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Sep 10, 2015
Hello once more, everyone! It's me and lasthero again, with another collab between us for you all.

This one's interesting, since it's actually a theoretical "bad end" of an actual episode. Now I don't expect you to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Sailor Moon plots, so go ahead and watch the (officially hosted, non bootleg) episode here:

VIZ: Sailor Moon #96 Coldhearted Uranus: Makoto in Danger

Then you should be good to go for this story.


Make Up!


Makoto screamed.

A good deal of it was due to the pain; she had been taken off-guard by a Daimon in her civilian guise, and was now having her "heart" slowly extracted via some sort of mystical power. Energy crackled all around her as a small black orb began to form in front of her chest, soon to contain a literal crystallization of her purity. It almost went without saying that having such a major portion of her soul flayed away was - among many other things - excruciating.

But that was not the only reason why she shrieked. Her wails, while obviously pained, were also those of a heartbroken lover.

The only reason she was at these docks in the first place was because she was invited here by Haruka Tenou. A handsome, tomboyish girl, Makoto as of late had begun to... admire her? Was that the word? It didn't quite sit right in her mind, failing to touch upon so many facets of what she felt for the short-haired woman. Haruka was cool. She was tough. The was calm and collected and... well, dreamy.

Makoto had an especially terrible track record with boys, never catching the eye of those she fell for. But Haruka made her heart race and body grow warm in ways she had never known before, even with the dreamboats she had always struck out with. Following an accident the previous day involving very close contact with this woman, Makoto had begun to wonder if she was fishing in entirely the wrong waters.

She had resolved to confront Haruka with her feelings, using the return of a scarf the tomgirl had lent to her as a pretense for tracking her down and getting her alone. She had lost the cloth during a monster attack, but as if cupid himself was guiding her Haruka contacted her with a request for a "date". It all seemed so perfect, too good to be true.

Apparently, it was.

The monster from before resurfaced, along with its master, and struck once more. Haruka actually tried to fend it off, but the creature blew her and her friend away before turning to seize Makoto herself. She did not get to see where they landed, but if it did any harm to her...

Makoto's fuming was cut off as a fresh surge of energy ripped through her body, and she cried anew as she convulsed in the grip of her assailant. Knowing that she had to find a way to get free, the helpless girl took in as much as she could about the monster.

Humanoid in appearance, Makoto would have pegged it as kind of cute in any other situation. It was dressed in a tight red cocktail dress, complete with matching arm warmers. It's pale skin had a slight purple tone, and pink furry ears somewhat resembling those of a cat jutted out from a fancy green bobcut. It's glittery pupiless blue eyes bore into her, and it gave her a wide smile with her fanged teeth.


...However, it did not seem to be the brightest of creatures. That was pretty much all it had said so far. Granted, in the current situation it did not need to.

The ribbons on the back of the Daimon's dress had extended and wrapped around Makoto, squeezing her tightly against the strange creature. While Makoto was tall for her age, this thing was clearly based off of a fully grown body, meaning that she still only came up to about chest height on the beast. Which was just perfect for the creature itself. It's specific method of extracting Heart Crystals was apparently through a black star mark on her left breast, which was now exposed to allow its energies to run wild. Of all the places to put i-

Makoto watched with despair as a new pulse surged from the mark, crashing against her like tidal waves on her soul. She had thought that her vocal chords were too worn by now to let her continue screaming, but was proven so very wrong.


Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou watched from a distance.

Wait, no. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune watched from a distance, as the girl before them slowly died.

Haruka tried her best to block out the wails, and reminded herself that this was for the greater good. The force sending out Daimons were doing so to find three unique heart crystals containing special talismans, with which they would harness to either accidentally or purposely destroy all life as it was currently known.This had been foreseen, there was no doubt of the doom they would bring about if allowed. They seemed to have a near-limitless amount of resources, and whoever was really behind it all kept himself too well hidden to attack directly. Their only bet to save Earth from destruction was to allow the minions to actually find the crystals needed, then steal them away at the last moment.

Which meant that sacrifices had to be made. Sacrifices such as this girl.

Haruka was well aware of Makoto's crush on her. She also knew that the girl was a very pure-hearted sort, a prime suspect for carrying a talisman in her crystal. So she and Michiru had lured her out here under the guise of a "date", allowed themselves to be knocked away when the monster predictably reappeared, and transformed into their Scout forms as the creature and her master slowly pried out their prize. When they were finally finished Uranus and Neptune would swoop in, steal it right out of their hands, and then vanish; forever denying them the possibility of bringing all three together.

"I can't help but feel bad for her." Neptune mumbled, trying not to wince in empathy with every new jolt that cut through the schoolgirl.

"I know," Uranus replied, "But you also know how much is on the line h-"

Her justification was cut short as a new voice chimed in nearby, and things got... complicated.


Kaolinite, the "assistant" sent out to create and guide the Daimons on their quest for the talismans, idly floated above watching everything unfold. All was going smoothly for once; No snags, no interruptions, and best of all no Sailor Sc-

Her Daimon - dubbed "Scarf" due to the item it was created out of - let out a cry of surprise as a ball of fire grazed its shoulder. In a panic it ceased its harvesting and drew back, leaving the girl to shakily stand on her own power.

"That's enough!"

With a furrowed brow and a heavy sigh Kaolinite turned towards the new voice, already knowing what would be there and hating it all the while.

Yep. The Sailor Scouts. They even found some park-modern-art abomination to perch on top of for their big introduction. Of course. Of course.

"You evil monsters that grab a pure girl's heart!" The leader with the enormous pigtails began, immediately rolling into the standard opening speech. "We, the Pretty Sailor Scouts, will never forgive y-"

The usual lecture was mercifully cut short as a large ball of yellow energy collided against the structure she was standing upon, shattering it to pieces and sending her hurtling to the ground. The rest of the Scouts were not far behind, as a tidal wave of water rose out of seemingly nowhere to sweep them off their perches.

Kaolinite quickly shifted her attention to the source of these attacks, finding two more Sailor Scouts ready for battle. But not against her.



The four usual Scouts were splayed all over the place, sputtering and dazed, as the two outsider Scouts advanced upon them. It was eventually Sailor Mercury who regained her bearings first, asking the obvious question as she rose to her feet.

"What are you doing? Are you helping the monsters now? Why?"

She was met with a punch to the jaw from Uranus, followed by a straight kick to the stomach laying her out on her back.

"We can't let you interrupt this." Uranus stated flatly as she stood over the re-dazed Scout. "Too much could be lost here if you interfere. Neptune?"

With a nod Neptune focused her energy once more, and summoned a new tidal wave to sweep the Scouts further away inland. The two followed shortly thereafter, committed to making sure that the well meaning do-gooders did not accidentally bungle everything.


Kaolinite scratched her head as the Scouts retreated/advanced, not quite sure what to make of what was going on there. Oh well. The real important thing here was that her job just got a lot easier.

"Scarf!" she shouted down to her monstrous minion. "Now is your chance to..."

Both Kaolinite and Scarf watched in amazement as the girl they were trying to harvest was enveloped in brilliant light, only to reappear wearing a very familiar outfit.

This was the green Sailor Scout? Was there any Scout that didn't show up? Was that idiot with the top hat also lurking around nearby?

Whatever. They now had a single Scout all by herself. This was a chance to do a good deal more than just nab a talisman.

"Scarf..." Kaolinite growled as dark energy began to form around one of her outstretched hands. "Harvest this Scout's Pure Heart Crystal... then dispose of her."


She could do this.

She was alone and still a bit weak from the wringers she was already put through, but Sailor Jupiter knew that she could pull this off. She was always one of the best fighters on the team, and this "Scarf" thing was not exactly the most intimidating of-

Jupiter was forced to take a step back as Kaolinite shot down a beam of energy... directly at her own minion. It hit the Daimon square-on, for a moment engulfing it entirely in an inky haze. Too late Jupiter realized that it was not an attack so much as a gift; Kaolinite, wanting to make the most of this opportunity, had just "upgraded" her usually disposable minion.

As the energy cleared, Jupiter found that Scarf had... not changed at all.

At least, not physically.

Scarf now stood straight and tall, as opposed to the somewhat animalistic hunch she tended to favor before. The fingers on her hands were slowly balling and releasing repeatedly, as if in anticipation to grab hold of something. Her somewhat dopey smile had turned into a sultry half-grin, and the previously vacant eyes now burned with an alluringly dangerous fire.

With a deceptively casual air - like a model heading down a catwalk - the monstrous woman slowly sashayed towards Jupiter. As she approached, she purred what very well may have been her first ever complete sentence.

"Come to mommy, lover-girl."

It would be impossible to tell from the look on her face, the way she licked her lips, and the way she slowly strutted towards Sailor Jupiter, but the being known as Scarf was in deep thought. Half of those brain processes were devoted to the havoc she intended to wreck on the helpless little fawn in front of her, but the other half were focused on more philosophical subjects. Like, for instance, the fact that she actually had brain processes, now.

Scarf could remember a few things about her existence, enough to know that a few seconds ago she’d been far, far less intelligent. Kaolinite gave her a brain boost, it seemed, and it was working. Oh, was it working. She could reason. She could think. She could deduce. Her brain filled with knowledge that she hadn’t possessed moments ago, knowledge that she could process and utilize. It would’ve been a strange feeling for any sentient being, but for someone who’d been an inanimate object only hours ago, it was staggering. When this was over, she’d have many deep, existential questions to ask.

When this was over. Even though she was smarter now, priorities hadn’t changed. Her reason to exist remained the same: extraction of the Pure Heart Crystal. Granted, Kaolinite had only told her to get the Crystal and kill the girl. There was a lot of latitude in those orders, and with the other Scouts so thoroughly distracted, she had some time to work.

For the first time in her existence - an existence that was partly composed of her being a simple scarf - she could actually have fun with something. She had no idea what her life span was, or if Kaolinite would let her live after her mission was complete. She was going to take advantage of this opportunity.

Scarf approached Sailor Jupiter with her hands on her hips, high-heels tapping along the cement as she advanced. No sudden moves. Nothing to get her prey too excited just yet. It was far too satisfying to see the look in Jupiter’s eyes right now. She didn't want to ruin it.

That look was one of confusion, caution, and maybe a tinge of fear, though Makoto would never admit that last one. She and the other Scouts had dealt with how many monsters up to this point? Hundreds? While the shapes and sizes and abilities had changed over time, she’d come to see certain patterns. Most of the home brewn enemies just attacked straightaway, didn't put much thought into their movements, acted like animals with some basic speaking abilities. Some of them weren't even up to that level.

The dumb ones were typically easy enough to handle, especially with all five Scouts. But the ones that didn't attack on the spot, the ones that looked like they were taking real time to consider their movements? Those were the ones you had to worry about.

Makoto stepped back as the Daimon continued her alluring advance, moving like a model down the runway. Options raced through her mind - she could try to regroup with the other Scouts. This was getting messier and messier by the second, and getting back with the team could help her piece together a plan.

Then again, she didn't like the idea of turning her back to this thing, either…

“You can't run away, Makoto.”

Scarf snapped her from of her thoughts; though it wasn't merely her words that did the trick, but what she said. The Daimon said her name. Her real name. It shouldn't have surprised her, really, given the way things had gone down. She saw her transform. She had to know. But hearing her name spoken aloud after she’d changed into Sailor Jupiter was not an experience she was used to, and she really didn't want to. Particularly not the way Scarf said, with an air of familiarity, as if the two of them were good friends.

Makoto straightened up and balled her fists, glaring at the enemy, and Scarf stopped walking at the sight. That was the only change, though. She was still smiling. Her wide hips were still cocked to the side, with her hand still sliding up and down her side, moving as if she was feeling her body for the first time. Which, come to think of it, she probably was. “Who said anything about running away, blueberry?”

Scarf closed her eyes and enjoyed a little chuckle at that. Her first nickname. She liked it. “Oh, you didn't say it. But I can tell. It's all over the way you move.”

“Keep dreaming.” Sailor Jupiter started to strafe around Scarf, slowly sliding into her flanks. “You're new, so let me clue you into a little something: Scouts don’t run from a fight. Especially not this one.” Makoto kept her eyes locked on Scarf every step of the way, looking for some opening, any movement. There were none, except for the subtle shifting of her head as she watched the Sailor Scout move. “If you think that's how this works, then you don't know the first thing about me.”

That got a louder, longer laugh out of Scarf as she turned just enough to face Makoto in full, scraping her heel along the pavement as she pivoted.

“Oh, baby, baby, baby.” Despite Scarf not having any pupils, Makoto could somehow still sense that the monster’s gaze was traveling up and down her body, looking at her in a way that would have left her blushing if it had been from a man. From the Daimon, though, it simply made Makoto’s skin crawl.

”I know plenty about you.” One of Scarf’s ribbons dropped down from around her wrist, unfurling at her feet. “And before we’re done here, I'll know a lot more.”


You might think that having a two-on-one advantage would make taking down Uranus and Neptune a relatively easy task for the Scouts, and that was a relatively safe assumption...until you took into account that Outer Scouts were overall more powerful than any two of them together. More skilled, more experienced, tougher, stronger, faster, fiercer

The Inner Scouts had improved as a team since they'd met. Not perfect, but better. But the truth was that the numbers advantage was the only one they had here, and it just wasn't enough. Sailor Mercury figured this out around the third time Uranus kneed her in the stomach.

“Ugh! Ugh! Guh!” The other Scouts were currently busy being swept away by another wave from Neptune. It wouldn't take them long to get free. Maybe thirty seconds, Mercury estimated.

That would be thirty seconds caught in a clinch with Uranus, though. The larger woman had caught her before the wave could sweep her away with the others, and now she was tearing her apart with close-quarters combat. She held Mercury close and unloaded, knee after knee, blow after blow, each one with enough force to lift her feet off the ground.

“Uff! God! Stop!” Mercury spoke between gasps, wasting precious breaths. To her credit, she did try to fight back, as she managed to break away and throw a punch into Uranus’s face. It even connected.

Uranus’ head jerked away for all of a half-second, before she turned back to Sailor Mercury, reeled back, and demonstrated the proper way to throw a right cross.

Mercury didn't even know a punch could hurt so much. Uranus’ hit knocked her senseless, and she only managed a single backwards step before her legs gave out. The blue-haired scout fell flat on her back, grasping her battered face as she rolled around in pain. In her haze, she groggily grabbed hold of a fire hydrant she’d landed beside, trying to stand up. This was a mistake.

“Stay down.” Uranus’ tone was strong and serious, with an underlying menace. Truly, it was the only way Mercury had heard her since they'd first met.

“N-no…” Mercury mumbled, defiantly pushing up with one hand on the hydrant, while the other massaged her face. “Makoto’s innocent, you can't-”

“Stay down.” Uranus punctuated her last word with a stomp to Mercury’s hand, grinding it between her heel and the unyielding metal of the hydrant. The younger Scout screeched as she felt her bones cracking underneath the boot, and she used her other hand to desperately slap away at it. Uranus was tempted to release her, too.

But she didn't. Not yet. “It's about time you five learned a lesson.”


Sailor Uranus groaned in pure aggravation as a flash of light caught her attention from the side.


Uranus finally eased up on Mercury’s trampled fingers, but only so she could leap away and avoid the incoming chain of energized hearts. She backflipped once, twice, then did a quick cartwheel, as the chain whipped after, narrowly missed her each time.

She looked up in time to see Sailor Mars and Venus - wetter, angrier now that they'd seen their crushed friend, and heading straight towards her as if they planned to do something very violent about it.

Fine by her. She hadn't come here looking for a challenge, but if one was going to be forced on her she wouldn't refuse.


Jupiter continued to circle the Daimon, unsure of what exactly to do. On one hand, she was always the best direct fighter out of their team. On the other, there was something about this one that made her wary of moving in. She got the feeling that it was waiting for her to go first, having some nasty counter in store for when she did.

Well, there was always the old fallback. Let's see this thing try to parry a lightning bolt.

Jupiter shut her eyes and focused, choosing her older and more reliable attack for an opening move. With a mechanical whirr a tiny lightning rod rose from the top of her tiara, and the skies above them started to darken as a thunderstorm was willed into being.

"Supreme..." Jupiter began.

"Makoto, wait!"

Just like that the skies cleared once again, Jupiter's concentration cleanly severed by the plea. Jupiter knew that voice. It was one she heard quite often in her recent daydreams.

"Haruka?" Jupiter replied, easing her stance as she scanned the surrounding area for the tomgirl. "Are you okay? Where are y-"

So absorbed by making sure that her crush was okay, Jupiter did not notice that the ribbon on Scarf's arm had begun extending and crawling towards her like a snake.

At least, until it wrapped around one of her ankles. But by then it was too late.

Jupiter gave a small yelp as she was yanked off her feet, the side of her head bouncing off the dock floor as she landed as ungracefully as humanly possible. She had no time to massage her new lump though, as Scarf pulled back and sent her hurtling against a wooden support post. The dazed Scout folded backwards on impact; no actual damage to her spine as far as she could tell, but she would surely be feeling that for weeks. And with one last yank Scarf dragged Jupiter up to her, at which point the Daimon brought a ready foot down.

The blow landed with almost surgical position, with the heel of her shoe digging into in the dip above Venus' collarbone while the toe rested firmly against the tip of her jaw. Jupiter, still slightly out of it, looked up groggily at the monster as it leaned down over her.

"You shouldn't be in public wearing such garish clothes." Haruka said.

From Scarf's mouth.

The pieces finally clicked together, and Jupiter's face flushed with a mix of embarrassment and rage.

"You abomination!" She growled up at the creature smirking down at her. "How dare yo-GHH!"

Her complaints of indignation were cut off as the high heel ground down harder, partially closing her windpipe. As the Scout tried to pry the foot away, Scarf brought down a hand to caress her cheek.

"You're such a beautiful girl..." it continued in Haruka's voice as she traced a finger across Jupiter's lips. Then, moving upward, she took hold of the Scout's tiara.

"...but this is so tacky!" she concluded, pulling the tiara away and throwing it to the side. The resulting sploosh confirmed Jupiter's fears: One half of her Sailor Scout arsenal was now well on it's way to the bottom of a lake.

"There! Much better!"


Why? Why did they have to make this so difficult?

Even if they wanted to fight it out, Sailor Neptune had just the way to keep them occupied without anyone getting really hurt. Her tidal waves, while annoying, would surely keep the Inner Senshi cowed. But summoning one large enough to hit all of them at once took time; more than enough for them to recover and counterattack. And the fools made a beeline for Uranus, who had even less qualms about roughing them up than she did. What idiots. What well-meaning, completely justified idiots!

Neptune began to call on yet another wave, hoping to wash the Inner Scouts away from Uranus before they bit off too much to chew. She had just noticed that one had apparently gone missing before the mystery answered itself, via a weight on her back and beating across her skull.

"Stop it stop it stop it!"

Their questionable leader, in her standard air of serene grace, had jumped on Neptune from behind and wrapped her legs around the Outer Scout's torso. Then she had begun to flail against her, with wild blows landing about her head and shoulders as she whined on and on.

Neptune was at an impasse. On one hand, she did not want to hurt this hilariously ineffectual woman. On the other, while she was in no real danger she could not ‘protect’ the Scouts who definitely were.

There was a hard choice to be made here. One that needed selection very, very soon.


Uranus knew that the Inner Scouts only meant well. She knew that they were only trying to do what they thought was right, and they did not deserve any of what was about to happen to them.

But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Uranus had finally lost what little patience she had left with these buffoons. While she would not kill them, they certainly were going to learn a thing or two about where they stood in this mess.

Venus was the first in, bringing down her adorable little heart whip with a lash that could have been sent by post with how hard it was telegraphed. Uranus moved to the outside of the swing and grabbed hold of the Scout's arm as it passed, one hand on each side of her elbow.

Venus had not even fully registered that her attack had missed before Uranus brought the arm against her knee, causing it to bend backwards with a sickening crunch.

As Venus fell away shrieking Mars jumped up to fill her place. Perhaps to avoid a similar fate as her comrade Mars went for a roundhouse kick instead, under the assumption that a leg is not so easily deflected or broken. She was right... but that only mattered if it actually connected.

Uranus leaned away from the swipe, allowing the blow to fly past her entirely unhindered. Mars, expecting some kind of obstruction, was thrown off by the continued momentum and spun completely around. With a follow up kick to the shoulderblades Mars was forced down onto her hands and knees, and with a stomp to the back of her head she was down for the count.

Mars could only get out a weak groan before darkness overtook her, but Uranus was not done yet. Examples needed to be made here. The Outer Scout stomped down again and again, Mars' forehead bouncing against the ground with increasingly wet thuds with every subsequent strike. Her body seized with every bash, and her still-raised rear bonelessly swayed back and forth like a pendulum.

Uranus eventually had to stop to catch her breath, and used that moment to take inventory. Mars was out like a light, she had just made sure of that. But Mercury and Venus still remained.

The two inner Scouts had clutched each other with horror as Uranus worked over Mars, unbelieving of what they were seeing. But as it finally started to set in, a grim determination started to grow about them.

They were wounded, outgunned, and scared. But this was too far.

Almost as if it was planned, the two remaining Inner Scouts drew apart from each other and moved to flank Uranus. She had surely gone mad. She had to be stopped.

In a way, they were right. Uranus was mad. Just not in the older sense of the word.

She was mad about having their work interrupted by a group of brats. She was mad about them not appreciating how difficult their job was, the hard decisions that had to be made. She was mad about the way they insisted on approaching this in a black and white manner, not appreciating the complicated nature of their mission. And, more directly, she was mad about wasting time with them, while the Pure Heart could be getting extracted.

Sailor Uranus was going to save the world, and no one would stop her. Not the Daimons, and certainly not a group of schoolgirls who were too naive to get the job done.

That being said, as good as Uranus was, even she would have problems if Venus and Mercury attacked her from both sides. She backed away, eyes shifting between them with every step, so distracted that she nearly tripped over the fallen Mars as she moved…

Oh. There was an idea.

Sailor Uranus raised her boot and brought it down hard on the back of Mars’ neck, crushing her underneath the heel. That was what it would look like to the two fledgling Scouts, at any rate. In truth, she’d softened the impact of her boot on the delicate area, not wanting to give Mars permanent damage. Uranus just wanted to make it look like their friend was in serious danger, which would likely prompt one of them - Venus, she was betting - on doing what heroine’s did best.

“Get off of her!” Sure enough, Venus abandoned the flank she and Mercury were setting up, dashing towards Jupiter with a speed and urgency one wouldn’t expect from somebody in high heels.

“Venus!” Mercury, still suffering from the beating she’d suffered, cried out through her bloody lips as her compatriot closed in. “Don’t, she’s just trying to-”

If Uranus had to guess, the next words out of Venus’ lips would have been something like ‘goad us’, which would’ve been very accurate. It hardly mattered, though, because Venus never had the chance to hear it. She was far too busy eating a palm in the face.

She’d tried to come at Uranus with a sloppy right hook, and the blow to her face was what she got as her reward. The blow made Venus’ body arch as she staggered back, her magnificent mane flying all about, long strands of hair that were almost begging to be taken advantage of. Uranus had no qualms about doing that, either, as she grabbed hold of the Scout’s shimmering strands with both hands and yanked her head down, slamming her face into a waiting knee.

She was about to follow up with another knee, when the Mercury came at her from behind. She leaped on Uranus’ back, wrapped her slender arms under her shoulders and joined her hands behind the bigger woman’s hand. A full nelson hold. Not bad. Uranus was actually somewhat impressed. It might have even worked, if Mercury was trying it out on someone her own size.

Against someone who was older, stronger, taller, and outweighing her by at least thirty pounds? No.

Uranus gave Venus another knee in the face before she let the hapless lass go, letting her fall so she could cradle what would likely be a broken nose. She raised her arms up, then brought them down hard, snapping Mercury’s hold in one, single motion. The Inner Scout desperately tried to secure it again, likely knowing how much trouble she would be in when Uranus turned around. Beginner mistake: She wasn’t turned her way, but that hardly meant Mercury was safe.

Uranus jerked her head back, slamming the back of her skull against the pulped landscape that was Mercury’s face. All attempts to hold the Outer Scout were abandoned thanks to the new pain, as she fell to knees, rapidly blinking, completely stunned. She looked up as her sense returned, just in time to see Uranus whipping around to face.

“No, wait, please-” Mercury’s pleas were answered with a roundhouse kick to the face, taking the brunt of Uranus’ shin against her cheek. She let out something that sounded like a cross between a shriek and a squeak, before her body fell into a lifeless heap on the sidewalk.

Throughout the entire exchange, Uranus never said a single word. Not a peep. The only thing colder than her attacks were her moves, as she carried on with mechanical precision, and she kept that same iron gaze as she nudged Mercury’s shoulder with her boot, forcing the fallen Scout to lay on her side. She wasn’t completely unconscious, as she looked up with glassy eyes and a mumbling mouth. Uranus could tell that she was done. She’d gotten the message.

She looked over her shoulder, watching as Sailor Venus weakly stood back up, struggling to keep her wobbly legs under her. One more to go. Wouldn’t take long.


“-stop it stop it stop it stop it-”

Neptune had to wonder if Sailor Moon really appreciated how lucky she was that Uranus wasn’t the one dealing with her. Between the two Outer Scouts, the green-haired beauty was far more patient, more understanding, and much less apt to knee people in the face repeatedly. Were the positions reversed, Uranus would probably be grinding her boot into the back of Sailor Moon’s skull while she yanked away at her pigtails.

That being said, Neptune like anyone else, had limits to her patience. There were only so many annoying swats to the back of her head she could take before she reached those limits, and she was finding them quickly pushed.

With a growl that was half exertion and half annoyance, Neptune jumped backwards, ramming Sailor Moon’s back into the side of a nearby car, sandwiching the blonde between her and the unforgiving metal. That was more than enough to put an end to the younger girl’s feeble fighting - the legs around her waist lost all their strength, and her slender arms fell over Neptune’s shoulders. But the Outer Scout wasn’t quite done yet.

She reached back, grabbed Sailor Moon’s head from behind, jerked forward and pulled her over in the same motion, dumping her behind hard on the unforgiving pavement. It was a rough landing, and the undignified squawk confirmed, as Sailor Moon started to wail from the pain. Started to - she’d only begun, when Neptune kneeled behind her, wrapped her arms around the blonde’s neck, and applied a crushing rear naked choke.

Sailor Moon begun to buck and fight, trying to slip free as she sputtered in the hold, but Neptune simply pulled her back and wrapped her legs around her waist, riding down the struggles. “Don’t fight it,” She warned, steadily increasing the pressure. “Just go to sleep so we can do our job in peace.”


While people liked to think of Jupiter as the hothead of the group - and they weren’t totally wrong, she could admit - she wasn’t an idiot by any stretch. Not that it required a great deal of genius to see that she was in some real trouble. Laying on her back, pinned under Scarf’s heel, with one her best weapons quickly sinking to the bottom of a lake. Options were running low. Flight was no longer a choice, so she’d have to fight.

Okay. How? Well, the first step was getting out from under the Daimon that was currently grinding her underneath her stylish red pumps. Far easier said than done.

Meanwhile, Scarf was having less pressing, but more complex thoughts. Like, for instance, why she felt attraction to the girl beneath her foot, why so many dirty possibilities were running through her head. Were all Daimons homosexual? Was it just her? Was it something that she’d inherited from her time as an actual scarf? Some effect of being so close to Makoto?

Many, many heavy questions, but she pushed them all aside for now. She was enjoying herself too much to get bogged down in the minutiae.

“Sorry to disappoint you, by the way.” Scarf spoke again, this time going with her normal, scratchy voice. Jupiter wasn’t sure if she prefered it this way, honestly. “I know you were hoping your little girl crush would come and save you, but life's not always like the novels.”

“It’s not like that!” Jupiter protested as she pushed away at Scarf, trying to get free and not having much luck at it. “I’m not…”

“You’re not...what?” Scarf scoffed and reached down, giving Jupiter a playful flick on the nose. “Gay? A lesbian? You can’t fool me, Makoto - I know you. I was there, remember? When you cradled me so close, when you rubbed me up against you...”

Scarf moved her foot away from Jupiter’s neck, only so she could bend down and run her fingers down the girl’s collarbone, trace her nails along the delicate, slide it along the fabric covering her budding breasts… “I heard what you said, Makoto.” Scarf began to run her other hand over her own thigh, sensually tracing her curves. “When you thought no one else could hear you…”


Kaolinite silently watched the "fight" between her latest Daimon and the electric Scout, weighing options in her mind.

From one point of view, this was not efficient at all. With all the time Scarf had spent messing with her opponent's head instead of tearing out her heart, they could have been through with this and left several times over by now.

But from a more personal perspective, it was just so damn satisfying to see one of these pests get slowly dismantled. They had been such a consistent and annoying thorn in her organization's side that comeuppance was long overdue. And that was not even taking into account the 'damage' they could wreak upon the other Scouts here as well. Them coming back to find that one of their own had died would be traumatic, sure, but what if a little bit more could be placed on top of that? What if they made it unignorably obvious that ponytail down there met her end in a slow, gruesome, and humiliating way?

Oooh, It made her all tingly just thinking about the looks that would be on their faces. Not to mention the scars on their souls.

With just a ghost of a grin on her lips, the ringleader decided against commanding her pet to speed things up. They could always cut to the chase if something unexpected happened, but for now she was just fine watching this girl die by inches.


Scarf purred as she continued fondling the Scout and herself in equal measures, still invigorated by all the sensations that were ever so new to her.

"I know you better than you know yourself, Makoto. After all who would lie to a piece of cloth?"

Jupiter continued to try to break away from the Daimon, but her limbs were quickly bound by ribbons that flowed out from the creature. Soon she found herself forcefully laid spread-eagle on the ground, capped off with a final strand that roped over her mouth.

"But don't you worry. I'm here to help. To show you all the little things you missed simply by being too close to the problem."

With both of Scarf's hands completely unhindered they now had free roam over Makoto's body, caressing everything they could as they traveled up and down her. Eventually they came to rest on her chest, gently cupping her breasts through the fabric of her costume.

"For one, you have to dress to impress. Dwell on what Haruka is like for a moment, why you love her so much. Now, do you think she'd have a thing for ribbons?"

Scarf's grip clamped down, painfully deforming the Scout's breasts as she took firm hold of the bow on Jupiter's chest as well as everything else underneath it.

"Of course not. It's got to GO!"

With a violent, raking pull the Daimon tore away the front of Jupiter's outfit in one motion, exposing her chest to the crisp air. Jupiter screamed against her gag as Scarf's nails raked against her skin, leaving crimson lines across her still-developing breasts. The Scout turned her head to the side as she grimaced; partially to try and hide the blush of embarrassment rising in her cheeks, partially to ignore the fact that her now exposed nipples were obviously hardening in excitement.

Scar brushed away the tatters that remained before leaning back, cooing to herself softly as she gave her own body another once-over. Then she brought her hands down on either side of Jupiter's hips, leaned over so their noses were almost touching, and whispered:

"And about that skirt..."


Venus must have known that it was useless to continue. Her left arm was broken, her friends lay destroyed all around her, and the woman who had caused all of this had not even built up a sweat yet.

But still, Uranus was sure that she would not back down. If she had the sense for that none of this would have happened. Everything could have turned out fine for all of them. But they just never knew when to stop.

As if the Scout had read her mind and mapped out the worst possible response, Venus shifted to her "good" side and tried to bowl over Uranus with a desperate shoulder rush.

Uranus was not sure if they were even really trying at this point. This seemed more like a suicide-by-cop situation than a fight.

Despite there being no chance of such a move working on the larger girl, Uranus still moved to the side of the charge. After all, this gave her a better position to land a jab to her gut.

Venus crumpled against the fist, slightly rising off her feet as the combined momentum of her movement and Uranus' strike combined to play havoc on her solar plexus. With a whuff her breath was forced out of her, and spots danced across her vision as asphyxiation now joined the laundry list of things going wrong inside her.

While she would have crumpled all on her own, Uranus was not done with her yet. Seizing her one functional arm and pulling, the Outer Scout set to work on showing Venus what a proper shoulder attack really was. The orange-clad girl lolled loosely as she was forced to crash against her "opponent" over and over, welts beginning to form over her upper body and the joints in her arm starting to creak. Finally Uranus allowed the Scout to fall back... although she still held her up with a grip on her arm.

Despite the haze she was now experiencing the world through, Venus managed to put two and two together. Now at the end of her rope she turned to the one last thing she could do: Beg.

"Please don't." she pleaded as tears rolled down her battered cheeks. "Not both. Please. Please."

Uranus regarded the lesser Scout for a moment, then came to a decision. For once she would show a bit of mercy.

So instead of breaking Venus' remaining arm, she instead stomped down on one of her knees until it bent backwards. Fair enough trade.

Her work mostly done, Uranus finally let go and allowed Venus to fall back into a broken heap. Her wails, while freshly renewed, were cut short by a kick to the side of the head. Uranus did not even look back as she moved on to regroup with Neptune, sure that the Scout she left behind would not do much more than spasm for quite a while.


Neptune stroked Sailor Moon's cheek as she held the chokehold fast, trying to soothe the Scout as she slipped into unconsciousness. This had to be done, but she took no relish in it, and wished to make the subduing as painless as possible.

"Shhhh..." the Outer Scout whispered into the ear of the convulsing girl. "It will be over soon. Just relax."

Neptune could feel her struggles weakening. Soon she would be completely under. Just a few more seconds and-

The green-haired woman let out a yelp of surprised pain as Moon finally found a good use for her big yappy mouth: Biting down on the forearm that was currently strangling her. Before Neptune could stop herself she had instinctively drawn her arm back, and before she could regain her hold something crashed against her temple and she was sent down on her side.

Neptune clutched her head as everything went white for a moment, and as the real world faded back in she returned her gaze to where Moon... no longer was. The Scout had scrambled back away from her, holding her summoned Heart Moon Rod like a club. Not for no reason either; judging from the stain on one side of the top ornament, Neptune could put to rest the question of what just concussed her.

Neptune moved to grab Moon once more... then pulled back, thinking better of it. While the girl was hitching with sobs, a worrying glow had begun to surround the scepter she held in front of her like a weapon. Which it surely was. While any of the Inner Scouts could cause good damage with their abilities, Moon had the distinction of hers being powerful enough to have an almost 100% fatality record.

Granted, that record was against monsters.

Did she have the fortitude to turn them against humans?

Or, from another perspective, did she still consider the two Outer Scouts to not be monsters?


Jupiter had given up on trying to scream. The gag muffled most of what she managed, and even then it just seemed to egg on the Daimon further.

She now laid in a pile of shredded cloth, her outfit being torn to ribbons by the girl made of ribbons. Besides the gloves and boots, her heavily scratched body was now open for all to see.

Jupiter had never experienced humiliation like this before; bound and helpless as a woman played with her like a toy. It was... she felt... that wasn't important right now! She had to get free! Her friends were counting on her!

"Now that all that's out of the way..." Scarf continued with a huskiness to her voice. "...we get to the fun part. You ever make out with a girl, sweetie? Of course you haven’t. I think we should practice."

The monster did not even bother to remove the gag first, instead clutching either side of the Scout's head and pulling her in for an open kiss through the fabric. It was all the same to her; after all, she was the gag as well.

Makoto tried her best to ignore the multitude of conflicting emotions the kiss was causing her, as almost impossible as that was. What caught her attention now was something she could not have noticed if she was still wearing all her clothes: The ground they were laying on was damp. It should have been obvious, what with the waves and all, but it did not actually click until she felt it against her exposed skin.

The ground they were on could carry a current. And, while her hands were bound, she didn’t need to move them to start up something with that. Sure, she would be shocked too, but it would be a small price to pay to get out of this torture.

Closing her eyes and focusing, Jupiter prepared to give the sense-freak a whole new experience to mull over.


Neptune stared at Sailor Moon as she backed, her scepter in hand, an unsure look on her face, and she knew that the ‘leader’ of the Scouts was considering the same thing she was. She had the power to blow Neptune away and save Makoto. She could do that. But that would mean killing another human being, another Scout. Not some mindless drone of the week, not even some evil overlord from another dimension. She would be committing murder. To save her, friend, yes. But murder.

On the other hand, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t destroyed human-like beings before. At the end of the day, what was the difference?

Neptune slowly stood up with a cautious hand raised, knowing she could very well be only a three or so words away from oblivion. No sudden moves. She was reasonably sure Sailor Moon wasn’t going to kill her, but she didn’t need to do anything to sway that decision in a negative way. “Easy. Easy.”

It was subtle, but Neptune could see Sailor Moon working out the conflict, and she breathed a sigh of relief as the glowing scepter began to dim.

Her relief didn’t last. Before the sigh had even completely passed her lips, the worst thing that could have happened, happened: Sailor Uranus landed behind Sailor Moon.

It all happened in a moment, less than two seconds, but Neptune could play every part of it in her mind. Sailor Uranus saw Sailor Moon with the scepter, glowing, holding it towards Neptune. The woman she loved. The woman she’d die for. The woman she’d kill for. Her soulmate was in danger, and at that moment, the one and only thing crossing her mind was a) saving Neptune and b) making Sailor Moon wish she’d never, ever put her in the line of fire. “Uranus, wait-”

Sailor Moon had just started to turn around and realize they weren’t alone anymore, when Sailor Uranus came from behind and grabbed a pigtail in each hand, yanking her backwards. Sailor Moon shrieked, an ear-splitting, piercing wail, and it only seemed to egg Uranus on even more. A vicious sneer curled the older Scouts lips, and she rammed her knee into the small of Sailor Moon’s back. Once. Twice. Thrice. Each hit harder than the last.

“Let go!” Sailor Moon furious shook her head, trying to find release that just wasn’t there. “Letgoletgoletgo-”

“Shut up!” Uranus spun around, yanked Sailor Moon’s hair down across her shoulders, jerked her upper body forward and pulled the crying blonde over her body in one, clean motion, dumping her flat on her chest with a move so swift and strong that it was a wonder her hair didn’t get yanked out at the roots. She landed rough, smacking her face on the pavement with the impact, but Sailor Moon was tougher than she seemed at first glance: To her credit, she started to push her way back up a moment later.

This turned out to be a mistake.

Sailor Moon’s hand was still holding the deadly scepter, and that was where Uranus focused her next attack, slamming her boot down on the wrist and grinding it into the street. Reflexes forced Sailor Moon to let go of her weapon, and Sailor Uranus quickly kicked it away with her other foot, but that hardly meant that she was done. Far from it, in fact.

She kept her boot firmly pressed against the wrist, pushing down harder and harder, until she heard the telltale snap. Then and only then did she let go, allowing Sailor Moon to roll away and nurse the shattered remains, desperately trying to rub feeling back into bones as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

Putting Sailor Neptune in the line of fire was the wrong move. Before she was through, Uranus intended to illustrate exactly why that was to Sailor Moon. In painful, intricate detail.


Makoto could do this. It wasn’t really a good idea, it wasn't even a bad idea. It was a borderline suicidal idea, but it was the only one she had at the moment, so it would have to do. She just had to focus, summon her power, get it done.



...oh, God.

Scarf wasn’t just content to kiss Sailor Jupiter. As she’d just discovered, she seemed to have all the requisite female organs, a perfect match for the ones the human beneath her had. That, by itself, opened up a whole new field of questions - like, for instance, what she was theoretically supposed to be mating with - but more importantly, it gave her new feelings to explore, and a youthful vibrant body to experiment with.

Scarf was learning so much. So, so much.

She’d pulled down her top just enough to let her own breasts spill free, and she’d had quite a time with them for a few seconds. Fondling her own pair, massaging them, even bringing one to her mouth and running her tongue over the nipple. It all felt divine. Which meant that it would feel good for Makoto, too.

That brought them to the present, where Scarf was currently licking away and suckling and tasting and teasing Makoto’s developing breast, savoring inch of the forbidden flesh. She rubbed against her the Sailor Scout’s leg, working herself to a frenzy as she did the same to her prey, gasping and moaning with every thrust, enjoying the most thrilling experience of her incredibly short existence.

But that wasn’t the worst part. Jupiter could’ve focused through all that - it wouldn’t have been easy, no, but she was sure she could do it. What made it impossible was the fact that Scarf wasn’t just molesting her. She was molesting her while she spoke in Haruka’s voice.

“I’ve been dreaming about this, Makoto.” The thing that stole Haruka’s voice said, as she suckled on the sweet candy that was Jupiter’s hardened nipple, pulling away with a light ‘pop’ from her lips. She adorned each scratch marks with kisses, and every touch seemed to ease the searing pain. “Since I first saw you, since we first spoke. I know it’s not quite right, I know you’re so young, but…”

Everything about the way ‘Haruka’ spoke sounded so sincere, so real, so genuine. Even the scent was spot, that subtle smell of motor oil that she always seemed to have along with faint traces of sweat from wherever she worked out. It was all perfect, and when Makoto closed her eyes, it was so easy to get lost, pretend that what she wanted to happen was really happening.

“We could go somewhere, Makoto.” She dipped lower and rubbed her bare breasts against Jupiter’s stomach, letting her feel the proof of her own arousal as it scraped against that young flesh. “Rent a room, lock the door. Just the two of us for a whole day. No one would ever have to know, it could be our little secret.” She ran her tongue along the underside of Makoto’s breast, leaving a thin trail of saliva that traced the whole length. “Would you like that?”

No. Makoto thought, hating to admit even in her private thoughts. I’d love it.

She didn’t think about rocking and undulating her hips against Scarf, she just did it. Nature was having its way, and this was too hot to ignore. If her mind wouldn’t go along with the program, her body would simply outvote it, as she pushed her chest out, craving more of the same attention. A moan came from underneath her gag, one mixed with despair and desire.

Just what Scarf had been waiting for.

She slithered up Makoto’s body, brought her lips to the Scout’s neck, and dug her teeth in with a vicious bite - not hard enough to break skin, but just barely. At the same time, she brought her waist up and began to furiously pound their hips together, slamming her sex against the girl’s naked lips and grinding against it, harder and harder, faster and faster, hotter and hotter.

The loving, caring Haruka was snatched away from Makoto, replaced with a carnal animal that cared nothing for its partner. Scarf was only obsessed with one thing: her own pleasure. The whiny, pathetic little creature was merely a tool to that end.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Scarf ran her tongue up the length of Makoto’s face, even taking extra time to run her tongue along the outline of her lips. “Little overzealous. See, this is my first time, too. And I want it to be really...” She ran her nails down Jupiter’s sides, leaving red welts in her path. “...really special for the both of us, Makoto.”

Scarf trailed her fingers down, running across Makoto’s waist and bringing them right above her virgin pussy. Her smile widened as the Scout’s eyes did the same, and both of them knew what was about to happen. In no way would it be gentle. “Get ready.”

Jupiter was. She’d lost her focus for a while, but that was the great thing about being consumed by righteous fury - she knew how to properly harness it. Her thoughts were honed, concentrated on the task of giving this blue-skinned bitch pain, and her body was more than an acceptable sacrifice.

Makoto closed her eyes, screamed herself hoarse from underneath the gag, and let the lightning fly. Pure electricity coursed through their intertwined bodies, jolt upon jolt, as Sailor Jupiter suffered the same attack she’d laid down on countless monsters. Every nerve lit on fire, her hairs stood on end, her heart beat so fast that she thought it would stop...and, for a moment, it did. Makoto’s world went white, and as she started to pass into unconsciousness, her only comforting thought was that Scarf was suffering along with her.

The brilliant flash ran its course, and when the light dimmed, the two ‘lovers’ laid still on the damp earth, with only the occasional spasm to hint that they were still alive.


Well, that was quite a show.

But Kaolinite was not here for entertainment. Well, not solely. As amusing as this little tie managed to be, it seemed like it was time for her to nudge things along a little.

The Daimon wrangler descended to the earth, touching down in front of the two shuddering bodies. They were locked in a sort of unknowing embrace, their lips pressed against one another as if still in the midst of foreplay. Kind of cute. If only 'cute' was one of the several things they were aiming for here.

Kaolinite lowered herself down to one knee and seized her pet by the head, cradling her jaw in the palm of one hand similar to how she would hold a wine glass on her off hours. Slowly she began to pump fresh energy into the monster, and watched with satisfaction as awareness seeped back into those blank blue eyes.

"Hnnnh..." Scarf mumbled as a line of drool dripped from her slack mouth, still only partially back from her lightning ride. "Wha... Master..."

"Wake up." Kaolinite ordered her sternly. "No naps on company time."

The ringleader - satisfied that her Daimon was back in action - removed her hold and let Scarf fall back onto the unconscious Scout. Then, with a strange whirring noise, she faded away only to reappear in her midair watching point.

It wouldn't be right to give Scarf too much help here. After all, what was the use of a minion that could not handle herself?

Besides, she couldn't wait to see what her beast cooked up now to pay back the little bitch.


Sailor Moon had begun to crawl away; at least, as close to crawling as one could manage while nursing a broken wrist. Uranus was not about to let her escape, though, without an advanced lesson in cause and effect.

The Outer Scout once again took hold of Moon's absurdly long pigtails, pulling hard enough to make the 'leader' arch her back and rise from the ground in an attempt to ease the tension. As it drew closer Uranus brought forward one leg and laid it gently on the top of the blonde's head.

"She wasn't going to harm me!" Neptune chimed in, trying her best to reason with her furious lover. "She was hurt and scared and didn't know what to do! Please, let her go!"

Uranus half-turned to her life partner, and gave her a wry grin. Usually Neptune loved it when she caught sight of that, the stoicism of her companion making those glimmers of joy that broke through all the more brilliant. But here, now, the only humor she could imagine happening would be as black as midnight.


Uranus let go of the pigtails, allowing Moon to crash back to the ground with all the force she was using trying to push away.

Oh, and also with the force of Uranus' foot.

The boss of the Inner Scouts let out a weak urk as her face smashed against the pavement, but it was mostly drowned out by the crackles of her nose, cheekbones, and teeth crumpling into themselves. Against all odds she was still conscious, making motions to try to push herself up once more in-between the shudders caused by her wet sobs. Uranus was pretty sure that she wouldn't be standing on her own power... but wanted to make absolutely sure of it.

Uranus drew her foot back, only to send it back down with crushing force between the Scout's shoulderblades. Then she pulled it back once more to repeat the process. Over and over Uranus rained down boots on the weeping Scout, choosing targets completely at random based on which way the girl seized after the last blow. This was not a surgical strike, it was a carpet bombing.

At some point Moon rolled over onto her back; whether by choice, or simply as a chance spasm it was hard to tell. But to Uranus, this simply meant that a whole new set of targets had been presented. The Scout's ribcage creaked and bowed slightly as her chest was assaulted. Usagi bringing up her hands to protect herself was quickly proven to be a terrible idea, as welts and bruises quickly covered her forearms and her broken wrist was smashed into an almost ninety degree angle from where it should have been. With every stomp to her stomach spittle sprayed from her mouth like a weak geyser, the droplets quickly turning pink as internal bleeding began to take its toll.

Uranus was almost ready to wrap up with one last stomp - right across her pretty little throat - before she was pulled back from behind. Neptune had snuck herself under Uranus' armpits, catching her in a full nelson as she tried to stop her lover from killing the poor girl.

"That's enough! She's down! Stop!"


Finally getting enough strength back to do more but lie still and pant, Scarf rolled off of the Scout and shakily rose to her feet.

To say that she was upset was... an understatement. Having just recently been given life, and even more recently given brainpower actually worth living with, this was the very first time in her fully-sentient existence that she had felt this way. Fire burns the hottest with unused fuel, and Scarf had her anger cherry popped in a way so grand that it almost killed her.

How dare she. Scarf was nearing the peak of something great, and her plaything had to go and do that.

While the old desire still remained inside her, a new one had risen for quenching as well. It would not be enough to just get pleasure out of this any more; she had to also make sure that Makoto suffered.


Usagi must have died. She must have died, and this was hell.

Her friends were, as far as she knew, dead. The last she saw of them, they certainly seemed well enough on the way. Even if they weren't, it might have been more of a mercy at this point.

She had failed all of them. She couldn't protect Makoto, she couldn't protect Rei, she couldn't protect Ami or Minako, and she couldn't even manage to protect herself. She had a chance to turn things around, but gave it up in hope of a peaceful solution. That earned her a sneak attack from behind and more broken bones than she even knew she had.

It was getting hard to figure out what was happening - her hearing was now muffly and she had apparently gone completely blind in one eye - but she knew well enough when the beating stopped solely due to the fact that agonies ceased being piled upon her. With what little sight she had left she could make out a figure in front of her, no doubt Uranus.

She did not know what had come over the Outer Scout, but for the good of everyone she couldn't let a woman who would do all of this stay at large. Shakily reaching up for her tiara with her one good hand, Usagi prayed for forgiveness in advance.


Jupiter came-to with a slap, seeing stars for a moment before everything rushed back.

Emphasis on 'rush'. For some reason, all the blood seemed to be going to her head.

After a moment she finally figured out what was happening, she was halfway off the dock, facedown and looking straight into the lake. Her hands were once again bound via ribbons, but this time together and in front of her. Through the reflection of the water she could see Scarf above her, standing tall as her silky tendrils held her captive in place.

The Scout for a moment wondered how the Daimon managed to slap her from that position, but then realized that the sting was not coming from her cheek. Or at least, not the cheeks on her face.

"So you're into watersports, Makoto? Pretty kinky. But whatever floats your boat..."

The ribbons that held her tight all moved in tandem, repositioning her body so that it inched closer and closer to the lake. She tried to shy away, but the ribbons might as well have been holding her in midair for how little control she had, and right before her head was submerged she took what could very well have been her last breath of air.


"She tried to kill you!"

"She made her stick glow."

"You know what that means!"

"Yes, certain death... for a monster. She'd never actually turn it on me. You know how soft that girl is. It's why we're here."

Uranus' struggles died down as reason finally took over, and Neptune released her hold as soon as she was sure that her companion would not go straight back to mudstomping. After a few deep breaths to calm herself completely, Uranus turned to kiss her lover.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss their lips finally parted, but they did not draw away from each other. Instead Uranus laid her forehead against Neptune's and stared deep into her brilliant seawater eyes.

"I'm sorry. I was just so scared. Scared for you. Scared to lose you. Can you find it in your heart to forgive m..."

Uranus' apology trailed off as a glowing crescent soared by their heads. Usagi had turned her tiara into an attack and thrown it in a last-ditch effort to make things right, but had chosen the wrong Uranus out of the several she was currently seeing to aim at.

This did not mean that it failed to land, however.

One of Usagi's seemingly rare positive qualities was that, due to using the move for so long, her ability to skillfully throw discs was almost unparalleled. This, combined with all the fear and anger behind the swing, meant that it had more than enough force to not stop as it hit a nearby wall. Instead it ricocheted back, landing a direct hit on Uranus.

That is, if Neptune was not between her and the attack.

Neptune was pushed forward into her lover, then jerked away by the blowback. Well, most of her was. The contents of her chest cavity were pureed and sent further ahead, coating Uranus in a fine red spray. Neptune did not realize entirely what had happened, but in her last moments pieced enough together to reason a good enough estimate.

The green-haired beauty looked up into the eyes of her lover, and tried to force out one last plea. Something like this was an accident or it's not her fault. Anything to stop what she was absolutely sure was about to happen immediately after she passed.

But her lungs were now little more but specks of crimson dew, so all she could manage was to open and close her mouth dumbly like a fish.

Then spots spread to engulf her vision, and for better or for worse she could do no more.


Scarf watched with amusement as Makoto's rear shook from side to side, being pretty much the only part of the helpless Scout still fully up on the dock. It only took her a moment of deliberation to decide that, if Makoto was going to offer so nicely, it would be rude for her to turn it down.

The first slap came as a complete surprise to Jupiter, causing her to release a couple bubbles of precious breath as she accidentally let out the start of a yelp. As they began to pile on though, she clenched her teeth and tried her best not to let it get the best of her.

Meanwhile, Scarf was having the time of her life. It was so amusing how the fat jiggled with every slap, the cheeks deforming and rippling as she swatted them. So pleased she was by the results that she increased the power behind her strikes, causing her quaking subject to flush red with welts. But soon that was not enough, and she went further until purple bruises began to spread. And finally she began to use her nails, gashing lines of blood across the hapless Scout's ass.

All through this Jupiter held out, if only by the skin of her teeth. What finally caused her to lose control was when Scarf leaned over and raked from the base of her neck to the bottom of her legs, turning her entire back into segmented rows of agony.

Makoto began to scream then, losing what little air she had left. As she watched the bubbles float away from her, and began to take in lungfuls of water, she thought that it was the end...

...until she was pulled back up, sputtering and wheezing, to be thrown full back onto the dock without ceremony.

"You think you're getting off that easily?" Scarf jeered, even though Jupiter was too busy coughing up water to really listen. "Not after what you did."

The ribbons pulled her into a face up spread-eagled position once again... but this time, a bit too hard. Two distinct pops went off as her shoulders were dislocated, no doubt to prevent further electric retaliation.

"Besides..." Scarf continued as she strolled up to her victim. "...we never got to the fun part."

The Daimon laid her foot on the shuddering girl's bare loins. More specifically, her high heel.

Jupiter could feel the tip already probing her entrance, and wished more than anything to have control of her arms back. If only so that she could fry herself instead of living through this.


A thousand thoughts rushed through Sailor Uranus’ mind, as Michiru - her friend, her lover, her soulmate, the woman she trusted more than anyone on the entire planet - died in her arms. Most of them were spent on bargaining, trying to figure out some way to pull her back from the brink and save her quickly-fading life. An ambulance wouldn’t get to them in time. Could any of the lesser Scouts heal? Maybe if she could just stop the bleeding or find something to hold it all end or cauterize the wound or something, anything to let her hold on long enough for real help to arrive.

“Nonono-” Uranus frantically whispered as she could feel the life ebbing from Michiru’s veins. “Don’t leave me like this, you can’t, you can’t, come on-”

Uranus pleaded. She begged. She prayed to gods she didn’t believe in. She did everything she could think to do in the span of five seconds. But none of it mattered. Her lover’s arms slackened, her head rolled back, her eyes fluttered, and the life flew away from her like a dying candle in the wind.

One minute ago, she’d been so alive, so vibrant, so strong as she got Uranus to hold off her assault. The kind, compassionate woman Haruka had always known her to be, the one she’d fallen hopelessly in love with.

Now, she was gone. A corpse, with her blood splattered across the street. Lifeless. Dead.

There was a deathly silence over the scene, as if the sound had been sucked away with Michiru’s soul. The only thing breaking the solemn moment was the barely audible, raspy whispering of Sailor Moon, as she watched the tragedy unfold through her teary eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, though she might as well have been yelling. Her words cut through the quiet night like a razor blade. “I’m so, so sorry.”

Uranus let Michiru body lay in the soft grass, gently placing her down. She wiped away the blood from her face and pulled her eyelids down, giving her face a serene, placid look. As if she were sleeping. As if she might just wake up with a simple tap on her shoulder, as Haruka had done many, many mornings after their more wild nights. She was always such a light sleeper…

Michiru looked like an angel. Like she was supposed to look. Uranus, on the other, looked like the exact opposite.

She turned around, looking back at Sailor Moon with a face that was partly covered in her lover’s blood. Her teeth were bared teeth like a tiger’s right before the kill, her eyes narrowed in a manic gaze, and when she spoke, there was a feral rage underneath her voice, and inhuman sound that was typically reserved for the monsters they fought.

“No,” Sailor Uranus slowly stood up, her long shadow stretching down the street in front of her. “No, you’re not sorry. Not yet.”

Uranus put one foot in front of the other and began a death march, closing in on Sailor Moon with steady steps. “But you will be.”


As much as Jupiter had hated having her mouth covered before, she had to admit: she was missing the gag.

All her screams and squeaks and squeals could be easily heard now, and despite her best efforts, closing her mouth wasn’t enough to keep them bottled up. Not just from the pain itself, but from the realization of what was about to happen: Jupiter’s first time, ever, her first real sexual experience, and it wasn’t going to come from a man - or woman - she loved, but from a revolting monster that got off on her pain.

“Get away!” She shrieked as Scarf dove the heel in, deeper and deeper, roughly teasing Jupiter’s folds. “Get off me! Get off!”

“Now, now, calm down.” Scarf sighed and pressed down just a little bit harder, applying the bare minimum force she could get away with. It was all about moderation. “If anything, you should thank me. I could just kill you. And after your little trick, I’m half-tempted…”

Scarf ended that sentence in a sneer and punctuated it with a hard press, making the next couple of inches particularly painful for the budding girl beneath her heel.

“...but I’m trying to make this a fun experience for the both of us. So consider yourself lucky, Makoto. Not every girl gets to go out with a bang.”

This was, of course, a fresh experience for Scarf, too. She had some fragmented idea of the way Makoto would react - she wasn’t sure how she knew, but she knew. And she knew that, when she hit the sweet spot, her little friend would let her know. Whether she wanted to or not.

Sure enough, Scarf’s efforts bore fruit, as Sailor Jupiter’s back arched and she let out a gasp of mixed pleasure and pain. Oh, she tried to hide. Tried to shut her lips, stifle the moans. But it was plain to see how much she was enjoying this and how much she didn’t want to. Her body was betraying her. Had to be a terrible feeling.

Scarf wanted to make it worse.


Sailor Uranus needed an audience. The other Scouts had to see this. They had to know.

She made her way down the street, dragging Sailor Moon by the pigtails with one hand, while the other clutched the tiara. Getting the deadly disc away from Sailor Moon had been surprisingly difficult, but she’d managed. After all, it was a bit hard for the little blonde idiot to hold anything after her elbow had been completely shattered underneath Uranus’ heel.

“I’m sorry!” Sailor Moon squealed, as she feebly jerked all around, trying in vain to stand up and alleviate the pain in her scalp. It felt like her hair was going to ripped clean from the roots - Usagi didn’t know if Uranus was strong enough to really do that, and she didn’t want to know. “I didn’t mean to, I didn’t-”

“I don’t care.”

“No, no, listen, you have to believe me, I didn’t want-”

“I don’t care.”

Uranus took a break from her efforts, lifted Sailor Moon up, and drove her knee into the wailing bitch’s neck, making sure the point of her bone landed on perfect target, right on the trachea. It wasn’t enough to kill Sailor Moon, but it did make her shut up, turning her annoying voice into nothing but a stream of hoarse gasps and wheezes. It was about all Sailor Uranus could stand to hear at the moment.

She made her way back to the area where she’d decimated the other Scouts, just as two of them were starting to get their bearings back. Sailor Venus and Mercury laid on the ground, rolling about and cradling their broken bones, still reeling from the beating. There was no sign of Sailor Mars, but frankly, Uranus didn’t much care where she’d limped off to. Two would be enough.

“Sailor Moon?” Sailor Mercury glanced up as Uranus passed her, carrying the battered Sailor Moon in tow. She could see the blood on Uranus’ uniform, could tell none of it was hers, and while she couldn’t know for certain what happened, her keen mind was already coming up with several possibilities. Judging from the icy look on Uranus’ face, it was most likely the worst one she could conceive.

So while Mercury couldn’t know what Uranus was about to do, she could make an educated guess, and she knew it had to be stopped. “No!” Mercury crawled forward and wrapped her arms around Uranus’ ankle, holding on with all the failing energy she had left. And to her credit, she did make Uranus release Sailor Moon, tossing her to the side and letting her flop on the concrete.

However, Uranus only did that so she could yank her boot away, then lift it up and drive it into Mercury’s stomach. Repeatedly.

Her leg crashed down with precision and efficiency of a machine, drilling into Mercury’s stomach like a living jackhammer. Three stomps. Four stomps. Five. Six. Each one hit harder and quicker than the last, and she only stopped beating when Mercury stopped moving. The blue-haired Scout laid on her side, cradling her crushed stomach while words that were too soft to hear passed through her lips. She wouldn’t be getting up for a while, but she could still see. She could still hear. She could still remember. Perfect.

Sailor Uranus swung her head back around just in time to see Sailor Moon, groggy and tired and beaten as she was, defiantly grabbing hold of a guardrail by the sidewalk, holding on with her one working arm. She was pulling herself back up, and she might have even made it to. If she’d been given time that she wasn’t going to get.

“ have to stop this…” Sailor Moon pulled herself up to her knees and considered it a major accomplishment. “We’re on the s-same side. We shouldn’t be-”

“I don’t care.”

Sailor Uranus walked over, grabbed Sailor Moon by the back of her head, and rammed her face into the guard rail. Full force, full impact, right on her forehead. You could hear the blow resonate down the rail, as her skull connected with the bare metal, and Sailor Moon fell flat on her back. Arms spread wide, chest-heaving, Sailor Moon stared off into the starry sky with dull, bleary eyes. “It’s…” She coughed, spitting out the blood that hard slipped its way into her throat. “It’s not supposed to be like this.”

Sailor Uranus walked over and kneeled on top of Sailor Moon, pressing her knee down into the broken arm. The Inner Scout began to squeal once more, but she was quick to shut her up, as she gripped the tiara tight in her fist and drove it into the little killer’s face.

“I don’t care.”


“I don’t care.”


“I don’t care.”


“I don’t care!”



“Harder, harder, harder!”

Scarf laughed and laughed as she drove Makoto wild with her heel, pushing her towards a wild orgasm and taking control of her body. It wasn’t just a pure pounding motion, as she tried to mix it up with the occasional circling, teasing the edge of her sex, even pulling out to give her a second or two or relief. But when that second passed, it was right back to work.

And Scarf did enjoy her work. One had cupped her breast, fondling her own massive mound, working her turgid nipple. The other hand had worked its way under the shadows of her skirt, doing with her fingers what her heel was doing for Makoto, steadily working them both to climax.

It was a beautiful scene. In Scarf’s eyes, at least, going off the small barometer she had to judge such things. Judging by the enraged shrieks Sailor Jupiter kept making, she likely disagreed.

It took a little while, but finally Jupiter was coming down the home stretch, with Scarf catching up quick. The nubile woman’s body began to buck, her back arched, and she let out a banshee wail that echoed through the stale night as her juices spilled out all over Scarf’s scarlet heel. The proof of her body’s submission, plain for the whole world to see.

Scarf through her head back in triumph, but that was hardly the only reason. Her orgasm tore through like the lightning from before, only instead of a feel of agony, this was pure euphoria. Every muscle tensed, every bone stretched, as a pleasure she couldn’t have imagined before tore through her. If she’d had pupils, they would’ve rolled to the back of her head, overcome by the intense euphoria.

There were no words. Scarf let out a satisfied, sultry whimper, before her legs gave way and she fell to her knees. Utterly spent, utterly satisfied.

For what had to be a solid minute, the Daimon kneeled between Jupiter’s outstretched legs. Catching her breath, yes. But she couldn’t really think of much to say. That was amazing. That was utterly amazing. She wished she could heal Jupiter up again, revitalize her, just so she could relive the great pleasure again and again.

“Oh. Oh, yes. Yes.” Tremors ran through Scarf’s body, with the occasional shake and shudder. She bit her lip and raised her head, looking over Makoto’s ravaged body. “So, tell me: was that as good for you as it was for me?”


Uranus continued to pound away; even as the cries of the girl below her turned into whimpers, then into squelches. She was galaxies away, with endless chasms of fury between her and this tiny patch of concrete on an equally minuscule ball of dirt. She was a force of nature; unyielding, uncompromising, and utterly unplacateable in it's journey of destruction.

At least, so she thought.

The haze thinned for a moment and she gave pause as something happened that she never would have expected in this situation: A hand, lightly and gently, came to rest on her cheek.

Looking down in astonishment, she realized that the little Moon princess was somehow still not out. But the hidden reserves she had called upon this time were not used to fight back, or even attempt to escape. Ever the bleeding heart, she had reached up with her trembling good hand to embrace the woman currently well on her way to slaughtering her.

There was no followup, as she was clearly past the point of any legible words, but despite only being able to manage gurgly wheezes now the message was clear: I do not hate you. Not even now. Please, let's fix this.

Uranus slowly brought her hands up to take hold of the other girl's, feeling the tremors of her weakness. It must be taking tremendous effort for her to manage even this, but it was still a tender touch. Sweet. Soothing. Maternal even.

It was a caress Uranus had known and cherished for many years. And, starting today, she knew would never feel again.

Without so much as breaking eye contact with the pulped girl below her Uranus twisted her grip, turning Moon's hand completely around as she snapped her wrist with a series of small crackles. As the arm fell limply back to the ground the Inner Scout leader began to softly weep, now not so much for the pain as the message that had been sent.

Sailor Moon was willing to forgive. Sailor Uranus was not. And never would be.


With a throaty sigh, Scarf slunk over the spent body of Jupiter, teasingly brushing up against the Scout’s skin with every move before finally laying down on top of her. Their bodies, slippery with sweat, blood, and assorted other liquids, briefly wrestled with one another for a moment before friction finally found a foothold and they were as good as joined.

Jupiter tried her best to ignore the kisses to her collarbone and nibbles to her throat the monster gave her in-between the following words, but it was oh so hard now. She was exhausted and beaten and... utterly confused.

"I have to... thank you... for such an amazing... first time... but the afterglow can't go on forever..."

A familiar crackle shot between them, and Jupiter's back arched with a new wave of pain. She knew very well what this was: Scarf had once again activated the star sigil on her breast, and as it pressed against her chest it was well on it's way to tearing her Heart Crystal right out of it.

"I will always remember you, Makoto."


Another step.

It was slow progress, with each movement seeming impossible in her jumbled and concussed brain. But that meant that she had overcome insurmountable odds every time before, which gave Sailor Mars just enough willpower for the next.

Another step.

She had woken up among a pile of her ruined comrades, with herself a firm second if not taking first at how badly thrashed they were. But Makoto would undoubtedly die without help, so she forced herself up and left the others behind while the two Outer Scouts were apparently busy with something else.

Another step.

She was almost there now. All she would have to do is not fall flat on what was left of her face as she worked her way through some bushes, and she would be...

...too late.

The colorful monster - although somewhat frazzled and with her top pushed aside - sat triumphantly on the defeated and still form of Sailor Jupiter. A Pure Heart Crystal floated in front of the creature, which Kaolinite was examining with interest.

"It's very vibrant..." the Daimon master mused "...but it does not have a talisman. We could use it as an energy source, but besides that..."

Hearing the rustling of foliage, Kaolinite turned and saw the half-dead Scout emerge and look upon what they had done with horror. This was unexpected. Good, but unexpected.

Turning back to her Daimon, Kaolinite took hold of Scarf's jaw and tilted upwards so that she was looking skyward.

"Open wide."

Scarf obeyed, making an "Aah" as her mouth opened to an oval. This quickly changed to gagging, though, as Kaolinite dropped the crystal inside and began to push it further in.


Tears formed at the edges of Scarf's eyes as she struggled with the large and jagged object, her face flushing somewhat as the blockage started to cause her some serious discomfort. But after a few tense moments (as well as some strong pushes with her fingers by Kaolinite) the crystal managed to clear the Daimon's esophagus and she sat back with a satisfied smile.


Kaolinite stepped back a couple steps, before pointing to the new Scout.

"Now. Once more."


Uranus could almost hear Michiru’s voice in the back of her head. She didn't want to, but she had the feeling that it would be that way for a long, long time. She might as well get used to it.

“You don't have to do this.” She said in that impossibly sweet voice, the same sort of tone that would have annoyed her from literally anyone else on the planet. She's just a little girl, she didn't know what she was doing.

Uranus looked down at the quivering mess that was Sailor Moon, and realized then and there that her lover was right. Sailor Moon didn't know what she was doing. That was the entire problem. As she looked down at the weeping, wailing wastrel that was supposed to be the savior of the entire world, Uranus didn’t see an innocent little girl that had just gotten too far in over her head and made some simple mistakes. She saw someone that needed to be punished.

And yes, Sailor Uranus would get some dark, grim satisfaction out of it. But that hardly changed the fact.

The raging fires in Uranus’ mind settled into cold steel, as she began to think of the next steps, gazing up and down Sailor Moon’s body with soulless eyes. She knew how she wanted it to end, how it would end, but this idiot, this moron, this murderer had to suffer every step of the way.


Scarf felt lucky. Blessed, perhaps.

She arched her back and let out a long, husky growl as the raw energy tore through her veins, supercharging her every atom and making her two - no, three times stronger than before. It was like being reborn, or born for the first time, in her case.

And there stood Sailor Mars, the exact thing she wanted right now: a completely helpless Scout to test her newfound strength on. Oh, she was coming down from the lush experience she had with Jupiter, so their time together would be less about pleasure and more about pain. But, all the same, she’d enjoy the delicious irony of killing this skimpy little thing with the power she’d pilfered from her friend.

....was that ironic? How did she know what ‘irony’ was? So many questions.

Mars, on the other hand, was only pondering one real question: How the hell was she supposed to survive this?

She could barely stand, let alone fight, and she would’ve been hard pressed to take down a Daimon by herself. Let alone one that had been supercharged by a Pure Heart Crystal. Let alone one that was being backed up by Kaolinite.

But that didn’t mean she would run away. She would stay and she would fight, because that’s what Sailor Scouts did.

She straightened up as best she could and glared at the blue-skinned monstrosity before her, huffing and puffing the Daimon neared with steady steps and arms akimbo. Moving like she didn’t have a thing to worry about.

Sailor Mars had just opened her mouth to speak when the Daimon interrupted her. “I know what you’re thinking.” She spoke in raspy tones, not unlike most members of her race, but there was something different about it. More controlled. “Trying to figure a way out of this, thinking you might have a chance.”

Scarf wagged a finger her way. “It’s cute. It really is. And normally I’d indulge you a bit, but…” She let out a wistful sigh and pulled her top back up, keeping her chest warm.

“I’m not-” Mars was interrupted as one of her legs decided to buckle at the worst moment. “Not afraid of you.” Sailor Mars words were weakly spoken, but full of conviction, and she took a staggered step forward. It was the best she could do.

If the Daimon was fazed, she didn’t show it. “Is that a fact?” Her head canted ever-so-slightly to the side. “Good. Gives me something to work with.”

Sailor Mars stood her ground as Scarf began to her advance once again, keeping a lookout for any moves she’d make - not that she had any ideas on what to do when she did try something. Her mind raced, searching for any way out of this, trying to find something-

Mars’ thought train was temporarily derailed as she caught sight of her fallen friend, giving her more than a cursory look for the first time. It was a bit hard to make out with her vision being so hazy after the beating, but Mars could’ve sworn that Makoto was smiling.


The ornaments had to go. Sailor Moon didn’t deserve them.

First, the broach and ribbons on her chest came off. That took a surprising bit of effort, as it was bolted on tight and Sailor Moon made an effort to stop her with her one remaining functional arm. A hard stomp the stomach and a vicious tug fixed both those problems, with the added bonus of leaving Sailor Moon a retching mess beneath her heel.

“Stop.” Sailor Venus’ call was faint and far, a light moan while she rolled over and weakly crawled towards them. “You're killing her. You’re killing her!

Her cries didn't fall on deaf ears, but they might as well have. As far as Uranus concerned, nothing else in the world existed until she done.

Off came the gloves. The first one was easy enough to pull, with Sailor Moon’s feeble resistance amounting to nothing, but the second one was stubborn on Sailor Moon’s broken arm. Sailor Uranus had to twist and tug and yank at it, with each motion making a new wet, cracking noise from the shifting bones.

The boots should have been simple enough, but Sailor Moon found some reserves and kicked away at Uranus, making it harder than it needed to be. A mistake. A serious mistakes.

“Come here.” Sailor Uranus tried to grab hold of Moon’s wriggling leg. “Come here!”

She lifted the leg up and kicked the back of Sailor Moon’s knee, making sure the tip of her boot hammered that sweet spot where the bones and ligaments joined. Every impact was harder than the last, every scream was hoarser, and Uranus didn't stop, wouldn't stop, until she felt - and heard - the bones coming loose.

Sailor Moon broke into sobs again, her tears pouring out on the sidewalk. They went ignored as the boots came off and the skirt was torn and her hair was let loose, leaving her nothing but a weeping mess on the street. Not a hero. Not a leader. Just a stupid girl in a one-piece.

Nothing more. And, soon, not even that.


Uranus had just started to reach down, looking to grab Sailor Moon’s hair and tug her back up. She’d thought it was just random gurgling, but no - she forming words.

“ name is Usagi.”


Makoto wasn’t dead. But she felt dead. As close to dead as you could be without actually dying.

Her mind was awash with scattered emotions. Hate. Regret. Sorrow. Despair. Even lust. Everything was a disjointed, disconnected mess, with no connection. It was if someone had reached inside of her and taken away almost everything that made her who she was.

But some things remained, like Makoto’s affection for the woman who was saving her. The woman who’d come back when she needed her. Who was risking everything.

“Haruna.” Jupiter whispered, putting as much life into her fading body as she could just to speak the words. “Haruna, you came.”

Sure enough, it was her. Stumbling a bit, looking groggy from the hit she’d taken earlier, but otherwise okay. Still standing tall and proud. Still so beautiful and free.

Makoto’s knight in shining armor had arrived, and now, everything was going to be okay.

Thank god.


Oh god.

Being a shrine maiden, Rei (aka Sailor Mars) was always the most spiritually inclined of the group. But here, half dead already against a foe that had bested their best brawler before she was supercharged with what was essentially the soul of said Scout, she cast an even wider net than usual.

Please. Ancestors, deities, spirits, anything. Please let me squeak by just this once.

Bringing her shaky hands together in front of her face, Mars sent out her desperate prayer to anything that might have been listening. Then, lacing together all her fingers except the indexes, she shifted her concentration to her best bet for turning this monster into kindling.


Mars only reached the 'S' in 'Soul' before a sharp pain broke her concentration and forced her to open her eyes. Scarf had predictably shot forward tendrils to bind Rei's wrists together, but this time there was a new edge to it.


Instead of lying flat against the Scout's arms the ribbons were turned sideways, with only their edges making contact. Normally this would mean nothing, but the monster had somehow hardened them so that despite their flexibility were as strong as sheet metal.

Or, in a much more appropriate comparison, razorblades.

The edges dug deep into the fiery Scout's flesh, drawing blood as every movement cut their wounds ever deeper. She was trapped... although it was obvious that such a hold was not meant to bind her for long.

Mars, having no other option, looked back behind the ribbons to try to plea with the monster which controlled them. But as woozy and terrified and exhausted as she was, she could only manage to mouth a single no.

She did not need to, but Scarf replied; licking her lips before mouthing a yes right back.

Then, with a brutal quickness, the ribbons constricted and retracted.

The sound was almost akin to a zipper being used, if said zipper also tore a paper bag full of pudding in the process. Carving through meat and bone with ease as they raced along, the wicked ribbons soon met themselves in the 'middle' and were free to be reeled back to their master. Rei's severed hands flew off to either side of her, leaving the girl herself to stare dumbly at the stumps where they once were.

Of course, she then started to scream.

Shrill, wild, shrieks, Mars half-wailed and half-weeped in the precious few seconds that Scarf allowed her to.

But the Daimon was not done yet.

The superpowered memento made flesh allowed a wild tangle of ribbon-tendrils to shoot out from her back, and then dashed forward to...

...race right by Mars

Scarf avoided the Scout entirely. Did not even slowing her stride as she passed.

But the same could not be said for the ribbons trailing behind her.

Mars was caught up in a forest of razor tendrils, trapping and tearing at her from all directions at once. Her screams - already high - reached a fever pitch as they dug into her face, her chest, her arms, her legs. When Scarf came to a halt and turned to inspect her handiwork she found not a bound hero, but a weeping cocoon of blood and flesh.

Scarf stopped and listened to the sweet music of suffering, the half-mad babbles for either mercy or death. While she had reached one peak with Makoto, there was a whole new mountain to climb here. But she'd have to work fast; this one was not going to last nearly as long as her 'mother'.

The Daimon brought her arms up in front of her; hands balled, and with her wrists crossing each other to make an 'x'.

Then, with a jerk, she pulled them down and back to her sides.

It was a wordless command, but her ribbons seemed to get the idea well enough.

The human shaped 'cocoon' began to spin, and as it unraveled it quickly lost its appearance of both. The pleas were abruptly cut off, replaced by gurgles and rending flesh. The ground below it, although somewhat spattered already, was quickly stained crimson as blood and rags of cloth dropped in a downpour of gore. The only human voice remaining - if it could be called human - was the giddy laughter of Scarf as she listened to the sounds of blade against bone and breathed in the coppery aroma of viscera.

Eventually the deed was done, and what was left of the Scout lay in a quivering pile of herself.

True, a good deal of her body had 'survived' the experience. There was still a head, torso, and good amounts of her arms and legs all connected proper. But it was obvious that this was only a temporary arrangement. Gashes deep enough to spill guts and display bone criss-crossed essentially every inch of what remained, and she was so drenched in her own lifeblood that she was a perfect canvas of red. As Scarf kicked her on the shoulder to lay her on her back, Rei could only let out a single hiss through gritted teeth. She was beyond words. Beyond hope. Beyond thought.

Scarf sat down on Rei's bare and minced stomach with all the care one would have dropping into a beanbag chair, earning herself a low moan from the Scout and a small crimson mist as the puddle they were now in was kicked up. Then leaning over, she locked her soulless blue eyes with the dulling ones of her 'opponent' and whispered:

"Scared yet?"

Before she grasped the filleted Scout on either side of the head and pulled it against her bare chest.

Rei tried to fight back as she was forced to suckle the teat of this monster, but she had too little energy left after all of the blood loss to even bite down. And, as the shockwaves of energy hit to tear out her heart crystal, all of it would have been used for screaming anyway.

Scarf purred as the ordeal went on; the reverberations of the Scout's moans against her breast and the brushings of the slippery body against hers as it convulsed making what passed for the creature's heart quicken. She began to gyrate her hips slightly, making the most of the lubrication and vibrations even as her plaything's movements started to wane. Soon even the whimpers ceased, and once again the Daimon found herself satisfied and triumphant atop the still form of a broken Scout.

Obviously, Kaolinite swooped in to snatch away the resulting Heart Crystal and examine it. Judging by the look on her face it was probably not the type they were after either, but no matter. More food for her.

And in any case...

Scarf looked down at the crimson mess below her. It was hard to see - perhaps without her newly enhanced senses she wouldn't have caught it herself - but it was still there. A shallow rising and dropping of that gashed, stained chest. Mars was still alive. And if this one hung on, undoubtedly so did Jupiter.

Which meant that, as far as Scarf was concerned, she was only half done here.


For the first time since Michuru’s death, Sailor Uranus registered an emotion that wasn’t connected to pure rage: confusion.

Sailor Moon said her name. Her real name. It was a name that was vaguely familiar to her, but she couldn’t quite place where. Furthermore, she wasn’t sure why she was supposed to care. She knew the Scouts had lives outside of their work, civilian guises. It was all too obvious by the way they operated, too consumed by whatever was going on in their petty lives to focus on the real picture.

She’d opened her mouth to speak, just started to form the first syllable, when she was interrupted by a shrill scream in the distance, coming from the same area where they’d left Makoto. It was too distant, too far, too distorted for Uranus to recognize, but judging from the way the other Scouts reacted, not far enough.

“Rei.” Sailor Moon wheezed, her throat turned ragged from all the screaming. She rolled over and tried to stand up, but that was a bit hard to pull off with two broken arms. “That’s our friend, that’s Rei. She’s just a girl, we’re just girls.” Sailor Moon tried to stand up with just her legs and failed miserably, falling flat on her face. “You-you have to do…”

Sailor Mercury, the only Inner Scout in the area with enough functional limbs to still stand, had managed to get back to her shaky feet by using a nearby car for support. “You have to do something. I know Neptune was important to you, but you can’t just let-”

She’d only gotten halfway through her plea when Sailor Uranus rushed over, grabbed her by the shining blue hairs, and rammed her face into the door window. It didn’t break after the first impact, just cracked. So Uranus hauled Mercury back, jerked forward, and rammed her forehead into it again, this time throwing her body weight behind the move, giving it her all.

Then it shattered.

She gave Mercury a hard slap across her bloodstained face out of pure spite, then let her limp body fall flat on the street. The little weakling shuddered and shook but didn’t do much else, aside from the occasional blink from her hazy eyes. Still awake, but only enough to process what was going on. Just the way Uranus needed her to be.

“Don’t.” Uranus drove her heel between Mercury’s legs with a swift stomp, crushing one of her, ensuring she wouldn’t be getting up on her own for a while. “Do not tell me what to do.”

With that done, she walked towards Sailor Moon, who was doing her best effort to crawl away. Without even the strength to flip her body over, all she could manage was to push her chest along the street, slinking like the little worm she really was. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

“You don’t know me and you didn’t know her.” She snatched Sailor Moon by the pigtails and dragged her across the street, forcing her hair to support the full weight. If she’d had the energy for it, Sailor Moon would’ve likely screamed. Now, all she could do was make this weak, stuttering whine of a noise, a moaning cry that droned on and on and did nothing to simmer the bubbling cauldron of rage in Uranus.

She brought the failing Sailor Moon over to the sidewalk roughly tossed her head beside the curb. For a moment, what was left of the Scout leader thought she might have a moment to rest and catch her breath. She was proven wrong - painfully wrong - when Sailor Uranus’ boot sunk deep into her spine, digging into her skin through the flimsy material.

Sailor Moon let out a hoarse squeak, barely recognizable as a human noise, as the air fled her battered lungs, and that was exactly what Sailor Uranus needed. She wanted that annoying mouth of hers open, wide open, and that was when she took advantage of the opportunity. She reached down, grabbed the whimpering blond’s hair, pulled her head forward and filled her gaping mouth full of curb, fighting the weak struggles all the way. Teeth chipped away against the rock and Sailor Moon’s body squirmed with renewed fervor, trying to pull her jaw away. A boot to the back of her head stopped that effort cold.

She pressed down. Not to much pressure at first, not much weight, forcing Sailor Moon’s jaw wider and wider by inches. She made the pain last, wanting to draw it on as long as possible. This little bitch deserved worse, so much worse, but Uranus was resourceful, This would do.

“No! Stop!” Sailor Venus reached out, as if her arm might somehow stretch ten feet and save her friend from the torture she was going through. “Neptune wouldn’t want this!”

“No,” Sailor Uranus’ eyes narrowed as she started to apply real, earnest force. Bones were cracking. Teeth were breaking. Muscles were snapping. Tears rolled down Sailor Moon’s face and mixed with the steady stream of blood coming from her mouth, forming a small pool in the gutter. “She wouldn’t.”

Somewhere in the back of her head, she could hear Michuru pleading, begging her not to do this, to spare this girl’s life, to forgive her for her foolish actions. She could hear the voice so clearly, and in the future it might be one of the small, rare comforts in her dark hours.

But not today.

Sailor Uranus reached back and drove her boot hard into the back of Sailor Moon’s skull, separating flesh from bone, crushing teeth and filling the night air with the wet sound of a meat grinder. Sailor Moon’s body jerked about like high voltage was running through, bringing new life to even her battered bones, flopping like a fish freshly pulled from the water. Sailor Moon’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, and in that moment, her only wish for the unbearable agony to come to an end.

With one, final push from Sailor Uranus’ boot, it mercifully did.

A hush came over the scene, with the remaining Scouts saying nothing at the sight of their fallen leader, speechless at the sight before them. It was hard to even recognize her as the same Usagi they’d come to know and love and tolerate, the silly girl they’d all come to know as their friend and leader. Her face was an unrecognizable, misshapen mess and skin and bones and teeth, her mouth splint wide open like a grim, sick parody of a smile. There was nothing left. No color in her blank eye, no warmth in her skin. Just a pale husk where a young woman used to be.

Uranus didn't feel better. She’d hoped she would, but it wasn't happening. She didn't feel bad. She didn't feel good. She didn't feel much of anything. Just this emptiness, this hollowness in the pit of her stomach, not knowing whether she did the right thing or the wrong thing and, ultimately, not caring one way or the other.

All she knew, all that mattered, was that there wouldn’t be any more distractions in her mission. She’d never have to worry about silly, irresponsible girls getting in her way ever again. The way it should have been from the start.

The way that would’ve kept Michuru alive.

Without another word, Sailor Uranus turned away from the scene, leaving the battered Scouts to mourn over the carcass of their fallen leader. She had real work to take care of.

Without another word spoken, Uranus turned and walked away from the awe-stricken, sobbing Scouts, leaving them to wallow and reflect. She had work to do. Real work.


"It's okay."

Makoto's vision had given out a while ago, but she still had enough about her to know that voice. to know that smell. To know that, as arms wrapped around and drew her into an embrace, who had triumphed in the battle that was simultaneously right next to her and leagues away.

"It's okay. You're safe now. Everything will be alright."

Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks as she softly repeated one name between sobs: Haruka. She had come back. Haruka had somehow beaten the Daimon without any powers of her own, just to save her. And now she was cradling Makoto, whispering sweet nothings to comfort her in her greatest moment of need.

Summoning what little strength she had left, Makoto leaned forward to embrace her love in a full kiss. This was worth everything. Even if she did not live through this, she at least could die happy.



Rei was pulled back into the realm of consciousness to the tune of that name, repeated over and over. It made no sense to her at all. Sure, she knew who that was, but what was the point of it here?

As her senses sharpened back into vague usability, she started to fully realize what was going on. For better or for worse.

She was with Makoto. In fact, they were probably as close as physically possible. The taller girl was on her knees, and she herself was sitting on Jupiter's legs while what was left of her arms rested on the other's shoulders. They were bound together with coils of ribbons, entwining around their naked bodies so they pressed tightly against one-another like lovers. Above them hovered a hunched-over Scarf, watching the two with a grin as she petted the back of their heads.

"It's okay." the Daimon said with Haruka's voice as she smirked at Rei. "You're safe now. Everything will be alright."


Rei shifted her attention back to the friend she was bound with. Makoto was staring right at her, but not seeing. Feeling, but not thinking. Because of the trauma, the prolonged absence of her heart crystal, the sheer amount of damage her body had gone through, or all of the above Makoto thought that she was Haruka.

Rei opened her mouth to try to talk - reason some sense into the girl - but was silenced before she even began when Makoto lunged in and locked their lips. Too weak to struggle, Mars could only groan in disgust as one of her best friends tongue greedily explored her mouth.


Scarf chuckled, and pulled the bindings tighter. Oh yes. This was a way to go. She would coax them along until they had their fun, and then she would have hers. Who said that romance was dead?

Additional ribbons snaked in-between the legs of the captive Scouts, brushing up against their most sensitive areas with teasing lightness. Then they began to move about; creating a sensual, rhythmic rubbing.

Makoto reacted immediately, moaning into the mouth of her 'lover' as she ground her thighs against themselves. Rei was a tougher nut to crack; remaining silent, but her breath growing heavier as her body reacted regardless.

The ribbons holding both of their chests together constricted even more, mashing their breasts and causing them to slide against the one another due to the twin lubrications of blood and sweat. Combined with the heaving of each gasp, they kneaded against each other as well as any skilled hands could ever manage.

Their joined bodies, gleaming in the moonlight, writhed and shook with increasingly frantic movements. Their heated breaths rose like steam in the cold air, a visible sign of their passion before it drifted off into the night. Muffled cries rumbled inside their connected mouths, the reverberations of one egging the other on so much harder.

Finally it came; joyfully for Makoto, spitefully for Rei. Scarf even released most of the upper bindings to let them get this moment juuust right. The Scouts' kiss finally broke as spasms forced them to arch their backs, a thin string of saliva still connecting them as they each shrieked into the cold, damp air.

It was at this moment that a tendril worked around their necks and - with a twist and a pull - slit both of their throats.

The screams were cut off into gargles as their lungs filled with pooling viscera. Spurting arterial blood coated the chest of the opposite lover as well as spattered up against Scarf's face, who merely smiled and licked up what landed around her lips. Makoto, not knowing what was happening, faded away wondering why Haruka had done such a thing to her. Rei, knowing all too well, died wondering what kind of world would allow such a horror to happen. Their bodies seized for a time, still working through both stages of their finale, but eventually degenerated into twitches and then finally nothing.

For a moment all was quiet… save for the soft clapping of Kaolinite, exceedingly impressed by the work of her now-favorite minion.

The two Scouts now lay together in death; backs arched, staring blindly up at the sky with open mouths, frozen in their final climax. With supreme satisfaction Scarf disconnected the ribbons holding them in place from herself, more than happy to leave this scene as it was after they left for anyone who came searching later.

After all, she was a creature made from beauty. Such an exquisite sight had to be shared.


Sailor Uranus could smell the scene before she saw it.

Not many people realized that blood had a real scent. Most of them weren’t around it often enough. But Haruka was. She’d had her nose busted enough times to know that unmistakable copper scent on the wind. It was the same scent emanating from her own outfit, stained red all over with the last vestiges of her lover’s life.

Sailor Uranus made her way through the alley, taking a less direct route to stay out of sight. She’d started to move a little faster when she recognized it, but after a few hurried steps she realized there wasn’t any reason to hurry. A scent this odorous meant that there was blood, a lot of blood, more than any one human could lose and survive. Not even two.

And that wasn’t the only thing her nose picked up. Sweat, yes, that was expected, but there was another body fluid wafting her way. Something more intimate, something innocent, something that put a horrid through in Haruka’s head: the Daimon had killed Makoto, but that was not all it did. Not even close.

Her mind went through all the disgusting scenarios, one by one, in lurid details: the Daimon had raped Makoto, violated, ravished her while it ripped her to shreds. The thought alone made her hairs stand at attention, but her opinion changed the moment she turned the corner and saw the reality.

In that moment, Haruka wished it was only as bad as she’d feared. That would be so much better than this.

Makoto was Sailor Jupiter. Haruka figured that out in a moment, judging from the tattered remains that were scattered all around, but that revelation was quickly lost in the mad shuffle her brain was going through, as she pieced together the grotesque puzzle. Sailor Mars and Jupiter, locked in a deranged parody of a lover’s embrace, their throats slit, and the blood, that pungent odor...what had they been doing? What had they been forced to do?

Sailor Uranus threw up in her mouth, and only a quick hand pressed against her lips kept her from spewing the bile. The fact that she hadn’t been present to witness what happened was what made it churned her stomach, as her mind automatically filled in the blanks. She was forced to imagine the scene, think of what Mars and Jupiter experienced in their last moments. The horror. The utter indignation. The unspeakable insult.

“God…” She muttered and stumbled away, trying to tear her eyes away. Every second she looked at it, her eyes focused on some new, gruesome details, each worse than the last. Her mind raced to make sense of it all, as if the human brain was simply not designed to process such a sight.

But the worst thought of it all came through loud and clear: She could have stopped this. She could have saved them. She could have stopped the enemy from retrieving two crystals. She could have saved Michuru. She could have done so many things better tonight, and the next time she would have to. Everything rested on her shoulders from this point on.

Sailor Uranus was alone. Utterly alone.

With nothing left to say and nothing left to do, she tore her gaze from the nightmare and walked away with her head hung low, going towards a darkened street and even darker future.


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Aug 10, 2015
Nice real nice thanks Sickerton, Lasthero, nothing like some well crafted brutality to get the blood flowing, figuratively and in their case littertly


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Mar 3, 2012
Crude,cruel and overall amazing!
I love how brutal Haruka was by keep beating the shit out sailor moon and breaker her bones just by punches and kicks it was great.The image of her dragging the broken body of Usagi by her pigtail it something than I wish someone draw. Yet my favorite part of all was the part when she strip sailor moon just to have her dead on the lower possible way humiliated and complete crush . You are very creative sir.
Whit than say I fucking hate Haruka I love her way of fight but I hate the way she act and is funny because I never have a problem whit Juri Han despise the fact the Juri was way more brutal but she also was a lot fun on her exchange whit her victim but Haruka is a cunt who after destroy 4 teen girl she star make out whit her girlfriend what thad fuck Haruka! Are you a fucking lannister now? But is the ending want really got me when she act all piss about the massacre on front of her, like she Was any better.
Great storie dude please keep the good work


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Apr 17, 2016
One of the best ryona story I've read.
I love how despite the numerical advantage, the inner senshis get destroyed and the outer senshis are described as "More skilled, more experienced, tougher, stronger, faster, fiercer"
Parts where Uranus teaches the Sailors how to throw a proper attack are good, maybe they could use a taunt to make it even more humiliating.
Having the Sailors utterly overpowered AND making bad choices which makes them guilty is a good way to do both physical and psychological ryona, I love it. Uranus destroying Usagi in front of her friends adds to the humiliation too.

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