The mod used for the markings on her face (as well as the rest of her body, although that isn't visible in the above shot) can be found here: Salem Body Markings

The mod used for the outfit can be found here (note that it requires the Loader): Salem Outfit

Alternatively (if you don't want to have to download another mod or if you don't want to have to use the Loader), you can use the following character code (which provides a "placeholder" outfit in place of the canon one) :

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Great job with the hair and detail. Not trying to sound like a dick to you Mr. Bees but don't give something a bad rating because of how the show is going. Samoth worked hard on this and it makes no sense for you to give this a one star rating because RWBY has gone down hill.
This show doesn't really deserve to have stuff made for it, seeing as how downhill it's gone but you have done this really well. For a villain as fucking awful as Salem is you have to admit she is hot.

I rated 1 star just because RWBY but you did do this very well
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