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characterfolderredirect V1

characterfolderedirectV1 by sby

this is pretty much an organizational loading tool for people who put together loaderpacks, ignore otherwise.

this is a persistant mod that runs continuously in the background, suggest setup as an init mod
this mod will register a check to look for a specific file called 'characterfolderredirect.txt' inside a character folder when that character folder is loaded.
it will load the 'pathstring' setting defined from the file, and will have the loader load that character folder referenced by the path after the current folder is loaded.

so to load a character folder under this path
/Mods/Foldername 2/Further folder
means you want your 'characterfolderredirect.txt' text file set to
pathstring=Foldername 2/Further folder
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Does exactly what it's supposed to without incident. sby strikes again.
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