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  1. tickles

    tickles' Animtools Sex Positions Pack 1.8

    This pack contains over 300+ sex positions created using Animtools (As well as a few background images) 1.80 Update Preview If you don't have Animtools or know exactly what it is then a link to it is over here. A prepackaged loader bundle that includes Animtools and more can be found...
  2. tickles

    tickles' Animtools Sex Positions [UNDER RENOVATIONS - MOVING TO RESOURCES]

    <======= tickles' Animtools Sex Positions =======> Hello everyone, Welcome to my Animtools Thread!:grin: I've been working with Animtools for some time now, and... I think I've got the hang of it. Not sure if these are any "good" but... here they are. Enjoy. -===UPDATES===- THIS PAGE IS...
  3. Dr Bees

    Can't decide what mod you'll make next? Use this gizmo.

    This wheel is highly customizable and I use it when I can't decide what SDT Hair I want to make next Wheel Decide
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