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[DOA5LR] [Nyotengu] Humiliating Defeat mod by timmyc

Nyotengu is humilated if she loses the fight

  1. timmyc
    Time has come for another round of mod release - today it's an outfit for one of the least modded characters of all time - Nyotengu

    I've decided to do a bit of experiment today by taking wardrobe malfunction to another level!

    Here is Nyotengu in her very ordinary looking towel outfit
    View attachment 45152
    View attachment 45155
    Of course it's not very interesting to look at unless she goes bottomless to spice things up a bit. Seriously, though, why wear panties when she is already all wrapped up in a towel?!
    View attachment 45153 View attachment 45154
    Things begin to get interesting if she loses the fight....
    She has been stripped off her towel for a humiliating defeat
    View attachment 45150 View attachment 45151

    Video of this in action for better visualization
    Or here for those that have baidu account

    This was a very quick experiment, and I hope you guys like it. To install - use Archive Tool to replace her DLCU004 in DLC# 358141

    Please use the "Find more info at Undertow.club" button for download and instructions.

Recent Reviews

  1. (deleted member)
    It's all awesome but were is download button??????