Rushing Beat Shura (SNES)


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Jul 11, 2013
Platform: SNES.
Published: December 17, 1993 (Japan), March 1994 (USA, as The Peace Keepers).
Genre: Beat'em up.
Ryona Rating: 3/5.

This is the third and final game in the Rushing Beat series by Jaleco (and was heavily edited overseas, again). You can choose four characters to play and unlock two more (unfortunately, there are no more females unless you count certain boss), a staple of this series is the "Ikari" (Angry) mode, that lets the player do more damage. Exclusively to this game are "Termination Attacks", that are essentially Shoot'em up Bombs-like to clear all enemies on the screen. There are also multiple branching paths that affect the ending.

I will explain this game from the viewpoint (and names) of the Japanese original version.


  • One female character can be chosen (Elfin, the ONLY female character on this game, that's why I consider this a 3/5 rating).
  • Bob enemy can grab player and do a slam (or a suplex, if the player was grabbed from behind).
  • McCoy Boss can grab player and stab repeteadly with a knife before throwing player (I'm not fond of this kind of Ryona).
  • Dean enemy can grab player and punch repeteadly in the belly (sadly, the sprite doesn't feel like been attacked right, the punch goes through the character sprite, and the punch goes too high to be considered a groin attack).
  • Cell enemy (an amphibian mutant) can electrocute player and attacks with the mouth Xenomorph-style, the powered up form Boss is known as Helheim, and can grab player and heatbutt repetaedly.
  • There are two Bosses, Jon (purple) & Jony (red), two big wrestlers that can do a suplex (Jon), or a piledriver (Jony), in some cases, the two can perform a lethal combination attack (Jony can also grab the player and lift him/her in the air, then Jon will go up the ring and perform a Seated Senton (I think), taking away 3/5 of a full health bar).

Female Characters:

  • Elfin is a young woman that is fighting to avenge her grandfather's death at hands of the enemy. She fights using mostly her legs, and can do a Frankensteiner throw that is very damaging, like Blaze from Streets of Rage. Her Termination Skill is "Bird Storm" (バードストーム).

Rushing Beat Shura (J)_00000.pngRushing Beat Shura (J)_00001.pngRushing Beat Shura (J)_00002.pngRushing Beat Shura (J)_00003.pngRushing Beat Shura (J)_00005.pngRushing Beat Shura (J)_00007.pngRushing Beat Shura (J)_00008.pngRushing Beat Shura (J)_00011.pngRushing Beat Shura (J)_00012.png

Remember, the Japanese version is better that the American in most ways, you have been warned.


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Dec 1, 2010
Zako Land
What I like about this game is the "Slammed" sprite for a character. While many other games just use "Mid Attacked" sprite if your character is slammed to the ground.


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Apr 3, 2011
Ill have to check it out! thought it was that inner city cops arcade game at first. thanks!


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Mar 22, 2010
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Also worth noting that this game is the sequel to Rushing Beat Ran, which also has some stuff worth looking into for you wiki writing people.

Dan Druff

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Mar 16, 2012
I could not get into this game because it had absolutely NO female enemies. The only female enemy would have been the clone of Wendy in the second game.


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Jun 16, 2012
Yes, this game was pretty cool!
I used to play only with Elfin to see her in action VS guys...
I'm also a Blaze player in SOR
But I don't remember Blaze to use the Frankensteiner as you said... Did I miss some move?
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