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Okay so here's the newest rendition of "So you wanna be a zako?" this time with a DMM spin to it. Of Course the one run by Mentos isn't finished quite yet, but I figured I'd get mine at least started already anyway, albeit with a perhaps somewhat slow start. My next post will be introducing to you the commander of your team along with some plot stuff. For now, the details on this version of SYWBaZ are below so get to posting your zako to join the squad! (But yeah no rush yet, this'll pick up, but likely have a somewhat slow start in terms of posting or whatever? Stay tuned, I dunno lol)

The setting is a world where superheroes exist, similar to the Marvel or DC universes. But, you're not those heroes of course. You are one of the many "Black Rabbits" of the all-female criminal "Usagi Black" organization, which in and of itself is an offshoot of Shader. It is a small part of an evil empire. Usagi Black's uniform consists of a black leotard and a bunny ear headband, but the dress code isn't strict. As long as a black leotard is present, any accessory is allowed. Some add a skirt, a jacket, unique shoes or gloves, or other things. The bunny headband can even be neglected or replaced with other headgear as long their allegiance to Usagi Black is still visually clear enough.

A game mechanic new to my rendition of this is the persuasion style and stat. Essentially, characters will have a speech stat here, but as zako the use of it is mostly for when begging for mercy. See, with good persuasion a zako may be able to convince a hero or heroine not to go easier on them. The effects of this differ from hero to hero. Say, if we're dealing with a Punisher-esque no mercy style hero, they'll be nearly impossible to persuade. But on the other end of the spectrum there will be very altruistic heroes who will likely kill next to no one too, but perhaps getting a zako injured, captured, or arrested. And you need the persuasion style along with the stat. Some might jump to seduction, others will beg and cry, some may sell out their allies. Some may beg for mercy only to attack the hero when their guard is down (Which could end very well or very poorly) And of course you can also have NO persuasion style at all. This may not seem advantageous, but you'll find many foes will end up respecting those who will fight until the bitter end far more than the ones who give up, and several heroes senses of honor may make them actually be more inclined to kill a zako who would backstab their own allies. There's no one right style of persuasion. Also, unless you choose to have no persuasion method, you must rank their skill at their persuasion from 1 to 10.

There is also a second unique mechanic in play here. Along with submitting zako for Usagi Black, you can also submit some of the forces of good that Usagi Black will be fighting. Of course the good guys will have "zako" of sorts as well; nameless police officers, rival gangs, etcetera. But if you want to submit a named good guy or gal, whether they be a superhero, special agent, or even named rival gang member or cop, or pretty much anything, go nuts! This is somewhat similar to gunsmith's GI Jane concept, where both sides have submitted zako, but the difference here is that Usagi Black is the primary focus and the various foes of the gang are merely another obstacle for the hapless henchgirls.

Class Options...

Superhuman: Don't get a big head even though you have a superpower of your own because you're still a zako. Of course these powers have to be limited. You're not going to be on Superman's level or anything. You just have a simple power, one that even the average non-powered hero could take on. Something like a bit of telekinesis, shooting fire, or being stronger or faster then the average person but not absurdly so. Other classes can also have special powers, but must be far less prevalent than if you are a flat out superhuman class, such as a stealth class having a sense of hearing that's greater than average, or a medic that has the ability to numb pain a bit.

Fighter: A zako who jumps in with their fists or their choice of melee weapon.

Ranged: A zako with a gun, a bow, or something of the sort.

Stealth: A zako who's a rogue or assassin. Can differ slightly in execution whether they're armed specifically for up-close attacks, ranged attacks, or both.

Medic: A zako who tends to the others on the battlefield. Can fight, but that not being their main point, won't fight nearly as well as other classes.

Worthless: A zako who is a jack of no trades and not even close to being a master of anything. Has no place in a criminal empire, but is there anyway, whether she was forced to be by someone or is just vastly overestimating herself. Never had a real fight a day in her life, a terrible shot, not at all sneaky, no medical talent, no superpowers at all. True fodder. A joke class of sorts. Some useless zako around is fun, but try not including too many of these because they're all zako anyway and we need the team to be at least somewhat competent, hahaha.


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Test Medic Bunny :P


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I'll give a few. Might even end up with pictures this time!

Ranged (Mac-10)
Story: Coming from a well-off family, Maryanne has always believed she's better than most people because of her wealthy heritage. But, after a nasty confrontation with a store clerk, her arrogance was cracked. She's joined the Black Rabbits to prove to herself that she really is better than the average person, and make some extra cash doing so as well.

Appearance: Tall, blonde, and with an hourglass figure, Maryanne would probably be a gold-digging trophy wife if she wasn't born into wealth. But she was. She's got blue eyes and her straight hair reaches the bottom of her shoulderblades.

Persuasion: 7. She'll beg, plead, and promise a hefty reward from her parents if she's spared, as well as leaving Usagi Black. She's not lying either, there are other ways to prove herself that don't involve her dying. She's not afraid to take a few hits, though if it's life or death she'll quickly fold.

Ranged (Mac-10)
Story: A woman from a poor family, her only real choices to escape the prison of poverty her family has lived in for generations were joining the military or Usagi Black. Since Usagi Black didn't seem as dangerous as the military, and being all-female would definitely have less sexual assault, she chose Usagi Black.

Appearance: With short red hair, she's an average height redhead with a better-than-average figure. She's a bit self-conscious about her freckles.

Persuasion: 5. She won't be particularly good at begging, but she'll do her best. Mostly she'll promise to join the military and use the things she's learned in Usagi Black to serve the country, which hopefully will convince her assailant. She's not likely to surrender unless she believes the alternative is death. She's picked her poison.

Ranged (Mac-10)
Story: An ambitious woman, she's always been on the cutting edge of get-rich-quick schemes. This has left her on the cutting edge of going to prison for fraud, so she's decided to throw caution to the wind and become a full-on criminal rather than try to live lawfully at most times.

Appearance: A brunette of average height, her hair is in a military buzz cut and her figure is unremarkable, though not misshapen.

Persuasion: 9. She's had a lot of experience persuading people, and is good at judging what values a person holds without much information about them. She'll use this to try and get out of deadly situations, since ~20 years in prison is preferable to death.


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Introducing your commander (and with her a basic template for character creation for those who would like one)
Name: Maddy
Age (optional): 23
Class: Ranged
Weapon: A ray gun
Description: Maddy was selected to command a new squad despite her shy attitude do to her intellect, clever planning, and adaptive skill. She impressively built her own ray gun or "blaster" as she prefers to call it.
Persuasion: 8. Attempts to bargain, but will resort to crying and begging fairly quickly, though is pretty good at both.

There was a raucous uproar throughout the Usagi Black headquarters since many new recruits were awaiting proper assortment into their squad. They'd been waiting for hours as the higher-ups scrambled around to make accommodations for the recent influx. Eventually a rather meek looking young lady entered the room. "Attention..." she muttered at first, not catching the gaze of many of the new black rabbits. "A-Attention!" she shouted this time, albeit nervously. This time it caught more eyes.
"My name is Madison, but uh... you can call me Maddy." The girl said. "I'll be your commander for the time being. This has actually only just come to my attention as well... B-but I promise I'm well equipped for the job! I've been told we've been assigned out own smaller base of operations near the outskirts of Brine City, where our first assignments will take place. It's a small underground facility in the forest, but the printout that was supposed to give us our exact coordinates was kinda busted, sooo... Our first order of business will be to find it!" She tried her best to fake a wide grin, but stopped almost immediately as no one was buying it.

The bunker was fairly easy to find after trudging through the forest, perhaps too easy, so Maddy begins writing out shifts for patrols, in case of intruders. There were ample bedrooms along on hall, a shower room, a sort of large living room for the girls to relax at during free time, a kitchen with a dining room, and lastly there was a section of the bunker that opens up in a ramp with some vehicles for the team to use; In total, two large innocuous transport vans to get several Black Rabbits to wherever they may need to be and four motorcycles, but that was it. The area was quite large though, so there was much room to store other vehicles they may end up wanting to keep in the future.
Maddy tells the others to run along, find their rooms and get themselves comfortable for the time being while she writes down potential roles and shifts for, patrols, cleaning, cooking, and other various necessities for the base she was now in charge of.


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Name: Kimberly
Age: 22
Class: Stealth (Close Range)
Weapon: Multiple Swords
Description: Kimberly joined Usagi Black because all of her friends left for college. Feeling alone she wanted to enjoy the camaraderie that only a group like Usagi could provide. As she made it through the first couple of years she began to grow detached from her colleagues. She was chosen for her loner personality to take on a stealth role for the team.
Persuasion: (0) She has lost her sense of self-preservation and doesn't really care if she lives or dies.
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Hey man think.this is a great idea! Heres two more hench wenches for the team :)


Sugar is a 5'5, 130lb 27 year old from Liverpool England, She has a low level superpower that gifts her with the gymnatic ability of an olympic gold medalist, she has a fetish for killing men much larger than her.

Combat Style:Superhuman/Fighter she uses her gymnastic skills to deliver fatal flip, cartwheel kicks and neck snaps.

Persusion 7: she will beg and cry for mercy only to attack her foe when they let their guard down with a handstand headscissor.


Spice is Sugars partner in crime an feisty Italian who uses her whip and high heels in combat, she is 28 years old, 6'1 and weighs 175lbs. She attacks with low blow kicks, whip lashes and whip strangles. She has a low level superpower, she emits a pheromone that makes her irresistible, this lowers their defences so she can unleash a deadly attack

Combat Style: Superhuman- Spice has limited fighting abilty and relies on her pheromone power to lower her enemies defence, she then attacks viciously with her whip and high heels

Persuasion: 9 she uses her pheromones to seduce her foes into showing mercy doing whatever they want to ensure her survival

Womens-Sexy-One-Piece-Thong-Swimsuit-in-Shiny-Black-F10-0007-F.jpg 610Q8TrXSaL._AC_UL1500_.jpg
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Name: Katie
Age: 18
Class: Medic
(Level 1)
Weapon: First Aid kit, Medical supplies. Scalpel or Syringe if desperate
Description: Katie joined Usagi Black, mainly out of naivety. Bought into the propaganda, not realizing how dangerous the organization is. Was clear in basic training that she lacked the fighting skill of even the basic grunts, so was transferred to the Medic division. Looks forward to the day she can quit, and put all this behind her and go to college. Finds the uniform utterly humiliating. Bullied by the powered zako and even some of the tougher ones. Despite this, she'll try as hard as possible to save her comrades.

Persuasion: (6) She's genuinely scared, and naive. Nicer heroes would let her go sometimes. But is just your normal girl without any special powers or good at teasing sexually, so wouldn't be able to beg as well as some.

Koikatu-2019-12-03-10-36-07-Render.png CharaStudio-2019-12-03-10-33-54-Render.png CharaStudio-2019-12-03-10-35-11-Render.png
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Name: Celeste
Age: 24
Class: Medic
Weapon: Medical scissors
Description: Celeste is a brilliant & arrogant young henchwoman that wears a long white labcoat in addition to the Usagi Black uniform. She graduated medical school and earned her medical license at the bafflingly young age of 22, after which she joined Shader to conduct research on how to give the organization's villainous army superhuman abilities. Although she loved picking apart the human body more than anything, and put the utmost care into crafting her 'little soldiers', her experiments always ended in failure and the death of her subjects. Because of these countless failures she was demoted to the position she holds today, and she is understandably bitter about it.
Persuasion: 2. Will surrender and happily sell out her allies if she finds herself in a fight she thinks she can't win. She may also attack a hero if they let their guard down.


Celeste threw herself onto a bed in the first unoccupied room she could find. It had been the most humiliating day of her life; trudging through the forest in nothing but a leotard and coat, surrounded on all sides by brainless bimbos who actually seemed to be enjoying this inane shit.

By far the biggest stab to her ego was the commander. What was her name, Mindy? Mandy? What business does a stuttering little bitch have commanding one of the greatest minds in the fucking country?! Little wonder she picked a top that exaggerates those pathetic little fat globules on her chest, it's her only asset!

Celeste fell asleep conjuring up insults about every single black rabbit that caught her eye. Maybe she'd be able to make Usagi Black see how useful she truly was in the lab, but that would be for another day.
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Brine City Black Usagi

(I know they are a lot , sorry Dino!)

Name: Ann
Age: 31
Class: Fighter
Weapon: -
1 (most likely she won't attempt to persuade an enemy, but to fight, but if the odds are too bad, will try to surrender)

Sometimes a Stripper, others a prostitute, and for some a girlfriend on a mafia boss of Brine city, she got in a troubling situation with that criminal gang -and the police- she decided to disappear... entering the Black Usagi.

She's an user... and quite a junkie at that.

Name: Kim
Age: 18
Class: Fighter
Weapon: -

In her last year of School, she was extremly bored by it and didn't saw herself studying further after school, or working for that matter. When she was promised easy money by a young recruiter of Black Usagi -Jill- she meet in detention -for beating somebody in the bathroom because she "looked at her weirdly"- she agreed and decided to join. Thanks to the quick and easy bucks she made, she and Jill convinced her sister to join as well.

Name: Jill
Age: 15
Class: Fighter
Weapon: -
7 (if she thinks things are going badly, will try to appeal to her short age and supposed innocence, not knowing better)

Jill is the daughter of a former Usagi Black henchwoman, who joined at a young age at her own mother suggestion, and she's quite eager to test herself to her mother and to Usagi Black. Eager to fight, she doesn't have much experience. As she's still going to school between her missions and detachments with Usagi Black, she did some recruiting for Black Usagi in her school, and it's how she got enrolled her bumbling classmate, Carly, and the sisters Kim and Clara

Name: Nina
Age: 18
Class: Fighter
Weapon: -
5 (If things get too serious, she will try to surrender, offering herself to be tied up. She may even be a bit too much insistent, about the need of being tied up.

As Nina grow up, she always loved reading superhero comics, and watching the news about superheroes... but she wasn't in for the superheroes, but instead for the villains and the criminal organisations. And for the henchmen and henchwomen, defeated and humiliated and left in a bodypile or tied up by the heroes. She joined several internet boards to discuss about this, and often caught herself in her free time doodling henchwomen uniforms for her own organisation, or drawing henchwomen defeated and tied, imagining herself as one...

So, as she learnt from her friend Carla that she joined a group called Black Usagi -and she saw her uniform- she decided she HAD to join.

So far, she LOVES how thight and little cover her uniform.

Name: Carly
Age: 16
Class: Worthless
Weapon: -
10 (begging and claiming innocence)

Carly often have no idea what's going around. So when her school friend Jill told her they should totally join this cool after class club, she agreed, being quite surprised by their uniforms. She only nows begins to think that there's something odd going around, but Jill have told her better not to ask, and do as told instead.

Name: Trixie
Age: 23
Class: Superhuman (strenght and resistance above human, capable of some athletic feats)
Weapon: -

She keeps changing her background story, and have claimed in the span of a few days to be an orphan, choosen-one from a lost people to be their saviour, a common girl who had a freaky industrial accident with acid, an alien and many other backgrounds. But some other Black Usagi bunnygirls whisper, saying she's probably the bastard daughter of a super and a prostitute.

That beside the point, as soon as Trixie realised her -limited- superpowers she decided to abuse them, and began to assault licuour stores, 24/7 and gas stations. Then, as she was looking for a fence, she heard Black Usagi was hiring.

She likes to talk big, and says her "superhero name" is "The Black Rabbit". But she's a nobody. Her "superhero suit" it's just a dark grey hoodie with badly sewn bunny hats over her Black Usagi uniform.

Name: Marie
Age: 27
Class: Stealth
Weapon: Retractable Shock Batton
Persuasion: 10 (Marie's persuasion, rather than begging, is her charisma, to try to convince and talk her way out of the situation)

Marie is a computer expert, and specialices as a Hacker. However, Hacking isn't as glamorous as movies made it look, and takes a lot of time in front of a screen. Once, trying to hack in some secret government site got the government on her trail... so she decided to "go full outlaw" and seek refugee in a criminal organisation as Black Usagi, who could use some of her skills. Or so she think.

Since then, she have been training a lot to get in shape, and she terms herself as a sort of super-ninja. She's not. She's still mostly a dork.

She loves anime.

Name: Clara
Age: 19
Class: Fighter
Weapon: -

Clara -the older sister of Kim- have big ambitions for her life. University, a great career, fame and fortune. She have all planed out. Except that College is very costly.

Then, she noticed her younger sister having some hefty amount of cash. And then, she surprised Kim in her room, clad as a Black Usagy Bunny Girl. She first misunderstood it as Kim being a stripper in a local club, and she decided she wanted in. Only later, she will get to realice her sister wasn't working for an adult entertainment club but for a criminal organisation, but she already liked the payment too much.

Name: Max
Age: 29
Class: Fighter
Weapon: -
10 (Will try to use her sexual charms, and will promtly try to surrender and escape any sort of harm. If that fail, she will try to appeal to her having children.)

Max, mother of three -each one from a different father- had lived mostly from state paychecks and suing the fathers of her children, for money she later spend on herself on drugs and alcohol, as she actually doesn't even really take care of her children, that she leaves instead to be taken care by her brother and his wife. Very used to petty thievery and sometimes even mugging, she once was caught by some members of the Black Usagi in their turf, and it resulted in Max joining Usagi Black to avoid the "Or else" part of that engagement. Dinomoneyman - Black Usagi Shabaz Squad.png
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A team of 19! And they're really good, but I hadn't anticipated it so quickly. I don't actually have the mission ready yet. Stay tuned, should be up very soon. (Also some of Shab's might be a bit on the backburner for now because they're like half the team. D: Might place a limit, probably like 4 or 5 per person, but for now it's fine lol)


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I'm burned out from already doing the last thread but I feel like if I do nothing I'm gonna regret it.

Name: Katria 'Kat'
Age: 22
Class: Fighter
Weapon: Fists
Description: A young, punk girl who grew up on the streets flaking through the occasional other rival gang before ending up here. Kat has fiery red/orange hair dropping just below her shoulders and sharp features. Her black leotard is torn in random places around her legs and has an especially large tear across her midriff area (not from fighting, but by style) and wears a brown leather vest over top along with a black choker. Her...ears are red in colour and slightly more subdued than the others.
Persuasion: 3


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Hey guys really looking forward to this taking off wanted to request this guy as an enemy to our gang, he is an ex-marine turned vigilante. Was hoping he could serve as an enemy boss character.

Sam Marsters

Height: 6'2

Age: 28

Weight: 180lbs

Nationality: American

Fighting style: Fighter/Superhuman: Sam is trained in various martial arts and was injected with a super serum as part of his military career. This gives him stength equal to a world class bodybuilder, he can run at 40 mph and is capable of taking hits from low caliber weapons with no major injuries

If any of the Zako girls want to make up a history with Sam or send him threats or ultimatums,please feel free to do so.

Sam (4).jpg


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1. Maddy, Ranged, Ray gun, persuasion 8, Level 5
2. Maryanne, Ranged, Mac-10, per 7, Lvl 1
3. Elizabeth, Ranged, Mac-10, per 5, Lvl 1
4. Jane, Ranged, Mac-10, per 9, Lvl 1
5. Kimberly, Stealth, Swords, per 0, Lvl 1
6. Sugar, Fighter(Superpower Gymnastics), per 7, Lvl 1
7. Spice, Superhuman(Lust pheromones), Whip+Heels, per 9, Lvl 1
8. Katie, Medic, Medical supplies, per 6, Lvl 1
9. Celeste, Medic, Scissors, per 2, Lvl 1
10. Ann, Fighter, per 1, Lvl 1
11. Kim, Fighter, per 6, Lvl 1
12. Jill, Fighter, per 7, Lvl 1
13. Nina, Fighter, per 5, Lvl 1
14. Carly, Worthless, per 10, Lvl 1
15. Trixie, Super(Strength), per 3, Lvl 1
16. Marie, Stealth, Shock Baton, per 10, Lvl 1
17. Clara, Fighter, per 7, Lvl 1
18. Max, Fighter, per 10, Lvl 1
19. Kat, Fighter, per 3, Lvl 1

The recruits were given a couple of days to settle in at their new base of operations before getting their first assignment. When headquarters finally called in to Maddy and gave her the information on the mission, she took a few minutes to pump herself up because she was nervous that she might embarrass herself in front of all her new black rabbit troops.
She pressed the intercom button and said the phrase she previously rehearsed several times. "Hello my fellow Black Rabbits! Today we have received our very first transmission from HQ! We have our very first mission. All units please report to the vehicle bay as soon as possible and be prepared for for action. I will give further details there," after removing her finger from the button she let out a sigh of relief since she managed to get her whole spiel out without any failure.

When every trooper was in position Maddy gave instructions to the group, but now that it was unrehearsed, in a far more casual manner. "Ok, so there's like, another gang in Brine city that the higher ups didn't initially notice when setting up our bunker here. I don't believe they even have a name, just a random group of unorganized female thugs. Orders are to run them out of here, but rumors are they don't back down easily so we'll likely have a big fight on our hands. But hey, we're Usagi Black! Offshoot of Shader, a crime empire! So we're prepared! Er, uh... Go team? ...Uh, lets just load ourselves into the vans and get to the location. I'll lead the way, whoever drives the other van, just follow me."

The enemy gang was located in an abandoned supermarket in the underbelly of Brine City and the members weren't on guard, mostly lounging, smoking, and chatting amongst themselves. They seemed very trashy, and considering the level many of the Black Rabbits were at, them considering someone trashy was really saying something. There was 20 of them in total. One more than Maddy's squad currently had, but the rabbits had the element of surprise, and the supermarket girls also appeared to have no real leader. When they were close enough, the rabbits piled out and they all rushed the derelict store.

VS Supermarket Gangsters
20x Fighter/Ranged thugs (Lvl 1)

Maddy ordered that the stealthier rabbits attack first to pick off some of their enemies before a full battle breaks out. Unfortunately Only two of the black rabbits were up to that task.
Kimberly struck first. She took a slash at the neck of an unsuspecting thug who was busy outside taking a smoke break. It was a clean kill, lobbing the head right off of the girl before she knew what hit her. The body dropped, tensed, and twitched as the head was left beside it with a permanent shocked expression. (Kimberly +1 kill)
Next was Marie's turn, and she had a very easy time hunting her prey. The very next girl to exit the building she grabbed and pulled aside, covering her mouth so she couldn't call for the rest. Once she was a safe distance away, she merely held her shock-baton to the wriggling thug's chest and shocked her with it until her struggling stopped, she checked for a pulse afterwards, but even though she's only shocked her for what felt like a moment, her pulse was gone. "Huh, guess I overdid it," she giggled as she dropped the dead thug to the ground. (Marie +1 kill)
Maryanne opened the door and aimed her weapon to fire on the enemies inside. She looked to the counter, the only for the girl behind it ducked under it quickly and she completely missed her first burst of bullets. She reloaded quickly and waited to fire again, but another one of the thugs had jumped to attention as well and fired a pistol shot into Maryanne's chest between her breasts. Maryanne flopped onto her back at the impact. It was a pretty serious wound, but possibly not fatal if quickly treated. Katie tried to do, bravely jumping in and dragging her a short distance away to treat the wound , but Maryanne's flailing made it difficult, and Katie ended up accidentally managing to get the bullet, which was still lodged in her chest to puncture a lung and ensure Maryanne's fate. Maryanne's last moments were spent coughing up blood in Katie's arm on the dirt near the supermarket. (Maryanne has died)
As others rushed into the building, Sugar set her sights on the one who had fired the fatal blow on Maryanne. She managed to disarm her by grabbing her wrist and twisting it so she'd drop the gun, then powerfully kneed her in the groin, causing her to topple to her knees, then finished her off by grabbing her head and snapping her neck with a satisfying crunch during the twist. (Sugar +1 kill)
Max ended up leaping behind the counter for cover to be met by one of the enemy thugs still taking cover there as well. She was oblivious to her a second too long and received a knife to her gut. She gasped loudly at the stab wound and fought back with an actually very well placed jab to her attacker's jaw. They were both on decently equal footing for just a moment but then the enemy thug twisted the knife, stunning Max long enough for the attacker to throw her own punch at Max's kidney, a painful blow. Neither medic could reach her from where she was in time before the attacker carved the knife upwards, creating a large gash where Max quickly bled out, her dying form aptly guarded by a knife wielding thug as she screamed in agony. (Max had died)
Kat reaches the knife wielding thug right as Max expires and throws a flurry of punches her way. Kat gets a minor cut on her arm from her reckless approach but also ends up ramming her foe's head against the wall, knocking her out. (Kat +1 KO)
Maddy snipes from a window outside and manages to fire one laser bolt through two unsuspecting thugs at once, blasting through the stomach of one and the head of another crouched beside her, downing the standing one and instantly killing the crouched one. Celeste happens to be nearby the downed one though and she doesn't last long, getting a blade from Celeste's scissors rammed into her heart soon after hitting the ground. (Maddy +1 Kill) (Celeste +1 Kill)
Elizabeth makes short work of two of the enemy gangsters, downing two who were rushing her in one burst of bullets. She crushes one's ribs beneath her to finish her off as she reloads, and fires another burst to finish the other off. (Elizabeth +2 Kills)
Clara rushed an enemy but before she had a chance to strike, felt a sharp pain in her stomach and then felt the trickle of blood. She looked forward to see her chosen target had shot a round right through her soft belly, after gasping and recovering from shock was punched in the chest, falling flat onto her back. Luckily for her, Katie drags her away and manages to treat the wound very well. It's bandaged tight and she's no longer bleeding out but it will still hurt like hell for a long while and she'll have to sit out the rest of this battle, clutching her injured stomach. (Clara is injured) (Katie +1 assist)
Spice wraps her whip around the neck of one enemy and starts strangling her. She holds her tightly in front of her own body since she would make for a good shield against any possible incoming fire. The thug struggles for a while and dances the dance of death, but eventually goes limp, with a pale face and her tongue hanging out her mouth. Despite the quite apparent death of this thug, she holds onto her body as not just a shield, but a battering ram, and shoves another into a supermarket shelf that collapsed atop her. (Spice +1 kill) (Spice +1 KO)
Ann runs headfirst into a baseball bat and collapses. Right as she regains her bearings, she lets out an "oomph!" feeling a foot stomp onto her stomach. She tried to resist, but the bat came down once more on her face, and again... and again... and again, over and over until her face was nothing but a mess covered in blood and smeared makeup. With the final swing her skull cracked, not ending her life quite as instantly as she might have hoped, but sure enough she did expire. (Ann has died)
Kim misses a swing horribly but follows up immediately with a quite deadly throat punch to one of her foes, causing the the thug to choke to death because of a crushed windpipe. (Kim +1 kill)
Carly chucks a large rock she found outside at an enemy who was aiming a pistol at her an by some miracle it actually works in her favor, downing the foe. She finishes her off by picking up the rock yet again and slamming it back down onto her in desperation. (Carly +1 Kill)
Jane shot one thug in the head quite simply and easily, but was tackled by another to the cold hard ground. Luckily, Jill was there to back her up, and she kicked the enemy in the head from the side, leaving her limp for Jane to toss off of her. (Jane +1 Kill) (Jill +1 KO)
Trixie quite impressively breaks the arm of a thug wielding a machete backwards enough to the point that she stabs herself in the back. the crunch and screams are a bit sickening, but it's impressive nonetheless. (Trixie +1 Kill)
Nina topples another shelf over and hits a fleeing thug with it. As she squirms underneath the shelf, Nina gives her a mere bonk on the head to knock her out cold. (Nina +1 KO)
One thug thought they had Nina cornered after Nina retreated a bit backwards, but then the thug looked down to find Kimberly's sword impaled through the middle of her chest. (Kimberly +1 Kill)

The remaining three thugs realize when enough is enough, and after exchanging glances all drop any weapons and raise their hands in the air. "We give up!" one of them shouts "Don't kill us, we'll leave this turf and never come back!" another says. the third merely stays silent and grimaces.

Maddy holds her blaster out at the three of them. "Um... I guess I'll leave it up to the team to choose. Girls? D-do you think we should finish them off of let them run?" She asked. "Same goes for the unconscious ones I suppose..."

Group Decision:
What should be done with the surviving thugs?


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(Ok wow that was an unreal part 1! Really loved it!)

Sugar and Spice both yell "kill them!' as adrenaline and bloodlust courses through the low level meta humans, Spice prepares her whip, ready to attempt to ensnare a fleeing foe, she looks at the squad leader Maddy waiting for the go-ahead.


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(Loving this! Especially the melee kills & KOs. )
Group Decision:
What should be done with the surviving thugs?
Sugar and Spice both yell "kill them!' as adrenaline and bloodlust courses through the low level meta humans, Spice prepares her whip, ready to attempt to ensnare a fleeing foe, she looks at the squad leader Maddy waiting for the go-ahead.

"Kill them? But they'd make such good replacements for the comrades we've lost~." Celeste cooed, pointing a finger sideways at Ann's brutalized corpse. Part of her wanted to thank whoever it was that did the junkie in, as she'd no longer have to suffer her secondhand smoke back at the Rabbit's base. She did, however, feel something akin to guilt when seeing that Max was beyond saving, having overheard that she was a mother of three in the days prior.
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Unfortunately, Maryanne's convictions are proved false by the shot that hits her square in the chest. Or maybe she was proved right when Katie, who is not from wealth, ended up contributing to her death. Either way, it doesn't really matter.

Elizabeth, seeing two enemy combatants rush her, sprays them both with her Mac-10. They're not killed outright by the 9mm FMJ rounds, designed to pierce armor, but they're soon finished off once she reloads.
After the battle, Elizabeth is quite shaken when she realizes what she just did. She did it without thinking, without conscious effort. Is she really a natural killer...? She's unnerved by the realization that she's taken two lives, and looking out at the carnage she falls to her knees and begins to cry. Taking a life, never mind two, is traumatic, and she'll take a while to work through what just happened.
She opposes the death of the surviving foes, but because she doesn't want anymore bloodshed rather than a want for replacements.

Jane, excitedly wondering what it would be like to kill, finds her opportunity. Firing a quick burst through her foe's head, she's immediately tackled by a second enemy. Luckily, Jill is there to help. After the fighting is over, she approaches Jane and thanks her for the rescue. The kid might seem to be a bit of a liability, but maybe she can become more of an assistant...?
Anyway, Jane doesn't care what happens to the injured and surrendered.


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"Yeah, Celeste is right" Jill said. "I think it would be better use of them, to enroll them in our ranks. They are locals, and would know one thing or too, and they show they are capable of fighting." as she said this, she was shaking Carly, to try to get her to snap out of the stress caused by blundering somebody to death with a stone.

"The bathrooms are totally filthy" Trixie said. "And I'm NOT going to clean them! and we may need somebody to do the menial chores in the base, and take the worst night shifts!"

"We should tied them!" Nina was quick to add up. "Strip them down to underwear and tie them!"

(Oh noes, my two older, more experienced zako easily went down, leaving behind all the younger, inexperienced ones! XD

my vote: recruit them, and so the next created characters by players are/could be some of these newly induced locals. If I still hadn't 7 Bunny henchgirls around I would create more, but hey... still 7 around XD)


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Sugar does a sarcastic pout, 'hmmpf looks like we've been outvoted' states the acrobatically gifted meta human. 'Pity I only managed to kill one of the little bitches' states Sugar regretfully

Spice walks up to her long time accomplice releasing her natural pheromones to calm Sugar down.

'Perhaps we were hasty,' ponders Spice.
'Celeste and Jill make good points! I mean superhumans like us shouldn't do chores! Let's leave it to these mooks. Also Nina said something about tying them up! Could be fun....' says Spice

'You always know just what to say!' Smiled Sugar easily persuded by her ally