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  1. NiteGuardian

    Ayane's Butterfly Dress + Nudity 1.0

    This Pack Includes: Ayane's classic Butterfly Dress in both Purple and White with Pantyless, Topless+Pantyless, and Nude but with Bow, with an added alternate White for Kasumi.
  2. Crafted-Lightning

    Nier Automata - 2B Partial nude mod

    Download off of my DeviantArt: Mod-Nier Automata-2B partially nude First of all I apologise to those who were asking me to make this mod, it took longer to come out as I had to go away for a week on the 17th (the games release date). This was also a lot harder to make than I had first...
  3. NiteGuardian

    Hitomi's Denim Jeans + Nudity 1.2

    This Pack Includes: Shirtless with Jacket, Fully Topless, and Nude with Gloves/Shoes/Belt for Hitomi and for LeiFang since they are tag partners.
  4. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Weekly Nakedness Mods (April 29, Update)

    TL;DR Version - I will be releasing new DOA Mods that replace the base game Costumes with a bit of Nudity in them, once a week until the end of the year (2017), I may miss a few weeks along the way, but will have a double post next time when I do. Long Version - Permissions Info: You Can use...
  5. NiteGuardian

    LeiFang's Cheongsam + Nudity 1.0

    This Pack Includes: Pantyless Dress and Nude with Heels and Cuffs in 5 colors for Leifang and in 2 colors for Hitomi, since they are Tag partners.
  6. G

    Bless Online Mod

    I was wondering if anyone knows of or could make a semi-nude mod for this game (Bless | Политика. Власть. Сила | Построй свою империю в новой революционной MMORPG). Although right now it's accessible only through Korean servers and Russian Open Beta, you can log in quite easily with a free vpn...
  7. Vergil

    Harley Quinn classic nude 1.0

  8. Naduron

    Black Desert - Loli Classes

    Tamer Made a Loli Tamer, i still don't know how to reduce her breats size tho :( It comes with 2 different types of bodies, i was to lazy to take screenshots of both :p these pictures are from "Child tamer 01" You can have the black desert's cutest loli ever here: Tamer - Loli.rar...
  9. Vergil

    Would you support me (Vergil) on Patreon for doing nudemods?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering if you would support me for doing nudemods. If yes, of course I would do more nudemods then usually. I would also invest the money to find a programmer that would create a software to change 3D models in all the latest games. And I would create a new Patreon page...
  10. Yaseeda

    Fiesta Online Nude mod 0.99 (+1.01) 2017-01-24

    Works for any bikini suit (3 parts one). Edit: Version 1.01 goes live, download here: nudemod1.01.rar
  11. suzu ( 鈴 )

    Black Desert Online - Outfit and Other Costume Mods by Suzu 2018/2/17

    Modified texture of black desert outfit and armor costume. for Meta Injector Reloaded 2.0e by BlackFireBR Meta Injector Reloaded I divided the futanari file and the non stocking texture into separate folders
  12. suzu ( 鈴 )

    Black Desert Online -Nude body, Costume Mods for Meta Injector by Suzu

    Last UPDATE 2020/1/26 Edit : 2020/2/1 It is a folder of my black desert from the beginning of the modification to the present. for Meta Injector What you need to make your character nude 1. Modified partcutdesc.xml  Paz\files_to_patch\character\partcutdesc.xml 2. Modified texture (the...
  13. suzu ( 鈴 )

    Black Desert Nude Skins & 3D body for Meta Injector by Suzu

    EDIT by moderator: Based on suzu's comment in post #1618, I am locking this thread. If @suzu wants it unlocked, he can send me a private message. Other requests to unlock the thread will be ignored. Very respectfully, fleet (global moderator) update5 (2017.7.20) Finally it was done. I made...
  14. G

    Help updating Archeage Nudemod for Revelations races.

    Hey, I'm pretty nooby at this stuff, but I've managed to extract the folder system from the Game_pak by using a program called quick BMS and a script I found being passed around on some forum. I used gimp to edit the .dds normal maps to something resembling nudity, but now I'm having trouble...
  15. K

    revelation online nude mod/armor mod request

    title says it all. game isnt really out yet in NA (tho they did start beta) but its been out a while in china. Or if somoene has a link to a chinese nude patch that'd be great! EDIT: See posts below for link to game's web site and screen shots.
  16. Crafted-Lightning

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3-Tashigi new world torn nude mod

    Download the mod off of my DeviantArt here: Mod-OPPW3-Tashigi new world torn nude The mod is for Tashigi's new world outfit, I have torn both top and trousers making her chest, butt and vagina exposed. Also drawn over some of the images of her so they are now nude. Full details on DeviantArt.
  17. Vergil

    Tomb Raider - Tight, see-through and torn 0.9

    At the beginning of the game Lara's shirt is only tight and see-through. At the last part of the game it will be torn so it uncovers one breast. I couldn't find one texture due to texmod/game crash. So the uncovered breast is not finished, but I think it's okay though. You will need to force...
  18. Crafted-Lightning

    Final Fantasy 13 Fang nude mod

    Download off of my DeviantArt Mod-FF13-Fang nude, torn clothes V2 Uses Texmod but I had a problem running in fullscreen, I've made a guide on my other DeviantArt how to run in fullscreen but mine didn't work like it should, but it may work for you. Final Fantasy 13 with Texmod + fullscreen
  19. Gone4Good

    Divinity 2 nude mod (blonde) 1.01

    Nude Mod For Divinity 2 Way back in the day, fleet made a nude mod for Divinity 2. I made a blonde version. I made the pubes light blonde, changed the belt and fingernails to pink, made the nipples a little lighter, and smoothed out a few lines. Not all but some. A little in the boob area...
  20. Zoro

    One Piece Burning Blood

    One piece burning blood is finally out on pc, hopefully someone starts making some mods. I have already found an unpacker and a subforum. Unpacker: Subforum: Oops, there was an error! | Anime Game Mods Image from: RedHawkMan on DeviantArt
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