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Thorn SDMI (Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated)

Discussion in 'SDT Requests' started by hankhankhank, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. hankhankhank

    hankhankhank Potential Patron

    Mar 9, 2014
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    Well I found it easy enough to make Dusk's and Luna's hairs (used recoloured misty hair for Dusk and Joanna Dark hair for Luna) but I was unable to find any hair like Thorn's. So I tried to make this one myself. However due to the combination of me and image editing software hating one another and my bad image editing skills I decided to scrap it, everything went well until the bloody highlights.
    Let's just say I have a metric fuck ton of respect for the hair makers/mod makers on here after trying that. You guys all deserve more praise than you get.

    Regardless though it would be nice to see Thorn SDMI done, to my knowledge she hasn't been. As such I decided to gather some images of my own.
    They appear blurry in the thumbnails (I'm guessing I messed up the scaling) but they won't be once you open the image (click on them):


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