What is your favorite piece of zako material ever?


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Jun 23, 2018
It can be anything from movies, anime, art or comic books.

I have a thing for zako's going down by getting shot. I love the zako's from boomer for this reason. Their outfit also makes them a lot sexier. I tend to prefer my zako wearing as realistic outfits as possible.

I also adore the 'seamen' zakos from cobra space adventures. In a similar fashion here, the zakos end up getting shot without mercy. Always enjoy arrogant zakos getting defeated in the end. Unfortunately, I don't have a video of them, but here's an artwork of one of them from Shabazik's deviantart.

So what about the rest of you? Do post your favorites from anywhere!


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Dec 1, 2010
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Tenchu series. Especially Wrath of Heaven that has sexy white haired kunoichi zako with nice design.

Dominatrix from Watchmen: The End is Nite Part 2 has very sexy design.

Why I like these two zakos is because they can do beating and get beaten.
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Oct 1, 2017
My secret tomboy sex dungeon
Tsukachan's Top 5 zakos in games and animes:

1. Fighters Club Online
An awesome beat 'em up MMO by KOG Games. Unfortunately, the game ended its service in 2015 after several complaints about IP blocks, preventing overseas players to enjoy the game. It was going to be released in North and South America as well, but cancelled after the game's service ended. A Japanese and Taiwanese release existed as well, but the Taiwanese server lasted longer until 2017 due to good reviews and no IP block. Unfortunately the Taiwanese server was heavily censored and has a weird difficulty adjustment, taking out several enemies (including zakos) and some risque outfits

My favorite zako in Fighters Club is none other than the cute and sexy tomboyish mechanic girls. The closed beta version had them wearing black sports bra with a pair of cargo pants and a jumpsuit tied to their waists. Each mechanic girl has different way of attacks according to their hair, outfit and skin color. The green-haired orange-clad mechanic attacks using weak punches, the tall redhead mechanic with yellow jumpsuit attacks using her power drill while the rare tanned mechanic with blue jumpsuit mostly uses self-destruct drones and flees away from the player. They emit child-like cries when they're hurt or KO'd
The tanned mechanic actually had some hair underneath her head towel. Appears to be ivory or pale blonde

The final release had the mechanic girls' outfits altered with their jumpsuits worn open, exposing their cute navels and sports bra and the drill-wielding mechanics replaced by fat men. The orange-clad mechanic retains their attack pattern and appearance, while the tanned mechanic is given a new red jumpsuit, a dark grey bandana and a sexy yellow sports bra. They no longer moan when hurt
Capture 3.PNGCapture.PNGCapture2.PNGCapture4.PNGCapture5.PNG
Fanarts of the mechanic girls are pretty rare, but there's a handful of them. There's one by Kasai on DA (commissioned by Holhorse) and one by RuanEco on Pixiv( left to right). An Evilbabes article exists, as well as an RP character based of her made by me
My other favorite zako in Fighters Club would be the buffed and powerful amazonesses. They come in two variety: the green-haired wrestlers and the blonde-haired instructors. The wrestlers mostly attacks using somersault kicks and bearhugs, while the instructors uses boomerangs to attack. They emit hoarse yet sexy moan when hurt, kinda sounds like Mutsumi Tamura or Kazue Komiya's voice
Like most Fighters Club zakos, fanarts of them are extremely rare. There's only one, and it's by Nichx on Fightfantasies. He did pretty good on the amazonesses, and they look pretty sexy as they tussle against each other
KOG Games confirmed that they're working on it after filing the trademark for it on 2017, though there aren't any more news after this yet. Seems they're still busy with KurtzPel for now, but I hope they do some small tease on G-Star!! (and they better not fuck up with the zakos, or even better, add new zako types or maybe playable versions of them)

2. Unbound Saga
A comic-style 3D beat 'em up game that's also the spiritual successor to SEGA's Comix Zone. It's available on XBOX 360 and PSP, but the XBOX 360 version has better graphics apparently. It's about two comic characters who tries to escape their world while FUCKING ALMOST EVERYTHING tries to kill them, from a bunch of hobos, street thugs, soldiers, mutants, cannibals, cultists and pastiches of video game/comic/movie characters

Stage 9 (or Issue 9) is a gauntlet-esque stage that pits the player against some parodies of fighting game characters created by the Maker, the main antagonist of the game (appears as a hand with a pencil that perpetually keeps drawing enemies). Apparently, the Maker catered my taste and fetishes with one of his/her's creation, a sexy nurse wrestler/fighter (presumably a reference to Anesthesia/Dr. Cutter from Rumble Roses) with a midriff packed with muscles. The nurse wrestlers appears to be mature women with blonde hair and six-packed abs and wears a midriff-baring sleeveless nurse top (with a red cross emblazoned on the back and a pair of red stars emblazoned on their nipples), a while miniskirt with a red-gold belt, fishnet stockings, white combat shoes, white rubber gloves and a small white nurse cap. They attack using acrobatic kicks and weak punches. Aside from the nurse wrestlers, the players also face against male competitors such as sumo wrestlers (reference to E. Honda from Street Fighter), Muay Thai fighters (reference to Sagat from Street Fighter, again) and Mexican wrestlers (reference to Tizoc from King of Fighters)
Sometimes when defeated you can see their panties as well, Aika-esque. They emit coquettish and masochistic moans when hurt, and lets out an orgasm-like sound when KO'd
Aside from the nurses, there are also other zakos such as female skinhead thugs with red torn shirt and black bra underneath, suspenders and torn pantyhoses, as well as cannibal tribeswomen with tiger skin tube top and skirt. This game sadly, lacks of zakos and female bosses. There are currently no fanarts of the Unbound Saga bosses, but they had a comic. If anyone has an access to the Unbound Saga comic, please find out whether there are zakos in it or not

3. AIKa R-16 Virgin Mission
The prequel to Agent AIKa, which takes place when Aika Sumeragi was still 16 years old. All of a sudden, her fellow members of the Treasure Hunting Club attacked her and almost kidnaps Karen, however Aika made short work of them and freed them from the control. Apparently, Risako is the one behind it. The best AIKa OVA according to me, beating the original Agent AIKa and AIKa Zero

On the 2nd episode, Risako unleashes a squad of swimsuit-clad Treasure Hunting Club members to attack Aika, again. However, Noriyasu Yamauchi (the character designer of the AIKa series) surprises my fetish needs with two tomboy members of the squad. The first one is a brunette tomboy, clad in light blue bikini, and the other one is a younger tomboy with blonde short hair, tanned skin and a dark blue swimsuit
In the end, all of the swimsuit-clad zakos are laid unconscious (along with Risako herself). The brunette and blondie tomboy looks cute when they're unconscious, like if they were a pair of sleeping angels
So far, no fanarts of them, but the brunette appears in an "official fanart" by Yamauchi himself, where she lies unconscious beside the white-clad girl who seems to be terrified while wielding an AK-47. The weird thing is that the brunette tomboy is wearing a pair of high heels, which is not seen in the OVA

4. Lightbringer/Dungeon Magic
A beat 'em up/roguelike hybrid game by Taito, that inspired games like Dungeon Fighter Online and Splatterhouse 3. The game is about four heroes who goes on a quest to stop an evil wizard who kidnaps the princess and commands his army of monsters to take over the land. They venture through series of dungeons and fight different kinds of monsters as they save the princess

Not all of the monsters are "lawful evil", the wizard brainwashed some locals as well. He brainwashed a tribe of amazonesses that lives in the forest outside the cave area. There are two kinds of amazonesses: one with blonde hair, fair skin and green armor and one with dark blue hair, tanned skin and silver armor. The blonde one is commoner, while the tanned one is exceptionally rare and only appears ONCE in the game. Once you KO her (or free her from the wizard's control), she cannot be encountered again for the rest of the game. Even though they're not as muscular as the Sentinel amazonesses from Fighters Club Online, but they still put up a fight. They attack using acrobatic kicks and punches, as well as knife-based attacks
When they're defeated, they recline on the floor, exhausted/wounded. Holhorse suggests that they don't get KO'd like the other monsters, but rather having their will to fight erased (hence why they look exhausted). I agree with him, since these amazonesses are primordial women and they can be easily brainwashed (same as the ones from FC), so the heroes decide to leave them be and not to beat the shit outta them. The amazonesses has a lot of fanarts, like one from Nonoririn on Pixiv (commissioned by Holhorse), one from an unknown artist and one from the same guy behind the AIKa fan game a.k. 78 (left to right). It seems that the blondie gets more love than the rare tanned ones sadly.. There was going to be a sequel to Lightbringer, but unfortunately Taito cancelled it without any details

5. Dungeon Travelers 2
I haven't talked about this yet here in Undertow but....I suggest you to play this game since it's loaded to the max with zakos (mostly monster musumes). It's a roguelike RPG game released for the PSP and PS Vita by Aquaplus and Atlus with a shitterton of fanservice. The game plays similarly to Wizardry, except you'll be fighting monster musumes instead of hideous normal monsters. Amongst the monsters in the game, there's one that I love. Her name is Death 13, a gun-toting girl that appears as a post-game secret boss. Other than her, there are also a bunch of lovable ones like the cute tiger Byakko and the tanned demon girl (I forgot her name sadly)
There's a little dialogue whenever you beat the boss monsters, mostly about the boss' hobbies and etc. But still, the fanservice's worth it. After defeated, they run away until you reencounter them. Currently no fanarts of them available sadly. This game also has a sequel called Dungeon Travelers 2-2, exclusive for the PS Vita
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May 26, 2015
I got too many to count, but mostly I love the Delmos. :) Also, the sexy cat lady Maenads from Titan Quest - due to the nature of the game, you can get some huge bodypiles of them, in great poses, and unlike most games nowadays, the corpses stay.
Poses like this:

Gotta love 'dem Amazon Moon Bitches. :) I think they were based on a similarly titled old black&white movie actually, Cat Women of the Moon.
Cat-Women of the Moon - Wikipedia
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Dec 21, 2015
i don't necessarily have a favorite, but there is some that i am really happy and proud of. 5 bethesda games i have proudly modded to have female enemies. Elder Scrolls games are Morrowind, Oblivion (that one is still a work in progress), and Skyrim. as well as Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I think that the zako potential with some of these games is probably greater for them than with some others since I can use console commands to kill them without problem. i use a few sneak killmove mods so i can take them out with a sleeper hold, neck snap or throat slit. there is even a sex mod i use to humiliate them while alive or dead. and the fact there are several sexy armor or clothing mods out there i use to make their outfits more "appealing". it is awesome. skyrim is the one where this has worked out best. i even modded Ceasar's Legion in New Vegas to be female, even though canonically i shouldn't do so since traditional gender roles apply for what men and women can or can't do. only reason i hate the Legion in the game, so I have to break canon to mod them. and morally i would side with the NCR since they are a democracy, but they are the only of the two main factions i can mod to be entirely female for generics since there are female soldiers in their ranks. even though i don't know how to implement this to my NV enemies mod, the "work around" i have for the women in the legion is that at the Battle of Hoover Dam, most of Ceasar's army (at least the part of the army he brought with him to the Vegas area) was wiped out. so he sent messangers back to Legion territory to gather reinforcements, but it would take a long time. so he asked a powerful tribe called the Amazons for spare warriors to temporarily fill their ranks, and their leader, Queen Hippolyta, agreed. the Amazons function much like the Legion with similar ranks and fuctions, just different names and the gender roles reversed. Women rule the tribe and fight, while men are slaves. this allows for relatively easy incorporation of the amazon warriors into the legion.


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Jun 22, 2011
two scenes stand out. When not counting fetish videos, agent aika and sandra west videos.
Paycheck: An Uma Thurman look alike attempts to seduce ben afflek, but the real uma thurman busts in and knocks her out. Afterwards they steal something from her purse while she lies with her ass right toward the camera, with form fitting tight pants that clearly show off each individual cheek. This scenario is something I imagine in my mind a lot. the idea of a doppleganger zako trying to seduce the hero only to be taken out. I like the formula of showing the zako out cold while the heroes search her for something. If only she was a little chubbier.


Mile 22: This scene is Pretty good too. Two assassins attack Mark Wahlberg and some asian guy (ironic) and they they proceed to beat the shit out of them. One of the girls is kind of thick and gets her head slammed into a counter. After the assassins are taken out you are give a brief glimpse of slouched over the counter. I wish it was longer.

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