millennium is a city full of heroes and heroines, and most of them seemed to have special names, just like in the comics. I operate out of here much of the time, so it made sense.

    Galleria: Other than that, the basic ruin raiding gear is pretty much the same?

    HR: Pretty much. I'm still the best shot with the pistols, so I've got a pair in the hip holsters as always, and probably a shotgun and backpack behind me. Often a hands-free comm unit and the goggles are low-light capable.

    Galleria: Seems there would be some difficulty juggling two or more guns, and all that ammo. Or maybe some of the other gear?

    HR: The guns are all built for lightweight performance, everything is made easy and quick to use. Actually, the short shorts are the most difficult piece of gear I have.

    Galleria: Really?

    HR: These are made tight-fitting to start with, but I always wear them at least two sizes too small. They're bloody difficult to get in and out of.

    Galleria: Seems to be the definition of impractical.

    HR: Absolutely, but in all my high-profile expeditions, one of Kroft Technologies biggest advancements is the Mk. VII Stealth HoverCam. It floats a bit behind me, as you well know, and maintains a live view of what I'm doing. My ass is always visible in the camera, so I made sure it looks good, you see.

    Galleria: Of course. So those shorts really are that much of a pain-

    HR: A real pain in the arse, in every way possible. The elastic is always pinching between my legs, and it's more than a little hard to walk right in them, since the fabric is so tight it's always riding up in my arse. The main thing is that the shorts take twice as long to pull on as it takes me to get all the rest of the gear on.

    Galleria: Understood. So, what’s the plan with this? You’ve run your last three expeditions dressed in that, isn’t that right?

    HR: Correct.

    Galleria: A little dangerous, wouldn’t you say? Is that the point?

    HR: Yes, that’s the point. Exactly.

    Galleria: And this is part of the ready for defeat thing, right?

    HR: Yes, that’s right.

    Galleria: Explain for our readers, if you don’t mind, please.

    HR: Well, you’ve just given your readers a pretty good description of how I’m dressed, so tell me what you think. Next week I’ll be off for another run through Patagonia, I can’t say much about it until it’s ready to air on cable, but what do you think my chances are?

    Galleria: Dressed like that?

    HR: Yes, dressed like this.

    Galleria: Not very good I think.

    HR: That’s right, not very good at all. Look- my fan base likes to see me dressed like this; I get it, sex sells. But some of them expect me to face my biggest dangers like this, and sex and violence sells even better. And it definitely betters my chances of getting into big trouble.

    Galleria: And you are going to deliver on that?

    HR: If you asked me that four years ago, I would have said no way. But all this danger- the traps, the wild beasts, and the armed thugs. Frankly it’s a thrill. It always has been for me, but once I lost much of my clothing in a few sticky situations, I realized it’s all even more exciting when I’m wearing almost nothing. And it’s what the fans want to see too. Sometimes I miss a jump, and get a spike in me somewhere. Everyone seems to like it better if I do that topless.

    Galleria: And your latest appearances have rated better than ever.

    HR: My point. Ultimately I have a business to run, selling me, and this has been a real money maker.

    Galleria: And this is what you're selling now. Hotpants Raider- stripped down, vulnerable and ready to be defeated.

    HR: Yes, and that's not too bad of a tag line for a spur of the moment first try.

    Galleria: So you gradually worked your way into doing it this way now. Was there a point where you knew you had to do this, or wanted to do this?

    HR: Both actually. Had to and wanted to, I mean. It was around the time I was involved in a big expedition on the Mediterranean, in 2009, that I ran afoul of Amanda Evert again. I was investigating a sea cave in the Greek Isles when Amanda caught up to me. She’d beaten me, she’d beaten me bad, and she shamed me good.

    Galleria: What happened?

    HR: She beat the living crap out of me until I was too weak to put up a fight, and then she stripped me down to just my shorts. There was a long moment in that cave- and I’ll never forget this, where she had me bent over, almost on all fours. I was doubled over, which my bum up in the air. There was the loud click of a trigger and I felt a firm pressure on my bum. Amanda had put the gun to the crotch of my shorts.

    She held it there for a long time. I was just a slight squeeze of her finger from having a bullet flown up my cunt. Amanda extended the moment; I think I was there like that, waiting to die for almost ten minutes. Finally she lowered the gun a bit and fired into the ground below me. I jumped so badly that I pissed my shorts right then and there. Amanda got a good long laugh over that.

    Point is, she’d defeated me and she’d humiliated me. I’d never been so terrified and so helpless before- I’d never been…so humiliated, but I’d never been so thrilled either!

    Galleria: And that’s the point where you wanted to experience that again?

    HR: Oh yes, at all costs.

    Galleria: And that’s the tone of things since. The latest expeditions have gotten increasingly violent, haven’t they?

    HR: Yes they have. Very violent.

    Galleria: There was that incident overseas, where you were allegedly captured and tortured.

    HR: There isn’t any alleged about it; I was tortured.

    Galleria: Also, rumors say you were raped as well.

    HR: I was raped. Yes.

    Galleria: Do you have a problem talking about this?

    HR: No, I’m fine with it.

    Galleria: But you’re still going to do this?

    HR: Yes. I got myself raped and tortured once, so at this point it’s almost definitely going to happen again. Especially after this interview goes to print and DVD.

    Galleria: You made that sound like you arranged that for yourself.

    HR: Look at the way I’m dressed now. Would you say I’m asking for it if I got captured?


    Galleria: Well- definitely.

    HR: And there we have it.

    Galleria: So, is this an invitation to your enemies then?

    HR: If you like. I know some of them will see it that way, and that’s fine.

    Galleria: But over the years, you've invested a great deal of personal fortune into your adventures.

    HR: Millions of pounds, yes.

    Galleria: So, now we're talking way more defeats than successes. You're coming home now, sore and wounded from rape or torture, but empty-handed...no more big artifacts recovered.

    HR: What it comes down to is I've found gratification in defeats that not even my best and most lucrative tomb expeditions really can't hope to match. Plus, given this is what the fan base wants, I'm actually bringing in more money now, publicizing my next big defeat.

    Galleria: So what about your work with the other girls?

    HR: Other girls?

    Galleria: Yes, the team members on the Incompetent Three.

    HR: Wait- you mean that Amazon and the blonde slut-

    Galleria: Yes, Star Pants and Kiri-

    HR: Look, we’re not part of a league of heroines, or anything like that. That’s your media tabloids talking there.

    Galleria: We found no records of it in the city heroes’ registry.

    HR: I don’t know what those two have going, other than that raunchy porno they shot together this year, but it doesn’t involve me.

    Galleria: So you’re not doing pornos then?

    HR: Oh, I’ll probably do one at this point, but nothing like those two did. I mean, Star Pants does dogs on a regular basis, and Kiri gets it on with really depraved things in the Qliphothic Realm. It’s not like I’m getting into anything like that- I mean, I’m not going looking for it anyway.

    Galleria: Star Pants has actually got promoters now that are arranging her upcoming defeats, and these get filmed and go directly to adult DVD. Are you interested in anything like that?

    HR: Well, just between Jacqueline and Amanda alone, I’ll have enough trouble looking for me that I probably won’t have to have anything arranged. As far as the filming goes, who knows? Maybe that’s part of Jacqueline’s plans, once she finally has me.

    Galleria: What's maybe part of her plans?

    HR: Filming it- my final defeat, I mean.

    Galleria: So, we're talking what- just televising your defeat, or something very involved and more like the pornos Star Pants does?

    HR: Probably more like a Star Pants porno, yeah. If you watch that girl in action, she's really enjoying her defeats.

    Galleria: And given the chance, you might enjoy your own defeat scenario?

    HR: Oh yeah. I bloody would.

    Galleria: So you're saying if Jacqueline arranged your defeat like Star Pants' promoters are doing hers, you'd accept that?

    HR: Truthfully, if Jacqueline arranged something like that, I'd likely be so completely helpless that I wouldn't have a choice, but I'd cooperate completely with her.

    Galleria: So you're saying in that situation you'd go meekly to your fate?

    HR: I'm not sure I'd word it that way, but yes, I'd offer no resistance whatsoever.

    Galleria: Honestly, that doesn't sound like the Hotpants Raider from just a few years ago.

    HR: No, but that Hotpants Raider hadn't tasted defeat yet, and didn't understand what complete helplessness is.

    Galleria: And what is it exactly for you?

    HR: The influence and power that Jacqueline wields- the sheer trivialities and cruelties she can arrange for a defeat for one of her longest adversaries, that and the fact she's more than sinister and cold-heated enough to carry it out. That's worth more than a hundred million pounds- I mean, it's so easy for her to defeat me now...that kind of defenselessness, total helplessness- difficult to describe the bitter-sweetness of it. Not for all the money in the world would I pass that up.

    Galleria: So if you could negotiate on that arrangement, what would you want to include?

    HR: I'll be blunt. I have watched some of those DVD's Star Pants did, and she gets damn near tortured to death in every one of them. I'd want something that involved heavy torture as well.

    Galleria: So we're clear on this, you'd want torture content with you as the victim?

    HR: Absolutely. I'd want to be the torture victim.

    Galleria: So, you're up for a hardcore S&M situation?

    HR: Way more than that. If you look at what Star Pants does, no safe words, no chance of help or escape. Absolutely helpless every time. If I'm going to face that, Jacqueline must be able to defeat me- completely. No safety nets for this.

    Galleria: Brutal.

    HR: Honey, everything I've done so far involves the very real chance of brutal injury and death. The crushing ball traps. Slicing blades or spike traps. The Lost Valley that was full of flesh-rending dinosaurs. The appalling but thrilling things the organic flesh technology of ancient Atlantis can do to a body. I wouldn't want to change that now, especially when facing a well-earned defeat.

    Galleria: Understood- So, any interest at all in doing a porno with those girls? Kiri and Star Pants of course.

    HR: Probably not.

    Galleria: A lot of people have made the observation that you all wear pretty much the same kind of costume, that maybe you should be on a team.

    HR: Well, not exactly. I’ve worn latex or PVC hot pants, but with those two you’re talking bondage gear, and rubber or plastic undies. I mean, Sapphire is right- they’re just costumed bondage whores registered with the heroes’ database. They're total perverts.

    Galleria: Pretty harsh criticism of them.

    HR: I don’t think so. Those two are downright bints, but both of them seem to have some sort of curse or destiny hanging over them, and they have my sympathies there. I mean, I've got a ton of wins in my career- how many do they have?

    Galleria: Really none that I'm aware of.

    HR: Point.

    Galleria: You've just given a public admission you want to be trussed up helpless and topless in your short shorts, tortured without limits. You wouldn't say you're a pervert as well?

    HR: Well, yes I'm a pervert too.

    Galleria: But of the two of them, I'd agree on Kiri, but Star Pants has more of legit superheroine costume, don't you think?

    HR: Well, for her it's those nice tight, slick rubber pants- and those are definitely hot, but come on, you know she totally gets off on having that big star right smack on the crotch of those things. And even if she didn't her fans do.

    Galleria: So then, you don't get off wearing your hot pants, and your fans aren't perverts either?

    HR: Well- alright.

    Galleria: But now, all three of you are working toward the same end, right? You're all waiting to be defeated, and you all want to go out hard.

    HR: Well- yeah, true, that's a good point. I suppose that's something we could all work together on at some point. We'll see.

    Galleria: Like a big, mass defeat and torture movie for the three of you?

    HR: Well see, but that does sound rather exciting.

    Galleria: You've pretty much dropped the gauntlet, so far as Jacqueline Natla is concerned. Anything you like to add for her benefit?

    Galleria: (looks directly at camera) Call me Jacqueline. I'm positive we can work something out that's highly satisfying for the both of us.

    Galleria: Anything else you want to state for our general readers?

    HR: No, unless you have more specific questions, I think that covers it.

    Galleria: Nope. You’ve answered everything we wanted to know very nicely. Thank you for coming out today, Hotpants.

    HR: My pleasure.

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