Extra Sticky

Extra Sticky 0.1

Where did the idea come from?
This feature was suggested by @Playtrix.

Can I get a list of body parts?
Here are a few of the most common items:
  • Girl's Right Leg: her.torso.rightCalfContainer.calf,her.torso.leg.thigh
  • Girl's Left Leg: her.leftLegContainer.leg.calf, her.leftLegContainer.leg.thigh
  • Girl's Right Arm:her.rightForeArmContainer.upperArm.foreArm.hand, her.rightForeArmContainer.upperArm.foreArm, her.rightArmContainer.upperArm
  • Girl's Left Arm:her.leftArmContainer.upperArm.foreArm.hand, her.leftArmContainer.upperArm.foreArm, her.leftArmContainer.upperArm
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