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Scion's Desire - MAC and Linux versions


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Apr 16, 2012
Kexter (member of another web site) made a full conversion of my visual novel 'The Scion's Desire' from a Windows executable file to HTML 5. Since it runs using a web browser, it SHOULD run on computers which use MAC or Linux operating systems.
I've tested it using several browsers on a Windows 7 computer, but as I don't have a MAC or Linux computer I can test it on those operating systems. Note that game-play in the HTML version is identical to game-play in the Windows executable version.

I don't want to release this in HTML format if it doesn't work on MAC or Linux. If it works, I'll make a public release.

Is there anyone here with a MAC or Linux computer who is willing to test the HTML version and tell me if it works or not? If so, reply to this topic and I'll send the download link via PM.

I already know that this works on Windows 7.
Please do not ask for the link if you do not have a MAC or Linux computer.

If you have a windows computer, but want to play the game you can get it at The Scion's Desire | Undertow
I don't need the windows version tested.

Information about the game:
Life is complicated. It gets even more complicated when you try to take it into your own hands.
Young Dr. Victor Frankenstein (a scion of his infamous namesake) has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Lonely and desperate, he begins drifting toward the idea of creating the Perfect Woman to meet his desires.
You, the Player, determine the outcome, through the choices you make concerning Victor's actions.
Will he succeed in playing God, or will his arrogance only destroy him? Can your choices bring him success and future happiness, or only continued failure? Can your choices help prevent him from "crossing the line" into the unthinkable? And if not, what will happen then?
You will make the decisions. [And, unlike Real Life, you can always go back, make different choices, and see how that works out...]

There are six endings. Playing time to reach one ending is about thirty minutes.

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