Mood/charCode-based  Tears

Mood/charCode-based Tears 2.1

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  • Fixed a bug where if the tears code was loaded at the end of a charcode, the values would not properly update.
  • Tweaked default values for a more subtle effect

Not going to bother updating for compatibility with moremoods, since moremoods moods already have their own tear generation effects, and the charcode is an easy solution to specific mood + tears combinations.
Added compatibility with moremoods 5_1 and alternative charData-based tears
- Removed duplicate "settings loaded" confirmation
- Added option to not generate tears while passed out, on by default
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- Got rid of some unnecessary template stuff to shave off a few KBs
- Now has a persistOnReset option, on by default
- Fixed a bug that caused it to brick mods later in the load order if loaded in INIT