kuroinu: kedakaki seijo wa hakudaku ni somaru

  1. stuntcock

    Chloe Dynamic Hair 5.9

    This is a dynamic-animated version of the Chloe hairstyle, originally created by @Nightstalker. This mod uses extended hair physics and therefore it requires Loader v5.45 or greater. If you are unable to use the Loader, or if you find that the hairstyle misbehaves in conjunction with advanced...
  2. Nightstalker

    Chloe Static Hair Vector

  3. Nightstalker

    Olga Static Hair True Skin Color

  4. Nightstalker

    Kaguya Static Hair 1.0

  5. lavalamp

    Celestine Static Hairstyle 1.0

  6. Huitznahua

    Olga Discordia Outfit 1.2

    You can find the hair on the Nightstalker Import thread. Requirements : TemplateExtensionV5_sby. CharCode is now embedded in the outfit file.
  7. Huitznahua

    Chloe Outfit 1.2

    Requirements : TemplateExtensionV5_sby. You can use the Chloe Dynamic Hair or the Chloe Static Hair by @Nightsalker. The charCode is now embedded in the hair files. So, you shouldn't need this one but, just in case, here it is ...
  8. Huitznahua

    Huit's Backgrounds (UPDATE 05/06/14 Regular BG : Fairy Tail, One piece, ...)

    Images aren't animated, this is just previews. BG with animated TV 2D Fighting Games BG Regular Background (no animation) [/spoiler]