Neko girl static hair!

Just a simple static hair mod from the image I use as my profile picture. It is actually meant to depict a member of the Miqo'te race in Final Fantasy XIV, but feel free to see it as just a generic cat girl hair mod :)


As promised, here is the static hair version with whiskers included! Have fun :D


DISCLAIMER: The art for this static hair mod is NOT mine. I have edited, cropped, and reshaped the image in order to better fit into Super Deepthroat but the original artwork can be found here.


P.s.: I am accepting requests for static hair mods! If you have any feel free to send me a message and I'll see what I can do.
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  1. New hair version! (Whiskers)

    Features: - New Cat Girl static hair version (with whiskers!)

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can you pass the character code please uwu

PS: great job, very exquisite -w-
Hello! The character code includes custom backgrounds and clothing mods so I'm not sure how useful that would be for you. Regardless, I would be happy to dm you the code if you want me to :)
I thought it looked like the generic Miqo'te ponytail everyone uses, turns out I was right :P

Overall it's nice, though the frontal hair strand being awkwardly bent forwards looks a bit off on a static hair. Also, version with the 'whiskers' would be nice :3
Thanks for your review! I couldn't change the bent hair strand without distorting the pixels so I decided to just leave it as is, to avoid it looking blurry. I might make a version with the whiskers later :)