Mood/charCode-based  Tears

Mood/charCode-based Tears 2.1

This mod causes tears to be generated at custom, semi-random intervals and quantities, depending on the current mood selected.

The frequency and quantity of tears for each mood can be set in the settings file; by default, tears are only enabled for the "normal" mood.


New option to set on a per-charCode basis.

Will disable mood-based tears and instead use character data:

format: add 'tears:enabled,timerMin,timerMax,tearMin,tearMax;' to charData
ex: 'tears:1,200,500,1,2;'
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed a bug and tweaked default values

    Fixed a bug where if the tears code was loaded at the end of a charcode, the values would not...
  2. Added compatibility with moremoods 5_1 and alternative charData-based tears

    Added compatibility with moremoods 5_1 and alternative charData-based tears
  3. Bug fix + new setting

    - Removed duplicate "settings loaded" confirmation - Added option to not generate tears while...

Latest reviews

need compatibility with Eye_Scale mod, so it could be used in a character with big eyes.
I like the way you think with these mods! I'd like to implement this feature into my project if you don't mind :)

Great job

Pm me
Thanks. Feel free to use whatever you want
Pretty good mod, specially for someone's first. I was wondering though, is there a way to combine it with sby's MoreMoods mod? The auto tears would go great with the worried me in that mod!
I thought about that but decided to not attempt it as it would be a whole new can of worms, so to speak.

After I've finished some other mods I have planned and have become more adept at modding, I might try my hand at it.
Needs a PersistOnReset option! Other than that, works fine, very useful for non-oral positions
Thanks for the feedback