1. [DOA5LR] [Nyotengu] Humiliating Defeat mod

    [DOA5LR] [Nyotengu] Humiliating Defeat mod

    Nyotengu is humilated if she loses the fight
  2. [DOA5LR] Christmas In July version 3

    [DOA5LR] Christmas In July version 3

    A collection of Xmas Themed outfit with "jingly bells"
  3. [DOA5LR] [Kokoro] See-through police uniform

    [DOA5LR] [Kokoro] See-through police uniform

    See-through police uniform with a special breast pin
  4. [DOA5LR] [Raidou] Nude Mod

    [DOA5LR] [Raidou] Nude Mod 2016-01-25

    Raidou and his flaming balls..
  5. [DOA5LR] [Leifang] COS 009

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] COS 009 2016-01-25

    See through top and short skirt
  6. [DOA5LR] [Leifang] COS 011 - Jingly Bells

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] COS 011 - Jingly Bells 2016-01-25

    Jingly Nipple Bells
  7. [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLCU 006

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLCU 006 2016-01-25

    Leifang DLCU 006
  8. [DOA5LR] [Kasumi] The Legendary AssCalibur

    [DOA5LR] [Kasumi] The Legendary AssCalibur

    Legendary Ass calibur mod
  9. [DOA5LR] [Genfu] Nude Mod

    [DOA5LR] [Genfu] Nude Mod

    Genfu in his naked glory
  10. [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLC_009

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLC_009 2016-01-25

  11. [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLC 004 Mod

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] DLC 004 Mod 2016-01-25

    Leifang DLC004 exposed
  12. [DOA5LR] [Nyotengu] COS 001 bottomless mod

    [DOA5LR] [Nyotengu] COS 001 bottomless mod 2016-01-25

    Nyotengu COS 001 bottomless mod
  13. [DOA5LR] [Ayane] Naughty Tail Costume

    [DOA5LR] [Ayane] Naughty Tail Costume 2016-01-25

    Ayane and her tail


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