nude mod

  1. xxsjxx

    NieR: Automata 2B DLC nude mod (Resorepless)

    Assuming people still play this game and have the DLC. lol Yeah I know crafted-lighting made one but I was working on this already, might as well release it. Made a nude mod based off maliwei777 's partial nude mod, hope that's ok. Lots of trial and error but I got it working with some...
  2. superlativo

    Black Desert Online Costume/Body mod MetaInjector

    Im very new in modding I just start to make something interesting. Not too much materials for now, but i like to play with 3dsmax (and learn) during long session of processing in black desert. I like mod costumes i own in game. What you need for use this pac files, is Meta Injector -Tamer Body...
  3. D

    Blade and Soul Nude mod for vagina/anus

    Can some one make a nude mod for Blade and Soul that shows not only just nipples, but a vagina and anus as well for all female races, preferably Gon. i am aware there are already nude mods, but... As you can see from the uploaded images, the most important part is missing...
  4. The ZTS

    Star Trek Online Nude Mods: "The Nudist Generation" Edition 3.5.3 - Age of Uncovering

    YOUR SEXY MAINTAINERS Clamman5 - The wizard who did most of the heavy lifting, props to he who props up boobies The ZTS - The analyst, packager, and announcer of nudes, and maintainer of changes Daedalus - The inkmaster and the gatekeeper (;p), probably the most aggressive bug-hunter out there...
  5. spawn90

    Tekken 7 nude mod request

    Hey all i am wondering if anyone will be making a nude mod for the female characters in tekken 7 at all i know it came out last week just wondering if anyone has or will be making any Edit: Screenshots are at Tekken 7 nude mod request
  6. Shinmauru

    *REQ* Are you ready for a new fighting game? Tekken 7 hits steam soon!

    I have been waiting for this release for a while. Especially as a member on this site. I love Tekken girls. It's one thing to have the lovely girls of Tekken run around in bikinis. It's another to have such talented people on this site create things for them. I really hope that all the meshes...
  7. The ZTS

    Star Trek Online Nude Mods: "The Nudist Generation" Edition

    STAR TREK ONLINE NUDE MODS "The Nudist Generation" Edition "Through great power great sexiness comes." This is the new development thread for the Star Trek Online Nude Mod, previously known as the Extended Nude Patch. MOD STATUS: FIGHTING FIT Check the attached files of this post...
  8. 5

    Blade and Soul looking for nude lyn mod

    Hello, I've searched a lot hoping that I can find a drop in file nude lyn mod but I couldn't, the one I found requires that I download multiple stuff and I'm not comfortable doing so. I have a drop in file mod for every race but my favorite which is lyn. Thanks
  9. Felldude

    Killing Floor 2 Nude Stalker 1.0

    Stalker v 1.0 by: Felldude Working with multiplayer as tested 4.26.17 Extract to your Killing Floor folder. It should ask if you wish to overwrite ZED_Stalker_TEX.upk Making a backup of this file before overwriting is recommended.
  10. M

    Bayonetta Nude Mod

    Welcome everyone! Stay a while and listen! If you guys find any bugs with the textures, please let me know so i can fix it. Instructions: Extract the archive in */data/pl If you don't have a pl folder, create it manually Thanks to JoeMesh for figuring out that you don't need to repack, saved...
  11. TehPenguin

    [BDO] tan lines and pubic hair shape & colour "creator" [Photoshop Template]

    UPDATE: I no longer play the game and thus have no way to test any potential changes/fixes to the template. The lines look skewed on skinner bodies becasue I made this template with curvy bodies in mind. You can see the lines are concave rather than straight in order to look good on a curved...
  12. NiteGuardian

    Ayane's Butterfly Dress + Nudity 1.0

    This Pack Includes: Ayane's classic Butterfly Dress in both Purple and White with Pantyless, Topless+Pantyless, and Nude but with Bow, with an added alternate White for Kasumi.
  13. Crafted-Lightning

    Nier Automata - 2B Partial nude mod

    Download off of my DeviantArt: Mod-Nier Automata-2B partially nude First of all I apologise to those who were asking me to make this mod, it took longer to come out as I had to go away for a week on the 17th (the games release date). This was also a lot harder to make than I had first...
  14. NiteGuardian

    Hitomi's Denim Jeans + Nudity 1.2

    This Pack Includes: Shirtless with Jacket, Fully Topless, and Nude with Gloves/Shoes/Belt for Hitomi and for LeiFang since they are tag partners.
  15. NiteGuardian

    [DOA5LR] Weekly Nakedness Mods (April 29, Update)

    TL;DR Version - I will be releasing new DOA Mods that replace the base game Costumes with a bit of Nudity in them, once a week until the end of the year (2017), I may miss a few weeks along the way, but will have a double post next time when I do. Long Version - Permissions Info: You Can use...
  16. NiteGuardian

    LeiFang's Cheongsam + Nudity 1.0

    This Pack Includes: Pantyless Dress and Nude with Heels and Cuffs in 5 colors for Leifang and in 2 colors for Hitomi, since they are Tag partners.
  17. G

    Bless Online Mod

    I was wondering if anyone knows of or could make a semi-nude mod for this game (Bless | Политика. Власть. Сила | Построй свою империю в новой революционной MMORPG). Although right now it's accessible only through Korean servers and Russian Open Beta, you can log in quite easily with a free vpn...
  18. Vergil

    Harley Quinn classic nude 1.0

  19. Naduron

    Black Desert - Loli Classes

    Tamer Made a Loli Tamer, i still don't know how to reduce her breats size tho :( It comes with 2 different types of bodies, i was to lazy to take screenshots of both :p these pictures are from "Child tamer 01" You can have the black desert's cutest loli ever here: Tamer - Loli.rar...
  20. Vergil

    Would you support me (Vergil) on Patreon for doing nudemods?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering if you would support me for doing nudemods. If yes, of course I would do more nudemods then usually. I would also invest the money to find a programmer that would create a software to change 3D models in all the latest games. And I would create a new Patreon page...
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