Zako Doom

Zako Doom 1.2

Completed the brightmaps for the monsters (where fitting)
Monsters with brightmaps:
doomimp, cacodemon, baron of hell, hellknight, lost souls, cyberdemon.

They now glow in the dark ;)
Goes nicely with the HontE remastered map pack, it is often darker than the original Doom2, so the imps glowing eyes shine menacing :)
HontE Remastered mod for Doom II
updated to version 1.1b
- changed file format from .wad to .pk3 (it's the same for GZDoom, but internally nicer structure)
- updated the death/dead sprites for the Arachnotron. The tank base gets darker to be easier to identify as dead.
- Enemies now have full rotations and no sprite mirroring. (Except symetrical enemies)
That means weapons don't jump from left hand to right hand while moving about.
- Enemies can be completly flipped, meaning left or right handed in all animations.
50/50 chance for Normal or flipped version. Gives a bit of variety.

All Monsters are replaced and soundwork is complete.
Several chapter pictures are replaced. Some are silly, some are gory :)
All Monsters are replaced with nicely rendered sprites and different samples for most monster sounds.
Also bumbed the sprite size for several monsters, thus the jump of the filesize from the previous version.
New Monster replacements:
Wolfenstein SS
(Arachnotron was already done)

Now all Doom 2 monsters are replaced. (In low render quality)
New Monsters: Mancubus and Pain Elemental
As per Roadmap, the draft for Hellknight and Arachnotron are done.
Sounds for the Arachnotron are not done yet.
The Hellknight uses the Baron of Hell sounds, but pitched slightly higher.
All Doom 1 Monsters are replaced and have new sounds for Seeing the player, receiving damage and dying. (Attack sounds are still the same)

Also I added more rotations to the "pinky" Demon, so no more sprite mirroring there.

As an extra, here is the bloodless version of Milestone 1.
Just in case blood & gore are not your cup of tea.
(Stock Doom effects are still in place)
All the sprites are rendered with nice shadowing now.
Also most enemies have now their own voice samples assigned to them for Seeing you, pain and dying. Still missing are samples for Lost Souls, Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind.
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