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The Sniper Gets Shot Down (Wrestle Angels)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Corey Sniper took up position in the corner. "Yeah! Come on!" she pumped her fist, rallying the crowd. She was setting up for her Longshot superkick, named so due to the long reach she had when she leapt in for it. And she had that reach because she had long legs with which to throw it, despite her short stature.

    She pointed at Bridget Won with her index and middle finger, thumb sticking up, like a gun. She pantomimed firing it, looking to blast her with her kick. There had been a cluster in the ring, and the referee was still trying to get control of the match, dealing with getting Cindy Won out of the ring, who'd been a distraction and an interference all match.

    Corey took a two-step forward and then thrust out her leg, looking to take Bridget's head off. Bridget saw her coming and quickly Irish whipped Mighty Yukiko in the way, causing Sniper to find her mark... on her tag partner! A loud *SMACK* rang out, and the crowd let out a collective "OOOHHHHH!" as Yukiko wilted and collapsed in the ring. Bridget quickly charged at a shocked Sniper and wiped her out with a flying wheel kick, knocking her down and out of the ring. Then she darted back over to Yukiko and laid on her for the pin.

    "ONE. TWO! THREE!"

    The referee made her count and awarded the match to the Won Sisters. They celebrated as Yukiko slowly came to.

    Sniper made her way back into the ring, slowly, kneeling by Yukiko, who was starting to get dejected. She had been pinned in half a dozen matches in a row and it was starting to wear on her. Sniper helped Yukiko up, who was clearly getting annoyed.

    "It's okay, Yukiko, we'll get out of this! It's just a slump, we're okay. We win as a team and we lose as a team! We'll rebound."

    Yukiko pulled away, upset. "I just can't shake this! What is that, five in a row? No, no six... six! I've been pinned six times in a row. That's never happened to me. Never!"

    They rolled out of the ring as Sniper tried to console Yukiko. "Hey, if you lost six times, then I've lost six times. We just have to get back into the swing of things and soon enough we'll be the contenders for the tag belts! You just have to believe. We'll do it!"

    Yukiko nodded. "Yeah... yeah, I guess you're right. Come on, let's head outta here."

    Sniper started to leave, but Yukiko hung back a little. As Sniper got in front of Yukiko, she made her move. Whirling around, she grabbed a steel chair and snapped it shut. In the same movement, she swung it at Corey Sniper's back like it were an axe, as she drilled her with the metal folding chair.

    "AGH!" Sniper cried out in pain as she hit the floor, hard. The crowd gasped, horrified at what they had just seen...

    Yukiko's face told the story. Rage, anger, frustration, all danced across her features. Her eyes wild, she raised the chair again.

    "YAHHHH!" she yelled out, as she brought the chair down hard on Sniper's back again. Sniper arched and screamed as the metal was driven into her body again. The crowd was silent in shock. "No Yukiko, what are you doing??" a voice could be heard, a fan trying to talk her out of it.

    "Shut up!" she screamed. "I can't take being a loser like this!"

    Sniper had got to her hands and knees. Fury boiled over in Yukiko as she raised the chair again, then brought it down hard on Sniper's back. Sniper shrieked and was driven to the canvas again. Yukiko quivered in rage, then tossed the chair away.

    She picked Corey Sniper up by her hair, bringing her to her feet. "You're the cause of this! You damn near kicked my head off!" she yelled. She took two steps, launching Sniper over the top rope as she sailed over it to the floor outside. Sniper's body smacked off the thin pads and she groaned in pain, holding her back.

    Yukiko followed her out of the ring. Picking her up by the hair, she started yelling. "Your ass has cost me a match for the last time! The Millennium Idols are THROUGH! NO MORE!" She gritted her teeth and then launched Sniper into the barricade, slamming her back off it. She smashed off the wall and fell to the floor. The crowd let out another shocked gasp.

    Yukiko hauled Sniper up yet again, and this time, she Irish whipped her at the ringpost. Sniper bounced off the solid steel with a *thump* and spun, then fell to the floor again. Yukiko didn't care. She picked up Sniper and rolled her back into the ring.

    "muhhhh-uh, whaa..?" Sniper asked, dazed. Yukiko pulled her to her feet again, then hooked her up for a suplex. She lifted the gorgeous brunette into the air, but instead of suplexing her, she dropped sharply, spiking her with a brainbuster. Sniper took the impact mostly on her neck and shoulders, her momentum carrying her to a seated position. Her eyes rolled and she fell to her back.

    The crowd had come out of its shocked stupor... and began to rain boos on the now former idol. "YUKIKO SUCKS! YUKIKO SUCKS! YUKIKO SUCKS!" the chant started quietly, but as more and more people joined in, it got louder until it was nearly deafening.

    Yukiko clasped her ears, getting angry. "SHUT UP! I DO NOT SUCK! I'M BETTER THAN EVERYONE!!" she screamed, unheard in the ring.

    Continuing to take her misfortunes out on Corey Sniper, she picked her up again. Sniper was dazed and stumbled on her feet, but Yukiko hooked her around the waist. She popped her hips and threw Sniper backwards with a German Suplex. She slammed off the ring and rolled to a face-down position.

    Her anger unabated, she locked Sniper's arm between her legs and clamped her hands across Sniper's pretty face, hauling back on her in a crossface submission hold. Sniper squealed in pain and began frantically slapping the mat, asking for mercy from a woman now void of it. Yukiko pulled back harder, arching her former tag partner back more. Sniper screamed in pain as her neck, spine and shoulder were all wrenched on hard. She kicked her legs in a futile effort. She hit the mat harder, her hand making *thoom-thoom-thoom* sounds off the canvas as she tried to submit.

    Yukiko wasn't through. She roughly pulled Corey Sniper to her feet who was weakened and hurting. Yukiko kneed Sniper in the stomach, then hooked her head and dropped her with a sharp DDT. Her head banged off the convas and she winced, holding her head. She wanted to just lay there, hoping the beating was going to end, but Yukiko's temper was still flaring. Again she took a double handful of Sniper's long russet hair, and pulled her up. Sniper's lips were parted slightly as she was pulled up, her eyes glassy. Yukiko pulled Sniper up into what appeared to be a bearhug as Sniper's long legs closed around her sides, but she hooked Sniper's head in a front facelock and hammerlocked one of her arms, turning it into a standing hammerlock guillotine chokehold. She squeezed viciously as Sniper started slapping a submission on Yukiko's back with her free arm. For her part, Yukiko simply took the submission as her cue to continue, and so she pumped the choke hold harder. Sniper's tapping began to weaken, and then her arm dropped limply.

    Yukiko leaned forward, and then with a scream of effort, pushed herself back as she brought Sniper with her, flipping her over into a suplex. Sniper hit the canvas and lay there, motionless. Yukiko was not happy, and picked Sniper up by the hair again. Sniper moaned thickly as she was viciously pulled to her feet again. Yukiko hooked her for what looked like a vertical suplex, but when she hoisted Sniper up, she turned her a little and brought her down on her back in a seated position, a slam known as the Falcon Arrow. Sniper bounced off the canvas, beaten and hurt.

    Yukiko seethed, wanting Sniper to suffer. She forced the girl up again. Sniper could barely stand, even with Yukiko holding her. She wasn't standing much longer when Yukiko slid her onto her shoulders, bending her backward in a torture rack. Sniper's outfit covered almost only the essential parts, leaving a lot of her toned body exposed. Her hard stomach was exposed, her thighs were exposed, all the way up her sides. Much of her chest was exposed. Her boots had more material to them than her maroon coloured strung-together two piece. Yukiko used this against her as she hefted Sniper up, bending her backward and showing her body off. At the same time, the camera flashes tripled in intensity, each one capturing a lasting image of the broken beauty being stretched and bent. Sniper's mouth hung open a little as Yukiko clamped down on her chin and thigh, bouncing her in the hold and jarring her back, each bounce cutting hard into her body. Her long, loose hair swayed as Yukiko destroyed her, adding to Sniper's helplessness. Sniper moaned in pain as she was bent, which prodded Yukiko into slapping a Mandible Claw on her! She completed the hold and Sniper began to choke as her back was demolished at the same time. Her legs kicked weakly in an involuntary manner and her eyes began to flutter as the claw hold intruded on her throat. Before Sniper passed out entirely, Yukiko twisted one way, then forcefully back the other, spinning Sniper in the air and slamming her to the canvas with a neckbreaker. Sniper hit the ring mat and winced hard, holding her neck.

    "YOU BITCH!" Yukiko screamed at her. "YOU'RE WORTHLESS!" She picked up Sniper, who was limp by this point and offered no resistance. Bending her over, she grabbed her around the waist, and then picked her up, holding her upside down. The commentators, who had been demonizing Yukiko for the last few minutes, began to panic.

    "No, no, not a piledriver... these are banned! Yukiko, don't do it! Don't-"

    WHAM! Yukiko dropped Sniper on her head with it. Corey Sniper's body folded up and, had she not been limp before, was certainly now. She flopped to the canvas on her back.

    "My God, Yukiko dropped her with a piledriver... there could be so much damage done! Those were banned from Wrestle Angels for a reason! What the hell has gone wrong in her head? That is going to be a massive fine..."

    Yukiko exited the ring and retrieved the chair she had slammed across Sniper's back earlier. Rolling back in the ring, she opened the chair. She then stuck Sniper's head in through the opening between the seat and the backrest. Looking out at the crowd, they were aghast that Yukiko was capable of such an act. She couldn't do it, could she? They found out that she could, as she stomped on the chair. Sniper immediately began spasming and writhing as if she had grabbed a live wire, clawing at her throat as she pushed the chair off her, laying still.

    Yukiko looked at the fallen beauty, and then climbed the turnbuckle. Standing backwards, she pushed off suddenly, flying through the air with a Mightysault, her moonsault finisher. She crash landed on Sniper, who wheezed and coughed a couple times, jackknifing. She settled back to the canvas, groaning in pain.

    Yukiko looked down at her, and then walked over to the turnbuckle again. Pointing her finger in the air, she signaled she was going up again. The crowd booed harshly, voicing their disapproval, but it mattered not. Yukiko took off again and tumbled backward in another graceful but deadly Mightysault. Her body slammed into Sniper's, plastering her. Corey Sniper folded up again and came to rest on her side, curled into a ball.

    Yukiko was still not through. She spit on Sniper, then made her way over to the turnbuckle a third time, the boos pouring down now. People began to throw things in the ring. Referees came down trying to protect Sniper as Yukiko scaled the turnbuckle again. She waved angrily at them to move, but they didn't. Not until Yukiko took off, and then they scrambled to get out of her way so she didn't hit them. She smashed into Sniper with a third moonsault, who was still on her side. Sniper took the blow and didn't react, having been beat to unconsciousness.

    Referees finally separated Yukiko from the prone Corey Sniper as they called EMTs to the ring. While the EMTs tended to Sniper, who had not moved an inch since the trio of moonsaults crushed her, Thunder Ryuko hit the ring. She rolled in and got Yukiko's attention with a shove in the shoulder.

    "Hey!" she yelled out, as Yukiko spun to face her. "What the hell has gotten into you? Do you know how badly you've hurt her? And for what? A little frustration! You're better than that, Yukiko, you're better than that!"

    Yukiko nodded her head, raising her hands and nodding as she backed off. "Okay, okay... you're right, I've been-"

    Yukiko struck like a viper with a low blow. Ryuko howled in pain, doubling over. Yukiko pulled her close, wrapping her arms around Ryuko's waist. Wild-eyed, she hoisted Ryuko upside down, and then dropped her with a piledriver as well. Thunder Ryuko landed with a thump and rolled to her side, holding her neck and wincing, clenching her teeth and breathing hard.

    Yukiko looked around, and saw the EMTs taking Sniper away. Yukiko left the ring and ran after them, swatting them away from the stretcher. Yukiko commandeered Sniper's stretcher, slapping her in the face a couple times to wake her up. Sniper opened her eyes and saw Yukiko.

    Yukiko grabbed Corey Sniper and pulled her off the stretcher. Sniper yelped in surprise and a little fear, as Yukiko continued assaulting her. She pulled Sniper close, who was in no position to do anything at all to stop her. Turning her around, she grabbed Sniper's arms and locked her into a cobra clutch. Corey Sniper reached her arm out for help that wasn't coming as Yukiko bore down on the hold, choking her tightly. She wrenched the choke, shaking Sniper and ragdolling her a little. Sniper's limbs and her eyes got heavy, as the choke took its toll on her. She tried staving it off as much as she could, but Yukiko had her locked up hard. She wouldn't have been able to fight out of it even if she hadn't just taken the severe beating she had. Finally, as a last insult to her consciousness, she was only just coherent enough to know she was wetting herself, unable to control it. Her arm dropped, her eyes closed, and her body went limp as Yukiko suspended her with the choke.

    After Yukiko had embarrassed, humiliated, and physically destroyed the poor woman, she placed her unconscious body back on the stretcher.

    "No.. no please, Yukiko, don't do this..." the commentators implored... but Yukiko was a woman of determination. She got a running start and flung the stretcher off the stage to the floor below.

    "No, no no no NO YUKIKO!"

    The stretcher containing Sniper flew off the stage, and Sniper fell clear of it. The stretcher fell on its side, and Sniper landed hard on it, tumbling off it and landing on the floor in a heap.

    "My God, what the hell has Yukiko done?!" the announcers were in a mix of shock and disgust.

    Yukiko celebrated her destruction of Sniper on the stage as the show went off the air. The announcers closed out the program as the cameras panned around Sniper.

    "There is going to be hell to pay in the future, both from the office for her actions and from the other wrestlers. What we have seen here today folks, is nothing short of a disgrace. Yukiko, you have become nothing more than a disgrace to your fans, to the other wrestlers... to the children who idolized you. I sincerely hope you're happy with what a monster you have become."
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    Ah, the sweet, sweet taste of betrayal.

    *laps it up*

    Nice to see Yukiko on the other side of things for once and always nice to see Corey on the receiving end. Maybe next time the Won sisters can join in.
  3. Raden

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    While it is always nice to hear that people like something you've put out there, at the same time I do have to keep the forum clean, so as such I've had to remove the last couple posts. Just saying "Nice story", while nice to hear, can also be conveyed with the like button.

    But thank you for the comments anyway, I do appreciate them and I'm glad you all enjoyed it!