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Spanish Language Comedies -Death Ryona- on ShockFlix.com

Discussion in 'Ryona' started by templarart, Aug 9, 2014.

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    Jan 15, 2010
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    Saturday at the Movies on ShockFlix.com:
    I'll try to make Saturday, movie night at Shockflix.com and this time I have clips from eight Spanish language comedies. This isn't anywhere near all of them and I'm saving the Mexican gunslinger videos for a full upload later.


    SLC 1 - Police Station
    SLC 1: Spanish Language Comedies 1. 2 Videos. 1) A hot blonde in a tight dress is shot and lies down on a table to die. 2) Two incredibly hot girls in bikinis try to convince a pair of cops to duel with pistols. Instead of shooting each other the cops shoot the girls. One in the chest and one in the belly. Nice writhing from the blonde. One of my favorite videos.

    SLC 2 - Mobster 1 and 2
    SLC 2: Spanish Language Comedies 2. 2 Videos. 1) A really sexy redhead who looks a lot like Jessica Rabbit is shot in the chest by an old woman. She grabs her chest and collapses on the floor. 2) A pretty, busty gunmoll in a tight dress is poisoned and collapses.

    SLC 3 - Mobster 3.
    SLC 3: Spanish Language Comedies 3. 1 Video. A hot, busty girl in a plunging top is shot in her breasts and then another hot, busty girl in a skimpy dress is shot in the chest.

    SLC 4 - Cops 1.
    SLC 4: Spanish Language Comedies 4. Cops and other enforcement agencies bungle a bank robbery getting everyone killed including some hot girls.

    SLC 5 - Hospital 1 and Cops 2.
    SLC 5: Spanish Language Comedies 5. 2 Videos. 1) A very sexy, leggy Latina in a tight dress dies of a finger splinter in a hospital. 2) A pretty, busty gunmoll in a tight dress is poisoned and collapses into boxes.