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[DOA5LR] [Nyotengu] COS 001 bottomless mod 2016-01-25 by timmyc

Nyotengu COS 001 bottomless mod

  1. timmyc
    This mod is probably not what people are expecting - It is just a simple Costume replacement for Nyotengu COS001 which makes her bottomless with all the other parts intact. My friend was having issue figuring out a good way to attach the official model's legs to Harry's nude mesh.

    The goal of this is to keep all else intact while exposing the private area. This presented a few challenges as the nude mesh's legs are a bit thicker than official Nyotengu model's legs as pictured below:

    View attachment 23370

    Using a "nearest vertex search" algorithm I have, I managed to repair the seam/gap to this point

    View attachment 23375

    There's still a stray vertex that doesn't quite match up with the official model, so I had to do a bit of manual adjustment, and this is what I got at the end:

    View attachment 23374 View attachment 23373

    The end result is a completely seamless and bottomless Nyotengu COS001 replacement. Follardo (on LL) has already released his own excellent renditions of these models with an extremely small gap here
    View attachment 23371

    It doesn't really affect game play, though. He used a very clever way to hide the gap to minimize distraction during game play. I will leave my version here since I had already spent time helping my friend with this leg seam issue, and I figured this could add another flavor to Nyotengu COS001. There are probably some people out there who appreciate bottomless models like this one.

    Seamless leg fix and closeup "juicy" detail shot

    View attachment 23369 View attachment 23372

    Credit for texture: I used texture from sddklex (from 3dm) for the nude body which has the "openable" private zone texture for when her legs are spread. I think the effect is quite amusing [​IMG] and is a sight to behold when she kicks high.. [​IMG]