Zako Doom

Zako Doom 1.2

Now all Doom 1 vanilla Monsters are replaced with Girls or Robots/Drones.

Next Draft is replacing the sounds the monsters make.
Also some render tests for a HQ render pass.
I think I messed up the previous update and forgot the file or the upload aborted. Sorry about that.

Here is a new file, additional to Draft 3 the firing frames have a muzzle flash light source baked into the sprite.
- Added Draft for Baron of Hell
- Added Draft for Cacodemon
unfortunatly the monster does not have a walking animation in vanilla Doom.
- Random assortment of sounds ripped from Saints Row 3.
Sound is still very much WIP.

here are the new gals:

Discussion Thread
Let me know what you think or give suggestions :)
Redone all Sprites for
- Zombieman
- Shotgunguy
- Chaingunguy (doom2)
- Imp
- Demon
Their Appearance is now closer to the Doom color sheme of the monster they replace. Meet the new Cast:
First try at sounds
still many growls and shouts do to, but it is a start. Credits in the textfile.

Wad seems to work with Beautiful Doom 6.3.0, which makes Doom look awesome ;)
To use both mods, use command line
gzdoom.exe -file bdoom630.pk3 zako.wad
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