maid costume

  1. B

    [PC] Pervert Action: Legacy demo

    I've released an early access demo for my current WIP, Pervert Action: Legacy! You can get it here: Pervert Action: Legacy early access demo! It has one full sex scene, as well as some other fun along the way to getting it. This is only an early demo, but there should still be a good amount of...
  2. Naduron

    Castanic - Event 19 [Maid 2014] 2016-02-22

    Guide: Tera Modding Start UTHelper.exe 1. Click on [Load Package] -> Click on the file with the same name as the "Target GPK" .gpk 2. Click on the tab on the left side, Click on [Exports] 3. Look for the file with the same name as the mod and Right-Click on it and choose [Import] 3. Choose the...
  3. Shade

    Aldra's Apron 1.0

    Note: the mod will activate some additional vanilla clothing elements (shoes, socks, etc) when loaded - via its embedded charcode. These items can be toggled off manually while leaving the apron in place, in case you want a "naked apron" effect.
  4. Ah P

    Yomi Costume 1.0

  5. V

    Maid Dress 1.0

    The skirt shown here is the default Pleated Skirt (included among the SDT.swf assets), as is the necktie collar. Both will be activated automatically (via embedded charcode) when the mod is loaded. The shirt can be recolored via the Top.RGB sliders. This change will not automatically apply to...
  6. RajasGrime

    Maid Headdress 1.0

  7. RajasGrime

    Maid Costume 1.0

  8. M

    Maid Costume 1.0