moremoods V10 hotfix1

moremoodsV10 hotfix1 by sby

bugfix, made it so she can't bite if using a gag

added some settings to enable biting for angry, upset, aggressive, disgusted.
if enabled, angry upset, and disgusted have a much quicker bite reaction that also accounts for penis depth
aggressive and disgusted have this feature enabled by default
moremoodsV10 by sby

added 'Tease' mood with dialog action, see moods doc for details

i experimented with this one, it plays differently.
she will clench her teeth to prevent you from getting too excited
she will pull off from you a lot the more pleasure you have
if you hold her down, she will force herself off by biting

minor tweak to makeprox function to show debug message on duplicate prox
minor tweak to limited wince brow that made left brow offset too much
minor tweak to left brow x positioning for worried brow, was slightly coming off of head

added a bit of logic to draw lower eyelid mascara on raised eyelid moods. might look slightly off but better than nothing
moremoodsV9 by sby

added 'Horny' mood with dialog action, see moods doc for details

changed 'Smug' mood, now has reduced pulloff, worried eyes, waggle brows
changed 'Submissive' mood, now has reduced pulloff and reduced power
changed 'Drugged' mood, added randomized pulloff power
changed 'Aggressive' mood, added delayed pulloff

added a bugfix to tongue logic, calling hangout tongue during a lick caused a stuck lick action
because bugfix, added no tongue licking on deepthroat to Excited, Smug, Submissive

tweaked eyeroll targets for smug
added waggle animation capabilties to worried eyebrows
tweaked positioning of worried eyebrows
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added 'Smug' mood with dialog action, see moods doc for details

tweaked Broken mood to use the quickswallow cough from Smug instead of weak coughs
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moremoodsV7 by sby

added 'Excited' mood with dialog action, see moods doc for details

added blush setting
blushmaxamount=0.9 //0.0 - 1.0, max alpha value will blush to

changed how limiteyerollpassoutangle calculated. now instead of individually tuned per mood based on trial and error, stuff calculated generically.
tuned settings for this a bit

got annoyed of clicking a lot to test new moods i add to the end of the selection, added menu setting
alphabetizemoods=1 //1==enabled, makes it so the mood menu cycles around, and is organized alphabetically

Drugged and Elated moods were too similar, i have adjusted drugged with a couple of the newer features been messing with.
moremoodsV6 by sby

added 'Broken' mood with dialog action, see moods doc for details

added a third state to eyeroll menu button, cocked eyeroll eyes. button turns blue for this mode
this is the feature created for Broken mood, where her iris is cocked slightly outward, and goes farther based on passout factor.
it doesn't look great without rolling eyes, so i didn't bother with making it a separate thing

added eyelid max limiting feature
added an eyelid max slider to the custom menu. this can be adjsted to limit how much she can open her uppler eyelid
eyelid max will be reset to 0 on reset
added some logic to prevent her eyes from going behind the eyelid in this mode

added auto eyelid lower feature
when enabled, her upper eyelid will lower down to where her eyes are looking, so she never has a wide-eyed look
added a bit of logic to better scale with shrunk eyes

added a button to the custom menu to swap between these 2 features:
white - disabled
green - auto eyelid lower enabled
blue - eyelid max limiting enabled, use slider to adjust
cyan - both auto eyelid lower and max limiting enabled

did some testing combining eyeroll, eyelid features, and moods with shocked eyes, i think i got most things tuned to look well.
added custom eyeroll target to spent mood to prevent her rolling her eyes back with it enabled.

charcode saving added to eyelid features, called 'uppereyelidlimit'
eyelid features reset to disabled on reset

added settings to tune how eyes are limited by eyelid max slider
eyelidslidereyeposbaselimit=60 //0+, when using the upper eyelid limiting slider, this will ensure that her eyes do not go above her eyelid. adjust this lower to allow her eyes to go farther behind her eyelid. 53 is probably as low as you would want to go. adjust higher to have her eyes track lower than her eyelid
eyelidslidereyeposscalelimit=35 //0+, when using the upper eyelid limiting slider, this will ensure that her eyes do not go above her eyelid. this is used as a scalar to her current eyelid pos. 35 is about where her eyes will stay about the same offset from her eyelid even on high and low eyelid poses.

eyeroll feature will now be reset to starting setting on reset

added setting nopulloffonaggressive=0 //1=enabled, she will not try to pulloff when in aggressive mode

played a bit with mouth hanging values, added some to existing moods to emhance them:
added mouth greatly hang less to frightened and disgusted moods
added mouth hang less to nervous and submissive moods
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moremoodsV5_1 by sby

added 'Disgusted' mood with dialog action, see moods doc for details

corrected a few eyetarget twitching with some moods that had constant eye targetting
corrected drugged mood documentation, no tongue use
added ability for no tongue licking, applied spent mood
applied eyeroll limit option to cover any mood where she is looking up and starting to passout, not just when eyeroll turned on
changed timer actions on moods, now uses a timer inside moremoods instead of abusing the vanilla gagdrool timer which caused extra drooling
cleaned up settings file, reorganized some settings and removed the eyebrow tuning stuff that nobody should really be tweaking
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moremoodsV5 by sby

reorganized the mod, and properly documented mood features. see 'notes_mood features.txt'
added 'Elated' mood with dialog action, see moods doc for details
added 'Nervous' mood with dialog action, see moods doc for details

found that there is actually an angry mouth shape, applied this to relevant moods.
added blushing features to some of the moods, they trigger on different circumstances and have settings to turn them off. see moods doc for specifics
reworked how frightened shock eyes implemented, will not force her eyelids wide for the shocked eyes look
added setting to try to limit eyeroll features from rolling all the way behind her eyelid and only showing white space. enabled by default.
moremoodsV4_2 by sby

added 'Submissive' mood where:
will engourage the penis in her mouth with tongue,
won't try to pull off,
doesn't tap hands to get off,
occasionally adds and releases tears,
worried eyebrows,
always looking downward,
added [SUBMISSIVE_MOOD] dialog action

added 'Depressed' mood where:
lower eyelids and always looking down
build tears quickly
worried eyebrows
won't try to pull off
won't use her tongue
added [DEPRESSED_MOOD] dialog action

added rolleye feature and menu button from another mod for better compatibility of that feature to not conflict with moremoods
feature uses lower angles for depressed and frightened

tweaked frightnened mood, now also does not use tongue
tweaked spent mood eyes, calced now to keep her eye angle the same
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added [FRIGHTENED_MOOD] [SPENT_MOOD] to dialog actions (they were sorta already there, spent was not right though
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