Elsa coronation without crown but as maid

Elsa coronation without crown but as maid v1.0

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First of all: I did not really create this mod! I just modified Gingerless Soul's great static hair mods of the "frozen girls".

I love these two hair mods but unfortunately they don't fit well to my other crush: french maids.
So I started with hiding Elsa's crown an blue bands by removing and recoloring some parts from the original. This is the first result.
Elsa thumbnail.png

But unfortunately it didn't fit with the headwear I prefer for my maids. Thats why I split the hair mod and rotated and lowered the upper part of it. Looks much better now, doesn't it?
Elsa fail thumbnail.png
Elsa Maid thumbnail.png

Elsa Maid screenshot.png
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