1. Aisha 04

    Aisha 04

  2. Aisha 03

    Aisha 03

  3. Aisha 02

    Aisha 02

  4. Aisha 01

    Aisha 01

  5. Blakun Mk. III lair

    Blakun Mk. III lair

  6. Blakun Mk. III profile

    Blakun Mk. III profile

  7. Blakun Mk. III closeup

    Blakun Mk. III closeup

  8. Blakun Mk. III

    Blakun Mk. III

    See below. Time for some baddies too...
  9. ZnelArts

    [PC] Tickling added to The Villain Sim

    Beta 28 is here! and it comes with the long waited tickling feature! Learn more about ZnelArts and this game It comes with over 60 new full voiced reactions that together they allow for a procedurally generated tickling system. A new status has been introduced which helps driving the...
  10. ZnelArts

    [PC] The Villain Simulator Beta 26

    The Villain Simulator Beta 26 has been released on Patreon and it comes with some great new features For a full change-log go here The Villain simulator Beta 26 is available for supporters on Patreon and SubscribeStar You can also find it on or try the free demo on Itch too The game...
  11. 2

    Villainess that got defeated by choking or strangling

    Hello everyone. Do you know of any movies/cartoons/manga where a villainess gets defeated by getting choked or strangled ? I know that there is this list (Click), but I guess that there should be many more
  12. Cobra02

    My Manga "The Blade Of King"- In case you missed it!

    Hey folks! I'm Cobra02 aka MadCoby, it's been ages since i've posted something here. :confused: Since the 6th chapter of my Manga is about to be released :cool: :cool:, and since i've never talked about it here i assume many members would like to check it out. :tongue: So just in case you...
  13. Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Body Modifications

    Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Body Modifications 2018-10-12

    [SPOILERS FOR RWBY VOLUME 5] A mod giving the girl Cinder's scar and arm tweak from Volume 4-5.
  14. Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Outfit (Sleeveless)

    Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Outfit (Sleeveless) 2018-Oct-11

    [SPOILERS FOR RWBY VOLUME 5] Cinder's new outfit as of Volume 4, without the left sleeve.
  15. Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Outfit (With Sleeve)

    Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Outfit (With Sleeve) 2018-10-12

    Based on Cinder's new outfit as of Volume 4. No Volume 5 Spoilers in this one.
  16. Ivy

    Ivy 2018-03-27

    Ivy covering her body
  17. Salem Outfit

    Salem Outfit 2018-01-24

    Based on Salem from RWBY
  18. ZnelArts

    [PC] The Villain Simulator

    Overview: Did you ever watched that old Batman show where him and Robin were always about to die in a trap, and then in the next episode they managed to escape from an horrendous dead? Well... No More!! I always fantasized with the idea of the Villain actually winning, this is about that with...
  19. Salem Body Markings

    Salem Body Markings 2018-01-16

    Markings for Salem from RWBY
  20. Salem Hair

    Salem Hair 2017-12-30

    Based on Salem from RWBY


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