Requesting: Astellia Mage uncensor


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Oct 12, 2017
The western release seems to of butchered the mage and censored the heck out of her. Is it possible to drag and drop the Kr files to uncensor her. Anyone able to help would be greatly appreciated.
[아스텔리아] 수호자의 부름

Maybe someone could be kind enough to post the Kr character files for mage/gear might be all that's needed.
thanks in advance~


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Jan 5, 2018
I'm a complete scrub at modeling and such but I'll provide as much as I can.
I went through the client files and unpacked what looks like the Mage's model UPKs using Gildor's UE viewer tool. From what I've seen I think all we need to do is replace those UPKs with the ones from the Korean client and it should work. If not, I'll try swapping some of the meshes with the ones from the Korean client and see if we can replace the extra cloth they added.

Currently, I'm downloading the Korean client and see if I can get access to those UPKs.


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