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Excellent mod, but I was wondering if there was a clearer explanation for making cum stick to Futa. I can't seem to find CustomElementLoader. A bodypart list would be appreciated.
Interesting mod. Just curious, do you have a list of the body parts? Or is there some file within this game that I can find? Trying to get the female's whole body (lower calf and legs). Tried a bunch of random combination, but no luck.
> Do you have a list of body parts?

Decompile CustomElementLoader and read through the declaration of the ModTypes.BODY CustomElementHelper. It mentions most of the important bodyparts.

I'll add a list to the FAQ page for this mod.

> Trying to get the female's whole body (lower calf and legs).

Calves won't work very reliably due to hierarchy (strands will usually stick to the thigh instead of the calf) and due to hardcoding (there's a "floor" plane adjacent to the calf and strands will stick to it).

You're welcome to experiment with the bodypart names given in the FAQ. It depends heavily on how you've configured your animtools position. You might get great results ... but you'll probably be disappointed.

The game's code wasn't written to handle leg-related stuff (e.g. footjob, intercrural) and my semen-sticking code is a very simple hack. Don't expect miracles :)
i was wondering if you could make a lipstick smear mod like around the mouth
I don't understand what the proposed mod is supposed to do. Could you please create a Request thread and include a reference image (or a sketch) which shows how the mod would behave?
I downloaded this mod hoping that it would make drool stick to him, and it does, which is excellent, but I can't get it to stick to his cock and balls...
Any suggestions?
You'd need to add those sprites to the list in the configuration file.

extraTargets = him.penis,him.balls

Please note that semen strands won't stick to the penis permanently. They'll gradually "flow" downwards because of the way that SDT recalculates anchor points. It's similar to the reason why semen won't adhere properly to dynamic hairstyles.
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