tickles' Animtools Sex Positions Pack

tickles' Animtools Sex Positions Pack 1.8

Update Changes:
- Fixed hand angles for all 200+ positions :wat:
- Updated said 200+ positions to be compatible/have less problems with Animtools V29 or above
- All positions were either given a 0.1 or a 0.01 addition to their file names (example: doggystyle_1_v1.11, or cowgirl_5_v1.1) to reflect their updates/changes
- Updated all 200+ positions' dates so that it'll appear alphabetized in the pack
- Slightly reworked some positions to be more "visually pleasing" than before by either:
- Adjusting cowgirl, and other position types to have HIM more in frame
- Adjusting HIS legs to appropriately bend for some positions specifically cowgirl
- Adjusting HER to have more bent/straight legs for certain positions
- etc.
- Changed thigh-job position type from "other" to "tit" (registering these positions as any other type like vaginal or anal causes masking errors resulting in certain penis lengths disappearing)

- Fixed zoom points for a majority of positions (zoom-ins will focus on either 1 of 3 points: her face, breasts/torso area, or point of penetration)

Update Additions:
- Added an additional 100+ positions to the pack with a good portion coming from @sorrowww's SinCity Dialogue (highly recommend)
Positions include:
- Posing positions (to model your character, but HIM or his penis may/will still appear in frame)
- Kissing positions (softcore intimate moments with your character) (>///<)
- And more!
- Added a bonus pack (tickle's Favorites) which contains 69 positions selected from the main pack

Known Issues:
- Zoom Points not zooming properly
- When I was fixing the zoom points, I noticed that the values didn't load properly (either showed default zoom values, or values of previously loaded positions) So if it doesn't zoom in on anything, or a specific part of the body I mentioned above; then its an issue with Animtools :confused:
- Body Types
- As mentioned in the Overview certain body-types are not compatible with certain positions categories (specifically cowgirl) I recommend using the code provided in said Overview when creating characters; or set her body to be at minimum: the default size, or larger, and set his penis length at minimum: smaller than the default size, and at maximum: slightly larger than the default size. As always, keep expectations real and logical when creating characters.

- Penis overlaying issues

- An issue with Animtools v29 is that the penis will appear over her, or outside of her when penetration is occuring. A fix to this is to "hold and drag the mouse" until it "clips" back to normal

- Animtools Overlay
- As of Animtools v30 there is a problem where a majority of position files (specifically doggy) are bugged where the penis will appear outside of her when penetrating, and the "solution" mentioned above will not work. Please consider using/sticking with Animtools v29 until the issue is resolved.

- Him Holding
- Certain positions with HIM alreading holding HER with his right arm may "spazz out" when using auto mode, or will awkwardly float when not in use. I recommend using @sby's himnotletgo mod to alleviate the spazz issue when he's holding

- Position Files
- Position files labeled doggy_table_1 to 1e in the "NEW_positions" folder were mislabeled as there is already a doggy_table_1_v1.11 in the main "animtools_folder". Please consider renaming the position files to doggy_table_9 to 9e to avoid confusion
- I may have left some "incomplete" position files in the "NEW_positions" folder apologies if they look weird, or are more bugged than usual.

Future Plans:
- Fix issues with any positions (report if you find any)
- Complete Migration/Merging of my
forum page to this Resource page
- Convert said forum page to possibly a
Tutorial/Guide on Animtools
- Dialogue Writing
- Create more
Character Hairs
- Added ~60+ New Sex Positions/Variations
- Revised some Older Positions (minor tweaks to angles, resistances, etc.)
- A separate pack of only Yoga Stretches included within this update.
The Yoga Stretch positions were never meant for public release/use (just for one off screenshots), however @sorrowww requested access to them for their SinCity mod, so it'll only be available for a limited time. Also you'll have to make minor adjustments to the positions yourself to make it look the way it does in said screenshots (adjusting hand angles, his positions, etc.
No Longer Available!

Known Issues:
- Hand positions/angles will be off depending on the animtools version you are using/the version of animtools the positions were made in (ie. some hand angles will look normal in animtools V25 but will look incorrect in animtools V29 or vice versa)
- Zoom points will be off for certain positions.
- Clipping/Overlay issues where the penis will appear over her ( for positions that are using animtools v29 or above). Can be fixed by holding and dragging the mouse (not sure if that's the best solution but that's how I could describe it. :confused:)

Future Plans:
- Update all current available positions (200+ as of this update) to Animtools V29 or above
- Fix Hand Angles for certain positions
- Fix Zoom Points for certain positions
- Adjusting Certain Positons to be compatible for other bodytypes and penis sizes
- Change all the dates on the position for more ease of alphabet organization
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- 2/2 of the 1.6 Update (The reason there's two parts to this update is because I was working on a few more positions. Since I've finished a lot of positions already, I thought to release what I had then as 1.55 and release the last few as 1.6.)
- More Positions (Thigh-jobs, 69, etc.)
- New non-penetrative positions: Cuddling (ʘ//-//ʘ)
- New Postions (Bondage, Anal, Table Sex, etc.)
- Bug fixes & Revisions to older positions
- This is 1/2 of the 1.6 update, the other 1/2 will be released later along with further details/lists of positions
- New Positions (Blowjob, Doggystyle, and Missionary positions)
- Separate packs for New positions (Blowjob, Doggstyle, and Missionary Packs)
- Previous Packs (Anal and Cowgirl) are in their respective version updates
- New Positions (Cowgirl variants)
- Revisions to Older Positions
- A separate pack for only Cowgirl Positions
- New Positions (Anal positions)
- Bug fixes & Revisions to older positions
- Created a separate pack for only Anal positions
New Positions (Yoga Poses!)
New positions added
Batch #9 *NEW*
- blowjob_1_V1
- blowjob_2_V1
- blowjob_3_V1
- blowjob_4_V1
- blowjob_5_V1
- blowjob_6_V1
- blowjob_7_V1*
- blowjob_7a_V1
- blowjob_8_V1*
- blowjob_8a_V1
- blowjob_9_V1
- blowjob_10_V1
- doggystyle_1a_V1*
- doggystyle_1b_V1*
- doggystyle_1c_V1*
- doggystyle_2_V1*
- doggystyle_2b_V1*
- doggystyle_2c_V1*
- doggystyle_2d_V1*
- doggystyle_3_V1
- doggystyle_4_V1
- doggystyle_5_V1
- doggystyle_6_V1
- doggystyle_7_V1*
- doggystyle_7b_V1*
- doggystyle_8_V1
- missionary_1_V1*
- missionary_2_V1*
- missionary_3_V1*
- missionary_4_V1*
- missionary_4a_V1*
- missionary_4b_V1*
- missionary_5_V1*
- missionary_6a_V1*
- missionary_6b_V1*
- missionary_7_V1*
- missionary_7a_V1*
- missionary_8_V1*
- missionary_8a_V1*
- missionary_8b_V1*
* Updates/More info in the spoiler
- Blowjob 1-10
- Created New Blowjob positions
- Blowjobs 7-8 have variants (Blowjob 7a, b and Blowob 8a)

- Doggystyle 1-8
- Created New Doggystyle positions
- Doggystyle 1a, b, and c are variants to the original doggstyle back in the first batch
- Doggystyle 2 and 7 have variants (Doggystyle 2b, c, d, and Doggystyle 7b)

- Missionary 1-8
- Created New Missionary positions
- Missionary 6 has new variants (Missionary 6a and b)
- Missionary 4,7 and 8 have variants (Missionary 4a, b , Missionary 7a, and Missionary 8a, b)
- Missionary Positions 1-5 (possibly 6) are incompatible with larger scaled penises

Batch #8
- Cowgirl_2_V1.1*
- Cowgirl_3_V1*
- Cowgirl_4b_V1*
- Cowgirl_Hiswork_5_V1.1*

* Updates/More info in the spoiler
- Cowgirl_2-3
- Remade Cowgirl positions 2-3 since the previous versions were pretty bad
- Made variations for these positions (arm holding breasts, arms on him, etc.)

- Cowgirl_4b
- A different variation of the previous Cowgirl 4

- Cowgirl_Hiswork_5_V1.1
- A new position w/ different variations (arm holding breasts, arms on him, etc.)

Batch #7
- Anal 1 V1.0*
- Anal 2 V1.0
- Anal 3 V1.0
- Anal 4 V1.0
- Anal 5 V1.0
- Anal 6 V1.0
- Anal 7 V1.0
- Blowjob Legspread V1.1*
- Doggytyle 9 V1.0*
- Missionary 6 V1.1*
- Sitting V1.2*

* Updates/More info in the spoiler
- Anal_1_V1
- Anal V1.0 renamed to Anal 1 V1.0 (to correspond with the added anal positions)

- Blowjob_Legspread_V1.1
- shortened hertween start/end xy distance to the penis (she sucks closer now)

- Doggystyle_V9.0
- renamed to Doggytyle_9_V1.0 (to correspond with future doggystyle positions)

- Missionary_6_V1.1
- Missionary_V6.0 renamed to Missionary_6_V1.0 (to correspond with future missionary positions)
- made compatible with larger penises

- Sitting_V1.2
- improved hertween start/end angle changed (head angle)
- changed hertween start/end xy positions (her movements)
- changed histween start/end xy positions (his movements)

Batch #6
- Yoga_1_V1.0
- Yoga_2_V1.0
- Yoga_3_V1.0
- Yoga_4_V1.0
- Yoga_5_V1.0
- Yoga_6_V1.0
Batch #5
- Behind_hold_V1.0
- Blowjob_hold_V1.0
- Doggystyle_V9.0*
- Missionary_V6.0*
- Paizuri_V1.0
- Reverse_Cowgirl_V1.0

* Updates/More info in the spoiler
There are variations I have yet to release...

Batch #4
- Cowgirl 2 V1.0*
- Cowgirl 3 V1.0*
- Cowgirl 4 V1.0*
- Cowgirl His-work 2 V1.0*
- Cowgirl His-work 3 V1.0*
- Cowgirl His-work 4 V1.0*

* Updates/More info in the spoiler
* There are different variations with these positions

Batch #3
- Cowgirl Face-to-Face V1.0
- Cowgirl His-work V1.0*
- Cowgirl Squat 1 V1.0
- Cowgirl Squat 2 V1.0*

* Updates/More info in the spoiler
* There are different variations with these positions
Batch #2
- Anal V1.0
- Assjob V1.0
- Carry V1.1*
- Cowgirl V1.1*
- Desk V1.0
- Doggystyle V1.1*
- Double Decker V1.1*
- Sitting V1.1*

* Updates/More Info are in the spoiler
* fixed the zoom-points for these positions

- Blowjob Legspread V1.0
- Carry V1.0
- Cowgirl V1.0
- Doggystyle V1.0
- Double Decker V1.0
- Lying down Blowjob V1.0
- Sitting V1.0
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