extractloaderchars V6

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added settings to change tab button scale, as well as hover delay popout time, as folks reported accidentally opening the menu sometimes.
note that if you don't want this to be a side menu, one of the original settings 'modpagemode=1' will put the menu on the loader tab mod page instead.

added settings to change location of the tab / menu
added setting to automatically follow what the mod whiteflashxlV2 or newer is set to to orient its x coordinate to the right screen edge.
changed it so when the menu is off to the side, is now hidden. gives a small boost to performace not processing the buttons (~5% on my setup)
added support to pull the fullscreen size automatically if the game is played fullscreen (ctrl + F, esc to exit fullscreen)

made some adjustments so this can act more like an additional menu to load character folders separate from the regular mods list, as it was originally intended.
with the change of organization, i now don't have to worry about ripping them out from the loader menu system, so it is cleaner.

this is now organized that with the default settings, this mod will now go through a unique folder under your 'Mods' directory you make called '$RIGHTPANEL$'
this folder should have a 'CharacterFolders.txt' just like your 'Mods' folder with a list of the character folders in it
see included Capture screenshots for setup reference.

here are the new settings, you can turn back on the mods directory searching for the previous setup of how this mod worked.
reviewRightPanelDirectory=1 ;1=active, this will enable the mod to look into the $RIGHTPANEL$ directory under the 'Mods' folder to create entries on the modpage (this is not a standard directory, you will need to make it. it should be in the same folder location that $INIT$ is )
reviewModsDirectory=0 ;1=active, this will enable the original operation of this mod, where it will browse through the registered loader chars in the 'Mods' folder

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