Dorumeka's Orchid Rain Map: The Gardens

Dorumeka's Orchid Rain Map: The Gardens 1.5

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A small but dense map with lots of close quarter fights in a garden.
The Garden is in front of a mansion. Your goal is to unlock the far gates by taking out all the guard captains.

You need: Dorumeka's game Orchid Rain, version 0.8
To install, extract the files to "Orchid Rain - Mission 08 build_Data\StreamingAssets\maps\"

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  1. Update to Version 1.5/Orchid Rain 0.9 early Add bookmark

    Updated for Orchid Rain 0.9 early build. New mapping feature: Mission objective "Kill all guard...
  2. updated lighting

    The lightning has been updated to work with the setting "color correction" which increases...

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An excellent map for Orchid Rain. I hope MZZ will finish the implied trilogy (and, ideally, pump out more beyond that!).

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