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[Street Fighter] - Her First Round

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Ryona_Scribe, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Ryona_Scribe

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    Sakura Kasugano was an aspiring martial artist, with full intent to be the greatest fighter of all. However, her large dreams were held back by several very important factors. For example, she didn't know much about making amazing entrances or awesome one liners. She also needed a super secret training ground and mastery of a style of oriental history that many know of but few ever dare to actually learn. One final thing on her list was a side kick, because every legendary travelling martial artist needs a side kick. Someone who will carry bags, fetch drinks, act in a goofy manner, and not mind being stared at while doing yoga in a leotard while her mentor is watching.

    After deciding on her attire, Sakura set out into the streets of London, where she figured the weaker fighters of the world tend to gather for tea and beatings. Her battle
    gimmick was that of a japanese school girl, sure to throw her opponent off their game and allow for her (somewhat unrefined) karate to finish the job.

    Street fighting was a sure way to earn popularity, experience, and money. Seeing as she spent all of her funds just reaching London, a good fight is just what she needed to get some grub and a place to stay that wasn't either found in the trash or made of cardboard. And that applies to both scenarios. Not paying much mind, Sakura eventually came across an alley where a group of people had gathered, shouting and waving money. Curious, Sakura slid and pushed her way to the front of the crowd just in time to see what she so desired. A tough guy in jeans and a wife beater just took a mutilating drop kick to the jaw, sending him to the ground in a bloody mess. Some people in the crowd cheered, some complained and stormed away, all because the guy was knocked out by a woman a quarter his size.

    She was not much taller than Sakura herself, but her body was rather toned. She wore a rather daring green leotard that revealed her bare arms and legs, the latter of which had green paint streaks from her upper legs down to her shins. She had heavy duty boots and thick padded gauntlets, and upon her head was a red beret. Her face was rather cute, with a small scar tarnishing one of her cheeks. Her long blonde hair was tied into twin braids reaching just under her exposed rear. The most amusing aspect of her hair, however, was a small tuft of long bangs that poked out from her slicked-back hair and dangled before her face. Sakura made sure to check more important aspects of the woman's physique, such as breast size. To the japanese girl's delight, the female fighter was not very well endowed, which quickly dashed Sakura's fears. The woman may have a strong body and a sexy costume, but if she didn't have the goods then she couldn't be very strong. Just to point out, it was not a matter of jealousy at all. Really.

    "Hey you," Sakura called out as she stepped over the fallen male fighter, "what's your name?"

    The woman, who had been more focused on what appeared to be a cell phone, turned her attention to Sakura. She took a moment to observe Sakura from head to toe, but felt less than impressed. She was about as tall as a teenage girl would be, and while she appeared to have some level of physical training she was nothing to take great note of. She wore a japanese seifuku with a white shirt and yellow tie. Her skirt was blue and almost reached her knees, and adorning her feet was a pair of red sneakers. She had on red padded gloves, and rather interestingly she wore a pink headband that was long enough that, even when tied around her forehead, reached her lower back. Her hair was a short brown mess, and she beamed with confidence that appeared unfounded. The fighter sighed at the sight of Sakura's top being short enough to expose her belly button, and her top was open to almost show cleavage. Almost.

    "Go out the way you came and take a right on Little College Street," the fighter said as she pointed behind Sakura, "and you'll find the Westminster School." The woman returned her attention to her phone, but Sakura spoke up.

    "I don't go to that school."

    "Oh, I assumed you were lost."

    "I know exactly where I am," Sakura spoke with an annoyed tone as she pointed at the woman, "right here getting ready to kick the crap out of you!" With a sigh, the woman closed her phone and slid it into her boot, her movements making the crowd behind her quite glad to have picked their location to spectate.

    "You want to fight me? I must warn you, I have plenty of-" Her words, however, were cut short by Sakura's gloating.

    "I have trained since I was a toddler! I'm gonna prove to the world I am the greatest fighter out there!"

    "I must ask," the fighter spoke as she folded her arms, "have you ever heard of a martial artist with military training by the name of Cammy White?"

    "Psh," Sakura scoffed as she raised her fists, "I don't know that loser, why should I care?"

    "No reason in particular," the woman said as she readied her stance, "but just so you know..."

    The fighter suddenly rushed Sakura, completely taking her by surprise. Sakura blocked a high punch, but was unprepared for a high knee that struck her chin. Sakura tried to recover but her opponent quickly jumped upwards, bringing both feet against the teenage girl's chest and forcing her back with a harsh shove. Sakura lost her footing and fell backwards but with a rolling motion she returned to her feet while regaining the air she lost from the sudden shove. As she rose, however, she noticed her opponent jumping towards her. The woman's body was kept straight as a pencil, her arms folded in an 'x' across her chest as she spun in circles towards Sakura. As Sakura tried to make sense of the movement, the opponent landed on her feet before her and unleashed a short-range punch outwards that landed heavily against her chest, knocking the wind from her sails and sending her flying backwards. The crowd quickly parted as Sakura flew by, hitting the ground and skidding to a stop in a heap.

    A moment of silence followed until the crowd started laughing and pointing at Sakura. The woman approached Sakura's prone form and stepped over her, her boots placed beside the girl's hips. She placed her hands on her knees as she bent over, looking down at Sakura's face.

    "I am Cammy White. As you are, you don't even have a name. Bow out now, or risk really getting hurt."

    Sakura's eyes fluttered open as she grabbed Cammy's dangling braids with both hands, following with both feet kicking upwards against Cammy's stomach and knocking her backwards. Sakura pulled herself up using Cammy's braids, pulling the british fighter close as a result, until the two were close enough to touch noses.

    "I'm Sakura Kasugano," said the girl cheerfully, "and like I said, I'm gonna kick the crap out of you!"

    Sakura pulled Cammy's braids down and kneed Cammy in the gut before grabbing the back of her neck and holding her in a bent-over position, sending punch after punch into Cammy's stomach. Suddenly a palm strike to the side of the head shook Sakura's world and caused her to stop her assault, giving Cammy time to stand up and backhand Sakura. The teenage girl staggered backwards but Cammy grabbed her yellow neck cloth, holding her in place. Showing signs of annoyance, Cammy raised the cloth to get a better view of Sakura's stomach before raising her leg and shooting a blurred kick to the exposed belly twice, releasing her grip on Sakura with the second kick. As Sakura fell to the ground, she soon stood back up with her fists raised. Sakura was panting, but Cammy seemed generally unharmed despite the hits Sakura landed.

    "Spectators," Cammy spoke calmly, not breaking eye contact with Sakura, "I am accepting Sakura's challenge. You may place wagers as you please, but I do not expect payment for my victory as I did with my previous opponent. Sakura, this fight will be over when one of us begs the other to stop. Wherever we go in this fight is fair ground, and whatever we find around us is open for use. This is a street fight. Are we clear?"

    "Yeah," Sakura said with a panting nod, "crystal clear. I just wanna show you who's boss."

    "My objective is now to break you. Beginning misson."

    Cammy rushed at Sakura once more, Sakura quickly covering her face with her arms to block a punch. However, Cammy instead ducked low and stretched out one leg, catching Sakura in the throat. Pushing herself from the ground with her other leg, Cammy lifted Sakura into the air with a painful kick, sending both of the women into a window of a building. The crowd was less than pleased and began to scatter, though some stayed behind to observe further. Inside of the building, Cammy found herself in a stairwell, with glass laying across the floor. Confused, she looked around for Sakura's body, though the sound of coughing told her she was upstairs. The femme fatale rushed up the stairs, quickly catching up to Sakura who had just reached the top floor, slamming the door shut behind her. Cammy kicked the door open as she walked onto the roof.

    Suddenly a foot crashed into Cammy's ribs, sending her to the ground. Sakura was immediately upon her, straddling her waist and punching wildly at Cammy's upper torso and face. Cammy easily blocked the punches until she had a clear shot, and with a single wide swing of her fist, she struck Sakura's jaw and knocked her to the side. Sakura shook her head to clear it as she looked over at Cammy, who brought her legs around to kick Sakura across the face, forcing her flat to the ground. Keeping momentum, Cammy stylishly twisted her body until her legs were under her, enabling her to stand with ease. She approached Sakura and kicked the girl in the ribs, getting a grunt from her as she tried once more to recover.

    "My Cannon Spike didn't miss. I know I hit you in the throat. How is it you managed to recover so quickly?"

    Ignoring the question, Sakura quickly stood, attempting an uppercut at Cammy. Cammy barely avoided it, responding with a rough knee to Sakura's stretched side. Sakura coughed and folded from the blow, but she was unable to recover before her opponent began to barrage her face with a combination of jabs and swings with both fists. Sakura stepped back with each hit as Cammy struck her face over and over with her gloved knuckles, landing blow after blow on the dazed girl. Finally reaching a wall, the japanese martial artist was unable to even collapse as Cammy's assault continued. Punch after punch, rattling Sakura and draining her vision. Sakura suddenly lunged at Cammy, wrapping her arms around Cammy's waist and running forward. Cammy tried to keep her balance as she held tightly to Sakura, attempting to halt her advance. Finally stopping her, Cammy used her own strength to turn around and throw Sakura behind her.

    Sakura hit the ground roughly, taking her time to recover. Cammy stretched her neck a bit as she casually walked towards her fallen opponent. As she did so, she took a moment to look over her work. Sakura lifted her gaze to meet Cammy's own, her face bruised and blood dripping from her nose, mouth, and one cheek. Cammy smirked as she stretched her legs, maintaining eye contact with Sakura.

    "I'll have you know, my punches are nothing to my kicks. But my specialty is submissions. I'll gradually get rougher with you, and if you pass out I can just drag you to the nearby river. Some cold water'll bring you about, no problem." Sakura slowly rose to her feet, though she stumbled a bit as she did so. Cammy admired Sakura's grit, and decided to offer her but one chance to save herself for another day.

    "If you give up now, this will be over." After some silence, Sakura chuckled as she wiped some blood from her face.

    "I like to keep important motivating lines in my head that people tell me. The first I ever heard was that I am too stupid to know when to quit." Cammy smirked as she tightened her gloves.

    "Here is one for your library. You would have been smarter to give up and save yourself some pain. But pain is a funny thing, since it can teach you things that nothing, not even victory, will ever teach you."

    Sakura rose to her feet and rushed at Cammy, who easily caught her and lifted her by her shirt. After glancing to the side, Cammy walked Sakura over to the edge of the building before releasing her. To the teenager's horror, Sakura plummeted to the ground. As she fell, she was slowed by lines used to hang clothing, her body being hung up as she fell. The lines held strong, shrugging the girl off as she passed, leaving small tears across her shirt until she finally landed on a closed garbage bin, her body denting into it. Cammy deftly leaped from wall to wall, making her way to the ground safely. As she prepared to check Sakura's condition, the japanese girl rolled off of the bin to the ground. Groggily, she rose to her feet, genuinely surprising Cammy.

    Cammy was taken by surprise even moreso at the sudden tossing of Sakura's shoes, which Cammy reflexively caught with both hands. In that moment, Sakura ran at her and landed a shoulder check to Cammy's chest, knocking her backwards against a wall. Cammy coughed and wheezed, trying to get air back into her lungs. Instinctively she knew Sakura would rush her again, but... It never came. Cammy looked to Sakura, and noticed that her opponent was also bent over, wheezing to the ground. Cammy approached Sakura, but her opponent had one last effort within her. As Cammy reached for Sakura's hair, she suddenly uppercutted Cammy, striking her far harder than before. Cammy stumbled backwards, but recovered quickly enough to grab Sakura's wrist. Cammy's eyes widened, noticing a leather belt tightly wound around her fist.

    "I snagged it from a laundry line," Sakura muttered with a smirk, "on my way down..." Cammy easily took the belt from Sakura, loosening it enough to lasso it around the girl's neck, quickly tightening it until it was almost choking her.

    "That was clever. Beg now, or you will suffer." Cammy spoke calmly, without even a hint of mercy. Sakura's smile didn't change as she muumbled her response.

    "I heard that pain was interesting... Because of the lessons it can teach..." After a moment of silence, Cammy tightened the belt around Sakura's neck, causing her to choke and claw at the leather.

    "Very well."

    As Sakura's hands gripped the belt, Cammy kicked at her legs, dropping her to the ground. The british fighter then walked down the alley, dragging her opponent along the ground as she made her way to a trash can. Upon examining the inside of it, she discovered it empty. Perfect. Cammy grabbed Sakura's hair and brought her to her feet before ripping the pink headband from her and tossing it aside. With a single motion, Cammy lifted Sakura into the air and dropped her head-first into the trash can, placing the lid on it afterwards. Cammy took a step back, then sent a harsh kick straight into the can, denting deep into the center. A loud groan and cough informed Cammy of her accuracy, and with a couple of harsh kicks to the sides of the can, the dent was mostly fixed. Cammy then shoved the lid of the can deeper in, lodging it inside and effectively sealing it. With a shove, the can fell to its side with Sakura still within it, and a foot shove sent it rolling down a hill.

    The trash can rolled out of the alley, across the road with active traffic, and down a grassy hill until it smashed roughly against a park bench. The lid of the can was knocked off from the impact, but nothing else came out. Cammy finally reached the trash can, checking inside. Without changing her expression, Cammy lifted the bottom of the can, dumping a battered Sakura out of it. Cammy glanced around, finding no one in sight. Sakura coughed and began to sit up, but a sudden strike with the metal trash can lid sent her to the ground.

    Cammy grabbed Sakura's shirt and brought her to her feet, ripping the shirt and lowering it around her arms, effectively pinning them to her sides and exposing her white bra. Sakura did her best to stand still, but her world was still spinning. As she began to fall, Cammy quickly grabbed her head to hold her still, long enough for Cammy to headbutt Sakura, causing her to crumble to the dirt. Cammy walked to the nearby river, carrying the trash can with her as she went. Scooping it full of water, Cammy placed it beside the river and retrieved Sakura, dragging her limp body to the can of water. With one hand gripping her lowered shirt and another gripping her hair, Cammy dunked Sakura's head under the cold water.

    After a moment, Sakura began to struggle which caused Cammy to raise her out of the water.


    Without a response, Cammy dunked Sakura under the water, ignoring her struggles for almost a minute before finally letting her back up.


    Sakura still didn't respond, earning a kick to her stomach that brought her to her knees. As Sakura kneeled before Cammy, she recieved kick after kick across her face, the strikes coming so quickly she couldn't collapse. Blood shot from her face as the blows kept coming, her body almost becoming a rag doll as she jerked in every direction a foot sent her. Finally Cammy took a moment to catch her breath, allowing the beaten girl to finally collapse. Rolling Sakura onto her back, Cammy placed a shin across Sakura's neck as she drove a thumb deep into Sakura's stomach. Sakura choked out a scream as Cammy dug her thumb deeper and deeper, threatening to break the skin in the process. Standing up, Cammy gave a sudden stomp on Sakura's shoulder, almost dislocating it entirely. Sakura cried out in pain, but Cammy was far from finished.

    The blonde torturer walked beside the filled trash can, tilting it over and dumping the frigid water all over Sakura's body. The japanese girl sputtered and choked out water as Cammy grabbed her shoulders, lifting her to her feet. Unable to resist, Sakura was then dragged over to the bench she had previously crashed into. Cammy ripped the shirt from Sakura's body, finally freeing her arms. She then pressed her body against Sakura's, looking into her eyes as she was cornered against the back of the bench. Cammy then gripped Sakura's throat with one hand, slowly lowering her backwards over the back of the bench. Sakura's lower back twisted over the back of the bench, whether or not she was flexible enough to handle it. Sakura tried to grip Cammy's hand, but it was pointless. She felt her stomach stretch out as her spine was bent into a perfect 'u'. Satisfied with Sakura's positioning, Cammy reeled back and sent a hard hit deep into Sakura's lower stomach, lifting the fist as it pressed into the girl's body. Cammy released her grip on Sakura's neck as she delivered this punch, causing her to suddenly sit up and fold over Cammy's arm, doing her best to hold in the contents of her stomach. Not having eaten recently, Sakura could only heave as Cammy lifted her fist, bringing Sakura to the tips of her toes before finally moving aside so she may fall.

    Noticing people begin to arrive on business of their own, Cammy lifted Sakura and carried her to a more private location, intending to continue the "mission". That night, in an empty building, Cammy sat in a chair with her legs crossed, her gauntlets covered in dirt and blood. She looked over the body of a motionless japanese schoolgirl who hung from a chain attached to the ceiling. Her gloves were gone, and her wrists were tied over her head to the chain. Her head was lowered, making her face unable to be seen though blood dripped from various places. Her bra barely clung to her sweat and bruise-covered body, small cuts evident around her torso. Her skirt also barely held, being torn in several places and one side hanging down on her waist low enough to show a somewhat-torn pair of panties. Her legs were in bad shape, one looking nearly broken. One of her socks was missing, and several trails of blood trickled down her legs.

    Cammy stood from her chair and approached Sakura, speaking quietly into her ear.

    "Are we done?" Cammy waited for a reply, which eventually came from the still-motionless body.


    "Good enough." Cammy spoke in the same tone, her voice returning to normal level as she stood back with her arms folded. "You have guts, and you are stubborn. You have natural talent and raw energy, but no focus. I know someone who can likely help train you. Would you like that?"
    Sakura lifted her head barely an inch before lowering it again, Cammy taking the motion as a nod.

    "Some advice. First of all, pink doesn't suit you at all, red and white does. The schoolgirl gimmick is cute, but you are just a play thing if you run around in a sailor fuku the whole time. Wear some shorts under the skirt, and try a sports bra or something under the top. Nothing wrong with looking cute, but practicality trumps all. Understand?"

    Sakura made a similar nodding motion, making Cammy smirk.

    "Now, hang around for a bit. I need to make a call."


    How is it hanging, everyone? ...Too soon, I know. As I cruised about the site, creepily stalking some forums and listening in on the conversations of others being posted throughout, I took notice of something. Chun Li is pretty popular, even more so than the legendary Wonder Woman. On one hand, that is peculiar. On the other, that is interesting. I hadn't thought to take a swing at Street Fighter, but... I think I will do so wholesale. I intend to say "hello" to each and every lady I can think of from Street Fighter, and who better to do visit the ladies than this site's #1 favorite girl...'s trainee? I know the two don't have much canon relations, but the fanbase generally has Sakura train under Chun Li when not at Dan's place. This will be a bit of an alternate continuity, and just the beginning of something bigger. If all works out, I just may make a short series out of this. Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know any opinions regarding it. In the meantime, I hear another series needing some attention.

    Have a fun-filled day, everyone. Hopefully with the election being over, people can start resting easy.

    Ryona Scribe
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    Not really into Sakura ryona, but nice to see someone making a story of her since I know other people here love Sakura :D
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    Sounds like a great idea, and I say shoot for it. Not only is it nice to finally have some reading material on my favorite SF girl for a change, but I'm also into stories that have an evolving plot personally. Sakura and Chun-Li are on pretty friendly terms as of SF4 (and so are Cammy and Sakura,ironically in tune to how this story is, but yeah, alternate reality), so this shouldn't be too much of a stretch. However you want to spin it, I'll definitely be reading myself when it comes out.