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I iare thanks a lot!
Aysar Aysar : I don't like the clothes and tatoo very much either. I personally prefer the original nude patch that is a relatively clean full-nude patch. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nude Mod(Booty Edition)-31.jpg


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klassiersieb, I've made a visual guide for you to use on how to get Special K working for you, but I see that you worked it out yourself. Congrats on getting it to work. Anyways, I'm going to go ahead and post the visual guide I made here both for future reference and for anyone who might be experiencing or having the same problems as you had with using Special K. I hope that my visual guide will prove to be useful to others who are using Special K with SOTTR.

There are 7 steps to the visual guide with screenshots below for easy reference.

Thank you. However its not working. I got Special K and there is the message when I start the game. That seems to work (maybe I need a specific older version?!). I have created these SK_res and inject and textures folders and put in a dds file. One outfit that is.
In the game I dont see the outfit when I access the camp fire menu. What now?


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I tried a lot and it seems to work on some outfits. For some outfits there are many dds files. For other outfits there is only 1 or 2 and those dont work.

Edit: These outfit mods only replace textures. Therefore you need the special outfits first and then you can apply the mod right? An outfit mod cant totally replace another outfit thats the prob here.