ZakoPlayer for GZDoom

ZakoPlayer for GZDoom 1.0

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A mod for GZDoom that replaces the Doomguys face in the hud and the weapon graphics that show his hairy hands ;)
Missing is a replacement for the Plasma rifle. Need a fitting model.

The archive contains 2 files.
- ZakoPlayer.pk3 for the hud, weapongraphics and grunts/sounds.
- ZakoPlayerSkin.wad for the doom marine sprites in third person view.
Technical limitations enforce to replace the doomguy with a skin wad which may not include any other data.
so two files instead of one.
But you can use the skin color feature to change the girl's armor color :)

To use the third person view:
- use ZakoPlayerSkin.wad on GZDoom startup. Drag & drop or commandline like so:
gzdoom.exe -file ZakoPlayer.pk3 ZakoPlayerSkin.wad
- Go to Options and then Player Setup
- Select Skin Zako
- Start playing. Open the console and enter "chase". Done, you are playing in third person mode (kinda) with a zako girl :)

Some pictures (doom style blood/gore)
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