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[DOA5LR] [Kasumi] Ultra Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform by timmyc

Kasumi in a short shirt and skirt that offer plenty of view with an available bottomless version.

  1. timmyc
    Kasumi Ultra Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform - official release v3.7.5

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    Crowd Favorite Bottomless schoolgirl shots
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    View attachment 45696

    The version with panties has a slight nip poke to make up for the lack of view, so to speak :bush:
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    There are still some minor issues, but according to my ever diligent beta testers IshidaCrop and Siframe, they are within acceptable margins :)

    To install - the easiest way is to use Ink Reshuffle to replace her existing DLC001 outfit.

    Please use the "Find more info at www.undertow.club" button for download and instructions.
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