1. Apollion

    Doomer girl 2020-12-13

    hey ! As I did the E thot mom, I did the Doomer girl too :D here's a look :D I used every mod in the sby loader pack
  2. MZZ

    ZakoPlayer for GZDoom 1.0

    A mod for GZDoom that replaces the Doomguys face in the hud and the weapon graphics that show his hairy hands ;) Missing is a replacement for the Plasma rifle. Need a fitting model. The archive contains 2 files. - ZakoPlayer.pk3 for the hud, weapongraphics and grunts/sounds. -...
  3. MZZ

    Zako Doom 1.2

    This Wad replaces the vanilla Monsters from Doom I & II with Zako Girls. How to get it to run? - You need ZDoom or GZDoom. Both can be downloaded her for free: GZDoom You also need the original asset files (wad) from Doom or Doom2. - Copy the Zako.wad into the same folder as (G)ZDoom, then...
  4. MZZ

    Zakos for (GZ)Doom (Release)

    Hi All, for my personal amusement I started to make a mod (wad) for the old Doom game. The caveat to my endeavor is a) I'm not an artist and b) this is my first Doom project. So there is much to learn & do :D A mayor inspiration for me is (among others) Pixiv user "Beast Anime" Mission...