tickles' Animtools Sex Positions Pack

tickles' Animtools Sex Positions Pack 1.70

The pack contains over 200+ sex positions created using Animtools (As well as a few background images)

Disclaimer: Some positions are not compatible with certain body-types (ex. small bodies, colossal sized penises, etc.) I recommend using the code provided above when adjusting him/her; or stick to the default body size for her; default penis size for him; and just keep expectations real when creating characters.

1.7 Update Preview





If you don't have Animtools or know exactly what it is then a link to it is over here.
A prepackaged loader bundle that includes Animtools and more can be found here.
Both created by the resident SDT guru @sby

Also, If you have any problems/issues, then check out my thread over here. (It includes MORE previews of previous updates and download links for specific positions.) ANNOUNCEMENT (PAGE IS BEING RENOVATED/MERGING TO RESOURCE)

Also also, packs containing only specific positions (Anal Pack, Cowgirl Pack, etc.) can be downloaded from their respective Version Updates in the History tab!
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.70 Update + Bonus Pack (Yoga Stretches)

    - Added ~60+ New Sex Positions/Variations - Revised some Older Positions (minor tweaks to...
  2. Version 1.60

    - 2/2 of the 1.6 Update (The reason there's two parts to this update is because I was working on...
  3. Version 1.55

    - New Postions (Bondage, Anal, Table Sex, etc.) - Bug fixes & Revisions to older positions -...

Latest reviews

Your position packs are some of my favourites and I must say this certainly does not disappoint, in particular I like the new blowjob7 position. I do have to slight critiques though:

1 - The thighjob BJs have his penis disappear due to body mask, which makes some of them look more like regular sex positions.

2 - Not really a critique, but the mating press positions just look like some of the missionary ones to me, or maybe its the other way around?

3 - Some positions, like the aforementioned thighjob and paizuri, have her wincing due to vigour, which doesn't make much sense given what they are.

That aside, I really do like these new positions, keep up the good stuff!
These issues/tweaks will be made in a later update. Thanks for letting me know!
Animtools edit mod is notoriously difficult to use. Do you think you could make a tutorial on your methodology?
It's mostly just trials, errors, modifying/improving preexisting positions made by fellow members, errors and more errors. Whether I'll make a tutorial on how to make your own Animtools positions... I'm not sure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I love all of this position's but just a noob question how i used this position just so u know i used this in a phone for skins and backgrounds works perfectly but not for potions how can i fix this plz help me
you are very good i tried to make thos positions but couldn't
too bed the penis in some position is like it's "trapaassing her" but i guess it's fixable when you create positions
fore me you're bery good!
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