[DOA5LR] [Kokoro] See-through police uniform

[DOA5LR] [Kokoro] See-through police uniform

This time it's an outfit for Kokoro to test the waters. She appears to be one of the least modded characters (actually it seems to me that only Kasumi and Marie are popular, lol)

A while ago, transparency effect on clothing was the next big thing, and I made this outfit as part of an experiment to make transparent clothing as form fitting as possible to try and push the boundaries of what I know can be done with DOA5 modding. After a bit of research and re-writing of my own tool set, I readjusted the weight distribution on her breasts and neck tie so that they move in a synchronous manner with the shirt as demonstrated in some of the shots below.

Here I present: Kokoro see-through police - Special Breast Pin Edition.

Please be warned that minor clipping issues can still be observed, but according to my ever diligent beta tester Siframe, all are within acceptable margin.
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To install - the easiest way is to use Archive Tool to replace her DLCU_020's ---C,--P, TMC and TMCL files in DLC# 358140. If you don't know how to use archive tool or have no such DLC, you will have to repack it into your own DLC. Please do not spam this thread with "how to" install questions as I will not be providing such support. There are plenty of resources on this board should you have any questions in regards to installation.

Please use the "Find more info at Undertow.club" button for download and instructions.
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