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Soldier Girl

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    Joyce Summers is the first girl ever to be accepted in an all male military school. The heads of the school were very against it but having no choice from the governments decree, they had no choice but to accept her. they did it to please the feminists.

    Joyce Summers is 18 years old, Shes bright,energetic, plucky and full of life. She is very eager to please and prove herself. She can be very serious at times. Her superiors were told that she must have special treatment like: Her own housing away from the boys, she can be five minutes late to roll call if she wants and she can eat what ever or how much she wants.

    Joyce meets her all male unit for the first time and she is completely oblivious to the fact that they cant stand her. Every boy towers over her all of them average at about 5'10 to 6'1 and muscular weight of 167 to 180lbs while Joyce is 5'4 and she weighs 150lbs of a little muscle but mostly fat. all the boys thin and broad shouldered with six pack abs while joyce has a large ass beautifully large bouncy breasts and a soft fat belly that protrudes out making her body look like the letter S from the side.

    During basic training, Joyce is horrible. Her unit has the lowest points because of her slow fat ass. She knows shes doing bad and she cries at the end of every run which is really annoying. But some of the men found out that she will pass because her mother is a colonel and is giving her points to pass. Well they decide to teach her a lesson.

    One day, they talk their drill instructor into having a fake wrestling session. The unit gathers in a circle. Everybody is in their standard military fatigues but Joyce is warring a tight camo sports bra and some camo spandex pants that barely fit. " Dobson and Joyce... ur up." The two soldiers get to the center of the circle. Joyce gets in her wresting stance with a serious look on her face. Dobson looks at his friends and he just nods yes. " This is full contact fighting...readyyyy go!" The instructor said. They lock up. Joyce felt the weight and power of Dobson weighing down on her. Her serious face quickly turns to struggle as she tries to go force against force.

    Dobson being 6'1 175lbs of pure muscle flings the small but chunky 5'4 150 pounder across the ring. She falls on her cheese cake filled booty and rolls violently jiggling in curtain places. She springs back up only to be tackled by the freight train that is Dobson. " OOOOUUFFF?!?" Joyces air shoots out of her body as his hard as a rock shoulder slams in Jyces big soft belly. He then puts her in a standing arm bar. As he twists her arm in the opposite direction Joyce begins to scream in agony. Her thick legs kick as she works through the pain.

    Dobson then stands her up and gose into a boxing stance. Joyce still in pain gose into the same stance. He throws two jabs to fake her out. She takes the bate and leaves her belly wide open. not to put her down just yet, He throws a medium punch to her gut. (DSH) is the sound it made as the force of his blow ripples through her belly to her love handles to her booty and finally down to her fat thighs. " Er-Herr?" Joyce yelps like a sick dog. She even hops a little off the ground. Her arms drop and her head is wobbly. She still standing but her belly is stinging with pain.

    Dobson then beckons for her to come at him. She slowly shuffles toward him this time with a worried look on her face Dobson notices her chin is exposed so he nods his head. Joyce gets irritated by the nod and swings a wild left cross but as she swings he beans her on her exposed chin. Her head crooks to the left as her eyes go dim. Her left arm is still in motion of a punch as she falls.

    she fell falt on her back she is snores like a buzz saw. Dobson wakes her up and as soon as she coms to he puts her in a reverse chokehold. from the top he slides in and wraps his arm around her neck from the front. Hes laying face down and his shoulder and head is where her titties are.

    She struggles to get him off put as he applies full pressure, she begins to gurgle and convulse. Her back arches making her big belly look like a hill, Her arms were trying to loosen his grip now they flail slowly and weirdly about. Her hands are limp and weak. Her body jiggles and shakes from her convulsing. Her belly and breasts bounce and shake about. All the men were getting a little aroused by this. Dobson can feel her titty hit on the side of his head.

    Her face is blood red, one eye is closed and the other is barley open and its white. Snot and blood run out of her nose.

    Finally Dobson lets go and stand over the embarrassingly sprawled out Joyce who was clearly out matched by her stronger smarter foe. The next week Joyce drops from the school.