I love this mod, Ae you going to do origa(dark elf queen)as well?
The Origa hairstyle has already been drawn by Nightstalker.
I don't plan to animate it. The hair shape is very "straight" and it tends to remain stuck behind the girl's body. It would be difficult to notice whether the hair is moving correctly.
Works pretty good. The only real complaint I have is that the mod changes the Girls Overall appearance, Skin tone , Eye Color ect. I would like a Version without the charcode, if possible.
For conventional SWF mods I would agree with you. But with Loader mods, the user can discard the unwanted changes (blockCharData=1 in Settings). Including the charCode saves people the trouble of copy-pasting a charCode string from a webpage into a local file, and it avoids the disappointment which might arise when a mod's in-game appearance differs from that of the preview image.

I don't plan to publish charCode+ and charCode- variants of files because it would generate a lot of clutter. If you really want a hairstyle-only file then PM me and I'll send you one.
I fixed the problems I had with this mod, and it works beautifully now. This mod is amazing.
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