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Dec 6, 2022
The year is 2220, a dark and neon filled cyberpunk world.

Were a clueless Billionaire or the great-great-great granddaugher of a Celebrity(of your choice) is filthy rich and decides to start a mercenary group of her own, not for money or something of value, but because its basically a trend in this reality and of course there's tons of criminals and mercenaries at every turn.

But the thing with her newly created and unamed mercenary group(i do have a name in mind, but you can name it if you want.) is that they're completely useless, they're mostly made up of prostitutes, social media thots, strippers and gymbunnies who's only skill is fucking and twerking.

And in a unfortunate turn of destiny, on the first day activity of their underground base, the place gets raided by a bunch of level 5 criminals who just fuck(or snuff) every girl inside, while take their money and valuable stuff inside (its a kink of mine ask me about it on the DMs if you want me to explain) and they basically become a walking joke.

You dont have to write huge walls of text, but at least be detailed on each action and have a decent grammar also, i use AI images as refs for the roleplay, so this is just here as a warning.

Level of criminals in the roleplay.

LEVEL 1: Drug cartels, Mafias, terrorist groups
LEVEL 2: Notorious gangs, guns for hire and people alike
LEVEL 3: Drug dealers, serial killers, rapists, hitmans
LEVEL 4: Carjackers, bandits, robbers
LEVEL 5: Two bit criminals, junkies, troublemakers

Thanks for reading.
Discord: lostbr


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Jan 11, 2024
Did I understand correctly that you want to develop a game in this direction, with lots of details?

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