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[DOA5LR] Christmas In July version 3 by timmyc

A collection of Xmas Themed outfit with "jingly bells"

  1. timmyc
    I've prepared an updated version of XmasInJuly around August last year, but I never got to actually release it. I was hoping to release the updated pack before Xmas but unfortunately I had been so busy I completely forgot about it.

    Well, better late than never they say, so here it is -

    Improvements include but not limited to
    - Better positioning of bells
    - Some minor physics adjustments for girls with rolled up tops such as Hitomi and Marie

    Please be warned that there are many flaws/oddities in this pack as this is one of the early mods I made as I was (still am) learning how to mod the game.

    Installation - use Ink Reshuffle to replace girls' DLCU_021 in 358140 DLC (Marie is #014).

    Please use the "Find more info at Undertow.Club" button for download and instructions.